Are FOX Shows Good Or Bad?

Hey dudes, PersonaSoda is in this house to talk about a group of shows that Adult Swim really loves to air every night and if the shows having a lot of reruns are a good or a bad thing. The shows are the Fox shows like King of the Hill, Family Guy, American Dad (I know that the show now primarily airs on TBS, but since it usually airs with the Fox shows on Adult Swim, I will count it), The Cleveand Show, and more. Every night when Cartoon Network is done with the day, Adult Swim takes over, usually starting the night with a King of the Hill rerun. King of the Hill would then be followed by a rerun of The Cleveand Show, another show that Fox aired. Then it goes on with two reruns of American Dad, another show that aired on Fox and now primarily airs on TBS. Then it goes on with two reruns of Family Guy, a show that still airs on Fox with new episodes. I think you now notice something. The beginnings of Adult Swim’s usual night are filled with Fox shows, but that doesn’t end there. By midnight, the Fox reruns would stop with original Adult Swim shows, but after a few hours, it would then go back to more Fox reruns for the graveyard slots.

FAMILY GUY: Brian and Stewie travel back in time to the pilot episode of FAMILY GUY to change history, and then to change history again, in the

Yeah, most of Adult Swim’s schedule is filled with Fox reruns and to most people, especially on forums like Toonzone in the Adult Swim section, would also be pissed off like “UGHHHHHHHHH, why does Adult Swim have to shove reruns of Family Guy or those Fox Shows down our throats”. Well, there is one huge reason why those shows take up most of Adult Swim’s schedule, and that’s because they bring them the big ratings. Ratings are really important for a network in order to keep them alive and they need to rely on shows that give them the big stuff. Two good examples of that are Nickelodeon with Spongebob and Cartoon Network with Teen Titans Go. While I’ll agree that the shows take up half of those network’s schedule and it really gets annoying, especially with Cartoon Network’s side, it’s understandable why they need to give those shows lots of reruns. Family Guy usually gives Adult Swim 2 Million viewers. That there is something that makes the network want to rerun the show. Like I said before, ratings are important to keep a network alive. If Adult Swim doesn’t rerun those Fox shows a lot, they would probably get a huge decrease in ratings unless they got another group of show that could give them the big ratings. When Adult Swim took the 8:00PM and 8:30PM hours from Cartoon Network in 2014 and used it more Fox reruns, people went nuts, especially with some people saying that those hours are way too early for something like Adult Swim. That I definitely agree with. Airing Adult Swim at those hours is pretty early and kids would still probably not be asleep by that time. It would’ve been best if Adult Swim just didn’t take those hours, because the Fox shows would still at least be rating printers for them. As you can see, I’m a bit mixed with the Fox shows taking up most of the schedule. While I’ll agree that the Fox shows take up half of the schedule and that taking the 8:00 and 8:30 hours from Cartoon Network wasn’t a good idea, I understand why they need to rerun those shows to death. You need those ratings printers to keep the network going strong because that’s how networks work. If there is a one good thing of Adult Swim’s love for those Fox shows, is that they’re a huge reason why Adult Swim is going strong and the shows are nowhere bad as a certain show that Cartoon Network has a love for.




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