One Piece Episode 321 Recap

Original Airdate: 8/26/07

Cedric_alpha back again, and I’m bout to break down one of the wildest One Piece episodes that aired on Toonami this week. To kinda steal a quote that Stefan from Saturday Night Live said, “this episode had everything: Bad bounty photos, Lion-faced ships, cyborgs being shot out of cannons, and hairy asses.” So prepare as I recap (bare with me with this long title) “The King of the Animals That Overlooks the Seas! The Dream Ship Magnificent Completion!”

We start the episode off with how it finished last week. With the Straw Hats getting news of their ship being finished, the bounties of the Straw Hats being revealed, some happy about it, others not, and the Franky Family wanting the Straw Hats to take Franky with them, cause he has a bounty too. Even as they beg, Luffy already decide that Franky was gonna be his shipwright. He ask the others if it was ok. Zoro and Robin are fine with it, Nami doesn’t care because she too preoccupied with who took her bounty picture, and Sanji and Chopper are still depressed cause of their bounty photo and bounty price, respectively. The Franky Family then runs off, saying they got some “dirty business” to take care of. Luffy and Zoro also have a plan for dealing with Usopp (they didn’t say what it was though.) Sanji is still complaining cause of his bounty photo, which Zoro thinks was an actual photo. Nami didn’t know the photographer was gonna take her pic for that, and Chopper wants a higher bounty cause “he fought like a man!!” at Enies Lobby, and doesn’t consider himself the Straw Hat’s pet. Chimney still wants the others to stay a bit longer to play with them, but Luffy made up his mind and are leaving as soon as they get their ship and have Franky join them. Meanwhile at Navy HQ, one of the officials is looking at the photos and wondering why Sanji didn’t have one. The guy took the picture, but he stupidly had the lens cap on.

Embedded image permalink
Would you be mad if this was your photo? Yeah, most likely

At the ship, the others are all passed out from working so hard, but get up when Luffy and crew show up. Franky is gone, but the ship is complete. It can sail any sea, even to the end of the Grand Line. Iceberg takes the tarp off, and the King of the Beasts, the Thousand Sunny, is revealed. The ship is enormous, twice the size of the Going Merry, and it looks awesome. Everyone marvels at all the stuff featured on the ship. Robin notices how the flower head in front looks like a Lion. Everyone is completely happy with the ship. Iceberg tells them that Franky’s not there cause he doesn’t want to see them. Iceberg knows they want Franky to join them, and believes Franky wouldn’t refuse to join, and does wants to be with them cause of how much fun he had fighting with the Straw Hats, but he wants to stay in Water 7. Iceberg thinks he is being stubborn. In order for him to join, they will have to use force.

Meanwhile, The Franky Family arrive back at the Franky House, and see that Franky is there as well. They tell him they want him to sail with the Straw Hats, begged them to take him, and know he wants to join cause of how happy he looked building the ship. The family shows them his bounty, and he knew it would come to be like that. The Franky Family doesn’t want to drag him down anymore. As they are still arguing, the big guy who looks like an egg, sneaks up behind Franky and takes his briefs off (reveling dat hairy Franky booty!) They decide to run away with his underwear, their mission to get them to Luffy. Franky, pissed at this, attacks his men, but they keeps passing it around. The battle for the underwear spills into town, causing all the townsfolks to freaked out and disgusted at the site of the naked “pervert” Franky.

Embedded image permalink
He might be a cyborg, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a hairy ass.

He keeps beating the family up around the town, trying to get his briefs back, and this also involves the police to intervene, even though they do nothing to stop this. The Franky Family get some cannons set up. Luffy then joins this battle, and the Franky Family tosses the briefs to him, and he runs away on the rooftops, with Franky chasing after. Even chasing him, Franky ask about the ship, and Luffy tells him they like it, and thinks it’s awesome. Franky happily agrees with this, and talks about the Soldier Dock System, the Fishtanks and how to catch fish and make an aquarium/eat them, etc. Chopper joins in on the action and Luffy throws the underwear, which Chopper catches with his mouth (EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!) Sanji and Zoro grab hold of Franky, and toss him into one of the cannons, and the Franky Family shoot it, and off he goes to Scrap Island. Luffy collects Chopper and rockets off to the place as well. The townsfolk are still freaked out since Franky landed upside-down and his junk is being show to all. After recovering, Luffy tells Franky that they will take care of the ship, and Franky tells them he had fun with them. But, in order for him to get his briefs back, he needs to join the crew.

This episode of One Piece was what makes this show so much fun. All the comedy, the action that revolves around the comedy. And we finally saw the Thousand Sunny and all of her glory, as she is the new ship going forward for the Straw Hats. If your new to the One Piece universe, I hope you’ll continue watching. Because the Thousand Sunny is a beautiful ship, and it has a lot of features that make it awesome going forward. So I definitely can’t wait to see it in action on Toonami later on. Now, does Franky join up with the crew? Well, you have to wait 2 weeks to find out. Overall, I give this episode 4.5 hairy buttchecks/5.

One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM on Saturday on Toonami.


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