Sword Art Online Progressive Volume 2 Review

Hello guys meowth900 here again with another sword art online review. This is the light novel version of progressive, a retelling of Kirito’s adventures in Aincrad. Thankfully this hook doesn’t have as much information explanation as volume 1. This book covers all the events in the third floor of Aincrad. The third floor is in a forest like area, there’s big trees everywhere. Or big ass trees if you’re Levi. All of the descriptive writing really feeds the imagination. It feels like I’m actually in there. Considering the anime covered the first couple of floors I feel that volume 2 of sword art online progressive is where the real “not in the anime” stuff happens. The anime covered volume 1 when Kirito met Klein and they learned what SAO really was and volume 2 with Lisbeth and Silica to serve a purpose of filling the gaps between the two year time skip in volume 1 after Kirito left Klein and before he fought Kayaba. The anime also covered volume 1 of the progressive novels with the whole big boss battle where Diavel died. That’s the only credit I’ll give Alfheim and onwards. They were straightforward stories that were time skip free. 

Anyways SAO Progressive volume 2 is a story that features the MMO or any videogame point in the story known as “questing” Questing refers to accepting a quest from a non playable character (NPC) and doing the quest. The rewards can vary from a large amount of money, a rare item that can be useful in battle, or information that can add to the main story. Heck, maybe the reward can be unlocking a harder quest for a more valuable reward. The good parts were the story explored the possibilities of an NPC actually becoming a person to be attached to. The bad parts were the ending being less satisfying than it was intended. It had a rushed ending because the author was getting too buried in the world building and character building / development with Kirito, Asuna, and the other character they meet in the third floor. 

So Kirito and Asuna climb up the staircase from the second floor to the third floor called “The Forest of Wavering Mists” and they open the door see how big the trees are, and it’s really foggy. Kirito recalls this floor from the beta test.  The main city named Zumfrut is built inside huge hallow trees. There are also two bases in the game for yhe two opposing elf races, the forest elves, and the dark elves. The bases are very convenient for players because they can eat, sleep, and bathe. Bathing is important for both being clean, and comedy. 

Kirito decides to go on a quest and asks Asuna if she wants to go on ahead to town. Asuna answers no and they both begin looking for the NPCs that have the quest.

After a random treant sapling monster fight Kirito hears the clanging of swords. The two of them follow the sound and get to the fight. It’s between a light skinned male elf with green hair and armor of gold, and you guessed it the elf on the cover who’s dark skinned and wears purple armor. Both of the elves have a question mark above their heads. Kirito explains that in this quest you can only save one. Asuna counters Kirito’s explanation by knowing which elf Kirito wanted to save which was the dark elf. Not because she’s a woman but because she’s dark. Come on Kirito don’t lie we all know it’s cause she’s a woman. 

Asuna kills the forest elf and the dark elf introduces herself as the battle adrenaline cleared out. Her name is Kizmel. Kirito is shocked by this development because in the beta version of SAO the elf would die and say something like “take this key to my home base” but Asuna killed the forest elf instead of focusing on defense, so this was a new event for Kirito the beater. 

The quest begins with a jade key drop, and the player must get the key to the northern base if you chose forest or southern base if you chose dark. Many events happen soon free but I don’t want to spoil them all. Kizmel joins the party and the big quest begins. 

I really like this character. She may be an NPC but she was the mature one of the group. She also fought very well in battle with Asuna and Kirito. Through the many adventures and battle in the third floor the three of them made a powerful bond.

 But outside of battle Kirito got even closer to Kizmel than I thought he would.

The not safe for work images still happen in these novels. Least it’s not as bad as the anime. Don’t worry they didn’t have sex. Kirito was just giving her a bath because she told him to. 

During their travels they face many foes. Including another player killer. At the end of the 10 segment quest Kirito and Asuna say their tearful goodbyes to Kizmel. Or really it’s Asuna crying because you know, men must never show emotions. Kizmel leaves them to continue her journey in the NPC world.  Later that night Lind’s group and Kibaou’s group discuss strategies and planning for the upcoming boss of Floor 3.  The boss raid against Nerius The Evil Treant wasn’t really focused on aside from a brief few paragraphs explaining how they defeated it. Hooray for rushed endings! 

Sword Art Online Progressive volume 2 is a good read. Kirito continues to have more of a personality than he ever did in the anime and original light novels. Also he still loves the word puns. Asuna continues to participate in the fighting and do fighting herself. The exploration of quests in an MMORPG was very interesting. I usually take them for granted enough to find them annoying as hell and just see the value of the reward when completing the quest. Sword Art Online really explores the value of a companion in a quest and I’m sure if I was ten years younger I would love it for doing that. Kizmel the dark elf was a good character introduced to the party. But that may be because so far she doesn’t want to bang Kirito but who knows. I give Sword Art Online Progressive volume 2 three and a half jade keys out of five. I recommend if you liked the first half of the first anime series or at least saw how good it’s potential was you should definitely pick up progressive volume 1 and 2. By the time this review is out the third volume is out too. 

You can buy Sword Art Online Progressive Volume 2 on Rightstuff and Amazon translated by Yenpress.

Kirito: Uh,  just, erm, thinking uh…which one of you I’d like to have as a wife…

Asuna: Are you really that stupid!?

Kizmel: I’m sorry Kirito. That will require Her Majesty’s permission.


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