Sword Art Online Progressive Volume 3 Review

Hello guys meowth900 here doing another review on Sword Art Online Progressive. This is the third volume in the series. It involves Kirito and Asuna’s journey in the fourth floor of Aincrad.


(Translation from the book: Aaaah this feels so great! Let’s just head straight out of town!)

Asuna x Boat or Asuna x Bath which is more true? I have no idea.

This story was alright but I really started to feel that it was almost the same as volume 2 but the floor was a water level instead of forest. But that may be because Kizmel the dark elf came back halfway through the story. But the good thing was the boats. In fact the guy wrote this volume existing in a water level because he loves boats. Kirito and Asuna make their way through the floor, make their own boat, and bonded a bit more.


 Bad place Kirito. Real bad place.

I liked the MMO gaming mechanics for controlling the boat, but it felt a bit simple and more focus was shifted towards how pretty the water level was. Descriptive writing everywhere which is good but I wanted more videogame focus. Like how do the boats work on a mechanical level? What items can you get to make the boat’s stats better? 

But at least the boat battles seem cool on an illustration standpoint. 

Also Kirito thought this level was going to be a canyon level because in the beta it was a canyon level, and he was really surprised by the water level. Also water levels mean swimsuits which means boobs. 

(Translation from the book: This bath is quite wonderful itself) 

After some thinking and realizing what was going to happen Kirito, Asuna and Kizmel also stop a war between the forest elves and the dark elves. The floor boss fight was really rushed again just like volume 3. With the help of noble dark elf Viscount Yofilis they defeated the fourth floor boss.

(That’s this guy not the boss the Yolfilis guy)

 There were no hints towards what floor was coming next so I don’t think the story will have Kirito’s thinking of the beta and being surprised at whatever is in floor 5. But honestly I have no idea what’s happening. Volume 4 isn’t out in Japan yet, but I think it could be out somewhere next year, and then we shall wait for Yenpress to translate it.

I give Sword Art Online Progressive volume 3…3 gondolas out of 5. It’s a decent read, but definetely felt slow compared to the last 2 volumes. Hoping the next volume is better.

You can buy Sword Art Online Progressive volume 3 on Right Stuf or Amazon. (Also shoutout to those sites they’re having a great sale on your anime and manga and figurine needs.)

Also boobs

(Translation from the book: 

Kizmel: So you wear these swemsoots in the bath. Humankind certainly has some strange customs. 

Kirito: Uh, I guess.) 

Also this will be my last sword art online progressive review at least until volume 4 comes out. If anyone wants to see me review the other novels say so in the comments. Be safe and have a happy Thanksgiving weekend.


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