This Week on the Adult Swim Streams (November 2-8)

I’m a little late [a day late] than usual, but we’re back on our rundown of the Adult Swim Streams for this week, which should be known as Adult Swim Two by now. Redefining the possibilities of live broadcasting, they have 10 original live shows from Williams Street in Atlanta, and 6 different marathon channels for you to enjoy and get involved. Attention spans are tested, international connections are crossed, standards & practices are challenged and fan engaging is pushed to the limits.

Now here’s a complete schedule of all the streaming content you can see this week on or the Adult Swim app:

FishCenter Live
An original live streaming show, where viewers watch the daily activities of the Williams St. Aquarium, featuring games, commentary and comedy segments, and participate via phone, email and video. Hosted by Matt, Max, Dave and Choe. Call 708-SWIM-FUN  E-mail
Live Weekdays at 4pm ET – Replays start at 6pm
Watch this week’s archived episodes here.

  • This week: It’s the 8th week on the Autumn Season, and tensions are heating up in the tank, as some of the fish are getting violent and nipping each other. Choe, the judge, is in charge of penalizing the faults by giving yellow and red cards to the agressors, which can mean suspensions for some of the fish. How will this affect the scores of the week? Coin Quests will still measure the performance of the fish. The hosts are preparing for next week activities in Burbank, and Film Festival preparations. Also, more regular calls, stair rolling, Rebecca Brand, bonus games, Choe Hums, the 200 game, boot company guess, A-Bombawits, parody covers and anything else that comes up.

 Lunchtime Games
Hang out with the Adult Swim Digital team every single weekend for a vast selection of original live broadcasts for Twitch and the AS Streams. A mix of strange conversations, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, live gameplays and competitive bets. Call them at 413-961-GAME during the live broadcasts or on
– LIVE every weekday afternoon on Twitch – Replays all day

  • Amateur Hour with Sally & Jono – It’s Adult Swim’s first ever morning show! Sally and Jono are helping you start your day with interesting morning news, delightful life advice, TV talkback, trivia questions, science experiments, embarrassing stories, games and prizes, fan goodies and everything that isn’t too inaproppiate for Twitch. – Live Mon-Fri at 10am – Replays at 1pm
  • Hot Crossword Superstars  – Max and Dave are still beating the daily Crosswords from The New York Times with the help and support of the audience. Also, Dave keeps trying to cure his addiction through the Maxtermind program of riddles, puzzles, abuse and Tender Touches from the phones. Help them get the answers on the Twitch chat! – Live Mon-Fri at 2pm
  • Game Humpers – Jason, Gill, Dana, JonD and various other Williams Street employees are taking an hour-long break from work to play some semi-recent videogames together. Hang out with them and give them some gaming tips on the Twitch chat. – Live Wed & Thu at 11am
  • Mystic Shadows – Mondays right after Crosswords, in this half-hour live installation, a bunch of YouTube searches, chroma keys and sound distorsions generate a trippy audiovisual experiment, with the vague goal of mind exploration. From Dave Bonawits and Max Simonet. – Live Monday at 2:30pm
  • Tuesday Tea – Television work is interrupted by a relaxing tea break, in which we get to know some people from Williams Street and their interesting lives. On this week’s podcast, Matt Harrigan has a fun conversation with Dave Willis and Casper Kelly, creators of Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell – Live Tuesday at 3pm
  • Human Race Wars – Last week, Brian won the golden helmet for the second time in a row, followed by Jacques the intern in 2nd place. Now, Brian and Jacques are set to a rematch, along with other four contestants on the exciting Williams Street hoverboard races! Make your bets and get a chance to win prizes! – Live Wednesday at 3pm
  • Daytime Fighting League (DFL) – From the Williams Street Veterans Memorial Coliseum, experience the brute force of two fighters on the ring, trying to beat each other through the oddest of rules. Only one of them will emerge victorious. Make your bets on chat or phone and win points for the fish of FishCenter – Live Thursday at 3pm
  • Sports Bitches – Thursdays after FishCenter, straight from Burbank California, Dennis and Will are playing some matches on NFL Madden 16 while giving a weekly rundown of sport-related news, scores and scandals. The Twitch chat is ready for you to and voice your opinion. – Live Thursday at 7pm
  • Movie Xpress – Sit back and enjoy a classic old-timey film straight from the public domain while you wait for FishCenter, now speeded up for a digestable hour-long presentation. Join the Twitch chat commentary for a full comforting experience. This is TCM done right! – New Friday at 3pm

 Toonami Stream
The beginning of Intruder II is premiering this Saturday night. What better way to relieve anxiety and increase the hype than binge-watching on the Toonami Stream? You get weekly looping anime marathons, complete encores of the previous Toonami block, the original streaming show Toonami Pre-Flight and exclusive sneak peeks.  (Available on US only)

  • Toonami Pre-Flight – On this coming episode of Pre-Flight, Jason DeMarco & Gill Austin will give away some behind-the-scenes info about the making of Intruder II, premiering this week. On the question of the week, Jason & Gill will take a moment to appreciate the work behind the creation of fictional worlds, for when they pick some of their favorite Fantasy TV shows or movies. Also, the sneak peek for the 1st chapter of Intruder 2, and probably new segments from Steve Blum and Dana Swanson. – New episode Friday at 5pm ET – Replays daily at 5pm. Watch archived episodes here.
  • Mon-Fri: Weekly Show MarathonThis week: Kill la Kill – Marathons start Mondays at 9am ET. Check back every couple of days for a different batch of episodes.
  • Encore Toonami Marathon – A looping encore marathon of the previous night’s entire on-air Toonami block, including packaging and promos. Encore marathons start Friday at 6pm ET, right after Pre-Flight.
    Fri-Sun: Last week’s block (10-31-15)    
    Sun-Mon: This week’s block (11-07-15).

Daily Marathons
Watch a big collection of episodes of Adult Swim shows streaming and looping constantly for your amusement. There’s a different show marathon every day, from recent seasons, to beloved classics, to obscure shows and specials.
– Marathons start every day at 9am ET

  • Mon-TueRobot Chicken Specials
  • Tue-WedChina, IL
  • Wed-Thu – NTSF:SD:SUV::
  • Thu-Fri – Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever
  • Fri-SatThe Eric Andre Show
  • Sat-SunFat Guy Stuck in Internet / Saul of the Molemen
  • Sun-Mon – Rick and Morty

Ghost Planet
Hour-long compilations coming from the Ghost Planet. An edited mix of classic episodes and clips from Space Ghost Coast to Coast,combined with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, unused material and some other stuff. Editing work by Dave Hughes.
– Chapters 1-5 – Streaming 24/7

 Tim and Eric
Every single episode of the most side-splitting shows ever aired on the network. Includes Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule and Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories, in no particular order.
Streaming 24/7

The Venture Bros
Every single episode of the most anticipated show ever aired on the network. Whenever you’re impacient about Season 6, you can watch the entire Venture saga at any time, including the original pilot and hour-long specials.
– Streaming 24/7

Off The Air
Experience every single episode of the psychedelic 4am anthology show Off The Air. It also contains some extra features, like Adult Swim idents and mindblowing shorts from featured artists. You never know what you’re gonna get.
– Streaming 24/7

Another thing you should know: If you’re Millenial enough to understand how the Snapchat app works, then you can find adultswimlive now on Snapchat! Become friends 0, send and receive pictures from Williams Street that will be removed the moment you look away. Don’t send dick pics though. That’s disrespectful.

And that’s a wrap! It’s Wednesday afternoon and I just finished an article that was supposed to come out on Monday night. Sorry about that. Don’t wait for me to watch the streaming channels though. You can stick with the schedule, interact with the live shows and the community, or watch replays all day rotating on the stream or on the archives. Until next time.


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