Parasyte The Maxim Recap 4

Hello guys meowth900 here it’s the fourth time you should know what’s happening so let’s get to it. 

The fight ended off well I think. Lot of action lot of suspense. Eventually it ends because of Shinichi and Migi’s awesome teamwork skills. They defeat Mr A but also that lady named Ryoko

No not her. 


Not her either!

This is the one I was talking about. Remember her? Yeah that’s her when she fights. Pretty cool huh? She killed Mr. A thus ending the fight he was picking with Shinichi and Migi.

Later on after the whole messy fight with Mr A was cleaned up it was back to the normal school life. The teachers are all talking and somehow one of the other teachers knows that Ryoko is pregnant. One of the teachers wants to know who the father is. Ryoko feeling threatened by this decides to quit her job as a math teacher. Ryoko’s mom goes to her apartment after hearing the news about the job. She realizes that Ryoko is no longer human and goes to call the police. 

Unfortunately her plan is dead because Ryoko killed her. 

Back at the Izumi’s home Shinichi’s mom is wondering what wrong with her son. Dad suggests it could be Shinichi feeling bad about the scars on her arm. 

A flashback happens showing a younger Shinichi trying to get something for a science project and almost getting burned to death by a burning hot liquid. Mom saves his life and has scars because of it.

Nice save!

Upstairs Shinichi and Migi are looking at weapons. 

Isn’t that precious? 

Mom walks in the room checking if Shinichi is alright. Shinichi gets really mad and asks for some privacy in an angry way. I can understand why he’s lashing out because of the stress of having a strange creature in his hand, and not telling his parents in fear of them taking him to a looney bin. Or because Migi will kill them. One of the two.

Later on Shinichi goes to eat dinner with mom and dad. Apparently they’re gonna go on vacation for the weekend. Shinichi says he doesn’t want to be left alone.  Mom asks Shinichi why he’s being so strange and away she’s not acting like her son. Dad mentally tells her to calm down. Shinichi gets mad and goes out for a walk to clear his head. 

The next morning Shinichi sees his arm is missing. He looks over and sees Migi walking around on the floor like an adorable little doggy. 

Look at it I wanna pet it! Ahem. Anyways. Shinichi is shouting at Migi why it did that. Migi says it was observing how long it could be without. Shinichi’s blood nutrients. 

Mom gets worried hearing Shinichi and checks on him. Shinichi is hiding Migi and it really looks like he’s hiding a morning wood. Or he was masturbating. I do not have a penis so it isn’t my place to make assumptions on what that meant. However it was pretty funny. 

Shinichi is feeling a bit better today and says he wants mom and dad to go on their vacation. They ask why and Shinichi says he talked it over with a friend and the friend laughed at him. If Shinichi gets lonely he&’lol call a friend and ask the friend to come over and hang out. Mom and dad are getting ready to leave and mom is excited for the long vacation.

The baby is on the move.


Parasyte The Maxim is licensed by Sentai Filmworks and airs on adult swim every Saturday night at 1am. (Except next week cause Halloween)

You can also watch Parasyte The Maxim on Crunchyroll and Hulu in Japanese with English subtitles

Also shoutouts to Sentai for providing great screenshots. It really helps.


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