Garbage Sushi: Robot Chicken Recap, 08×01


Hey guys and girls, its your girl KrisSimsters and season 8 of Robot Chicken is finally here!! I’m excited and I know your excited so lets get this review started!!

Since Robot Chicken is a different kind of story with skits instead of plots, the reviewing for this show is going to be different from what I would normally do. And since I did just watch this season premiere and its still fresh in my mind, if you haven’t watched the season premiere yet, then please DO NOT READ THIS RECAP UNTIL YOU WATCH!! For everybody else, lets get thing recap started!!

Did anybody else notice that we got a new intro and outro? Were you excited just like me? Just making sure!!


1. Godzilla VS. Jason: This starts out as a make-believe preview about Godzilla destroying the world in the future and as retaliation, the military sends out Jason Voorhees because “he can’t be killed.” You would think its just another version of Hollywood screwing up movies, but if that trailer was real, I would actually see it!! Even if it was just a mash-up disaster waiting to happen.

2. Holy O’s: Jesus wants you to eat his body for breakfast…in the form of cereal!! The best part of Holy O’s? The milk turns into wine.

3. Turtle Robbing a Bank: Its exactly what it is, a turtle robbing a bank and using his shell as a shield and shooting the police. That is until a police officer throws a grenade into his shell, killing him.

4. Bob the Builder gets Handy Mandy Deported: Getting tired of Handy Mandy’s success and fears that he’s replacing him, Bob the Builder gets Handy Mandy deported by falsely calling him illegal. In Handy Mandy’s defense, he was born in America.

5. Grandma Gets Killed by a Dinosaur: After mixing up a green ball that turns into a dinosaur and a little girl’s grandmother’s heart medicine, the girl’s grandmother finds her dead. The cause of death? The green dinosaur expanding within her stomach and overpowering her. The bad thing was that a gypsy predicted this and while the mother thought the gypsy would be laughing, the gypsy’s actually upset.

6. Chew Blast Gum: Do you want to get rid of your elders easier? Then get some chew blast gum, the gum that you throw in their face and watch as they crash into things, killing them on site.

7. General Planet: Captain Planet turns into General Planet after saving the environment from little punks who were pouring plutonium into the water supply.

8. Nicki Morgaj: Nicki Minaj’s sister, Nicki Morgaj’s here and she’s here to refinance your mortgages. She actually saved them at least $48,000 over the next three years.

9. Dinosaur Shame: Have you ever wondered how that T-Rex managed to find its way into a Pterodactyl’s nest as an egg? Well you can find out during the Dinosaur Shame song.

10. Mr. Magoo Takes On the Japanese: Mr. Magoo takes on the Japanese Mafia and wins, but when a geisha congratulates him, he kills her because you know…you can’t leave any witnesses.

11. Ariel’s First Time: Do you want your childhood ruined one more time tonight? Well, it probably will be when you figure out how Ariel and Prince Eric spent their first night.

12. The Little F***ing Match Girl: The little match girl, tired of selling matches to please her father, lights the matches until she sees her grandmother, who tells her about a jewelry box full of gold. She then goes and kills her father, burning him alive and taking the gold with her and leaving the cold for somewhere warmer. As she drinks a Mai-Tai, she changes her name from The Little Match Girl to The Little F***ing Match Girl, setting up hopefully a sequel between her and Bitch Pudding.


I’m so excited that Robot Chicken is back and this episode was good. My favorite skit would have to be Dinosaur Shame, because lets be honest, the show doesn’t make sense. Until next week everybody, where I’ll be reviewing not only Robot Chicken but also the new season of Mike Tyson Mysteries!! See you next time!!

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