Ants on a Hamburger: Robot Chicken Recap, 08×02 & What’s That Gnoise: Mike Tyson Mysteries, 02×01

Oh can't do everything wrong, but you can do everything right
Oh Fonz…you can’t do everything wrong, but you can do everything right

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and while Mondays do suck, I want to make your Mondays suck less by giving you TWO recaps, both Robot Chicken and Mike Tyson Mysteries decided to come back last night and they both were amazing, so I decided to cover both of them!! First thing’s first, if you haven’t seen Robot Chicken or Mike Tyson Mysteries, then I suggest you to watch them on Demand until Adult Swim. Lets get this recap madness started!!


1. Ahh!! The Ring: If you were a fan of AHH!! REAL MONSTERS!! and The Ring, then you would love this scary mash-up. It makes even more special for me because I was just watching it on The Splat before Robot Chicken was on lol.

2. The Credible Hulk: The Hulk finally finds somebody who believes him when he has faulty cable bill trouble.

3. Spider BrainA man invades a man’s head and helps his wife get over her fear of spiders by controlling the man and making him dance. That spider’s a good dancer.

4. Grizzly Man: A “Grizzly Man” who’s been fascinated with putting costumes on bears ever since Yogi Bear. This does not end well for him.

5. 12 Years a Clown: This can either be really offensive or really funny, depending if you saw the movie 12 Years a Slave.

6. Goofy’s Dilemma: Goofy is diagnosed with autism and it explains so much!!

7. Fonzie Can’t Turn Things Off: The one day Fonzie does wrong, the whole world goes to hell.

8. The Nerd on CW: After making a wish, the Nerd dreams about being on the CW’s current lineup, including ArrowBeauty and the Beastthe FlashAmerica’s Next Top Model, and Jane the Virgin. When he wakes up, he realizes that it wasn’t a dream and the current lineup tells him that him being on the CW was apart of his his Make-a-Wish visit.


What in the Hell is that Noise?!!
What in the Hell is that Noise?!!


The second season starts out with Mike and the gang in weird positions; Mike is crying on the table, Yung and Marquess are tied up, and Pigeon is trapped in the oven. Yung explains that this is fake because Marquess knocked over her bowl of tomato soup because he had to show her his latest magic trick, Pigeon’s trying to commit suicide, and Mike’s watching a movie. After Yung gets her and Marquess out of the rope, though its a mystery how she did it since they were tied up and there were no knots present (Marquess clearly did the trick wrong), Yung goes out to get a mystery.

Today’s mystery? There’s some weird noise going within a woman’s car and to her husband believes she’s crazy because she’s the only one who can hear it. It would seem like she’s crazy though, she has four kids and is always running around while her husband’s at work. Once in the car and they dropped off Sherman (their crazy dog), the woman tries to listen out for the sound. So far, nobody can hear the sound. After picking up her daughter and son, the noise is soon heard but because of the baby’s crying and the kids’ arguments, its hardly heard by anybody. Well, Mike was wearing headphones so he couldn’t hear anything.

Marquess decides that since nobody can hear the sound with the kids in the backseat arguing and the baby crying, he suggests to take the daughter to gymnastics along with the other kids while Mike and Meg ride around, listening to the sound.

The sound is finally heard (and its annoying af), so after finding out the mechanics was closed and tired of hearing the noise, Mike takes apart the steering while and the culprit is found. It turns out to be a gnome, who was hiding out from Sherman the dog and got stuck in the steering wheel. He’s been screaming to get out ever since, but nobody’s been able to hear him. When Yung, Pigeon, and Marquess arrives with the rest of the family and Sherman, the dog chases the gnome and eats him whole. Pigeon was the only one who saw the whole thing. So another mystery solved, sorta.


Both episodes were good, Robot Chicken is doing well as always and its nice to have Mike Tyson Mysteries back on the block. I especially loved (and missed) Pigeon’s off-color humor. In the end though, I enjoyed both episodes and I loved watching the repeats. This will definitely replace my momentary lose of Rick and Morty. Until next time guys, bye!!

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One thought on “Ants on a Hamburger: Robot Chicken Recap, 08×02 & What’s That Gnoise: Mike Tyson Mysteries, 02×01

  1. i thought the nuances in MTM2x01 were funnier than the plot, and it seemed deliberate? like mike wasn’t just ‘watching a movie’ he was watching ‘on golden pond’ (which is a sad movie starring henry fonda), pigeon’s jokes really pushed the envelope (the tamest one was about sex on one’s period so let’s leave it at that haha), and sherman!! i would kill for him to make another appearance this season! he was the whole show for me.. anyway, best line: “hey, marquess, is this the same guy from ‘on golden pond’? -what are you watching? -‘fast and the furious 3, no wait–jaws 3, no wait–on golden pond” haha the lunacy of why i loved this show to begin with.


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