Akame ga Kill! Episode Recap: “Kill the Mad Scientist”

Original Airdate: September 15, 2014

Adult Swim Airdate: October 24th, 2015

Episode 11

This episode starts off with Leone having a hangover from last night’s celebration. She goes out to the springs, but she gets ambushed by one of Dr. Stylish’s men and is left incapacitated as they head out to attack the Night Raid base. At the Night Raid base, we see Lubbock fighting off some of Dr. Stylish’s minions, who are dressed up like they’re ready to be in a porno for some reason. Lubbock shows off some of his string moves that he learned from a manga (which I’ll only assume is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean), but there are so much more of the henchmen that have to be dealt with. Luckilly, Akame came just in time to help fight them off, and after they’re all dealt with, one of Dr. Stylish’s main recruits comes in to fight against our heroes. We learn that he’s mostly mechanical, which makes it harder for him to get killed. Meanwhile, Tatsumi jumps in to guard the front of Night Raid, and he encounters a man who has Shelle’s scissors. They fight over them for a while, and Mine comes in to take over the fight for Tatsumi. She quickly obliterates the man, finally avenging the death of her friend. While Dr. Stylish and his men are plotting their attacks, the General comes in with her new recruits riding a giant freaking manta ray through the sky. Needless to say, that’s one hell of an enterance. In response to this, Dr. Stylish decides to pull his trump card, whatever that meant. Akame is still fighting off that mechanical guy, who somehow, like Seryuu, has a mouth gun. I have no freaking clue how that works, but we just saw the General riding on a giant flying fish, so whatever. Lubbock uses a suprise attack to finally finish the man off, with Akame delivering one final blow. Back outside, Tatsumi and Mine are looking out for enemies with the… pink scouter, and they find the General with her new recruits.

Hey Mine, what does the scouter say about his power level?

While they’re watching the General, the same guy who jumped Leone from the beginning of the episode comes in to try to catch Mine off guard, but luckilly, Leone is back in action and ready to kick this guy’s ass. However, Dr. Stylish activates his trump card and ends up paralyzing everyone on the battlefield except for Tatsumi. Luckilly, one of the new Night Raid recruits comes in to save the paralyzed members from the evil S&M porn stars. Dr. Stylish sets off an explosion as a last resort, but the new Night Raid guy quickly regenerates his arm. It is due to this that we learn that he is a human imperial arm, which gives him the ability to regenerate. Out of ideas, Dr. Stylish  injects himself with the Danger Beast shot, and he ends up turning into… a cross between a Titan and that monster Tetsuo turns into near the end of Akira. The Night Raid members all team up on the mutation, with Akame delivering the final slash to Dr. Stylish. At the end of the episode, we see the other new Night Raid recruit, who we’ll probably learn more about next week. Actually, the next two weeks, since there will be a marathon of this show next week for Halloween.


This episode of Akame Ga Kill is my personal favorite so far. The episode doesn’t waste any time on building up or explaining anything before the fight. It’s just non-stop action throughout the episode without holding anything back. This would normally be pretty boring if this was just a sort of average action scene with no context, but considering how off-the-walls the episode is with its action, it really makes up for the lack of build up. Explosions? Check! An army of men dressed up like they’re ready to be in a porno? Check! Guy turning into a Titan? Check! The General riding in on a MOTHER F**KING GIANT FLYING MANTA RAY? You bet your ass this episode has it! There’s so much crazy shit going on in this episode that it’s hard for me to not be entertained by the insanity. While I personally found the doctor’s trump card to be kind of an asspull and the lack of Mine’s death is keeping the episode from getting a perfect 10, that still didn’t keep me from loving this episode. After the last episode being pretty meh, it’s nice to see the show bounce back in with a bang. I give the episode 8 giant sting rays out of 10.

Akame Ga Kill! can be seen every Saturday Night at 12:30 AM. There will also be a marathon of episodes 3-11 next week from 12:00 AM to 3:30 AM


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