Death Note Drama Review

Hello guys meowth900 here. I’m doing a review on the Japanese drama adaptation of the popular manga and anime series known as Death Note. We all know the series of Death Note, but just in case you don’t I’ll run it down for you.

A smart high school boy name Light Yagami is really bored of his life. Until he finds a mysterious notebook on the ground labeled “Death Note” he picks it up and brings it home. He realizes whenever he writes a name down in the notebook they did of a heart attack. He decides he will use this notebook for heroic purposes, which basically means killing criminals. So you guessed it he is a villain, and is actually smart and not a bumbling idiot like Goku or Luffy or that blond jackass. However as we all know, a character can only be as smart as the writer. Also a Shinegami shows up and scares the pants off of him. His name is Ryuk. Anyways the recent criminal killings by Light’s fake name “Kira” grabs the attention of a brilliant detective. No, it’s not Conan. His alias name is L. Light and L have a couple battles of wits, Light is trying to kill L before he finds who he is, and L is trying to find out who Kira really is. Also surprisingly Libht and L meet up in college and have a badass tennis match together. Later on some dumb bimbo shoes up. Her name is Misa, and she’s pretty much a Sakura to me. Very annoying, and outside of her shinegami eyes she’s really just there to be a girl who wants to have sex with Light. I can’t fault her there. Her shinegami eyes make her able to see the names of people and that’s what Light uses her for. Her Shinegami is name Remy. Later on L and his butler get killed by Light and it falls to Near to bring this deranged killer “Kira” to justice. Now I’m part of the camp where Death Note started getting very bad. Now unlike Cowboy Bebop where the show ends so it makes sense to kill off somebody, or Gurren Lagann where Kamina dies it’s a character arc for Simon it’s sort of like a redemption for L’s case on Kira. L failed so it’s up to Near and Mellow to save to the day! Everything goes bananas at this point. The series ends with Near tricking Light by switching the notebooks? What!? Light runs away from Near and the cops, they try to chase after him but Near tells them no he won’t get far. Light runs until he is out of energy and lies down on the ground bleeding from a gun wound until he eventually dies. He sees L in a mirage too. Ryuk flies away back to the shinegami world and Misa jumps off a building. And that is the end of Death Note, a tale about a genius in high school turning into a psychotic murdering madman.

Now Misa aside this series was an interesting tale. I can see why people in America like it. It’s got a darker theme to it with murder. Stay tuned for another colleague’s review of the anime. However I am looking at the Japanese drama series that came out last summer. It streamed on the beloved anime site known as Crunchyroll. There are a lot of differences compared to the manga. For example, it’s more modernized, so there’s iPhone like devices everywhere. But it’s still pretty much the same story despite technological advancements.

See a good example!

The story begins with Light Yagami at an idol concert featuring Ichigo Berry. Wait. What? Light likes idols? Ichigo has his own band? What!? Nah man Ichigo means strawberry in Japanese. It’s not the guy from Bleach. Light is also a college student instead of a high school student and he also is a fan of idols. Unsurprisingly Misa is in this idol group too. Light finds the Death Note and Ryuk appears as jolly and CGI as ever. Really man Ryuk is hilarious. Anyways Light tries to get rid of the death note but Ryuk convinces him otherwise. Eventually Light decides to be a criminal and kill everybody. Later on there’s a hostage situation and Light’s father decides to step into the situation, risking his life. Don’t worry he lives. Because Light kills the criminal using the death note. Hooray! This news is so big a certain detective hears of it and starts looking into it. 

Later on he reveals his name and the cat and mouse games begin. Some famous scenes from the anime happen like Light stopping a bus jacker. Certain events that aren’t in the anime like Light saving Misa from being killed, causes Misa to fall in love with Light. Which kind of makes a bit more logical sense compared to what the anime did. Another thing that has happened in this drama is. Near is revealed earlier on than in the anime which was right after L got killed off.

 And Mellow is a puppet? What? 


I guess Mellow is Near’s warped personality in this drama, and he’s trying to hold him back. That’s an interesting take if I ever saw one myself. Near the end of the drama L meets Light in a dark area with a security camera watching them. L decides to turn the security camera off thinking Light will confess that he’s Kira if nobody else is watching them. Light tries to kill L by writing his name in the death note and it fails? Light decides at this point to tell L that he’s Kira. L tells Light to turn himself in. The the other cops show up after this dramatic speech, but then something cause L to die. Light fakes crying and saying L attacked him thinking he’s Kira. Everyone believes him except for one person. Light’s father. Meanwhile Near gets a video transmission from L! Telling him everything about Light being Kira! Remember how I said earlier that this drama is a more modernized version of the story? Well this is an example of how it shows. Of course Near already knows about Light. The last two episodes are the buildup to the end of the story. Father confronts Light and asks him why he’s being so strange, leading up to him figuring out Light is Kira and tries to steal the death note. Light in a panic kills him and then regrets what he did. Near decides to face Light in the final battle of wits, aiming to bring Kira to justice. However Mellow takes over Near as the cops storm the abandoned building area. A lot of cool yet crazy stuff happens like Near with a machine gun. Light accepts the challenge with his own plan in mind, killing. Near thereby destroying the two most brilliant detectives and making a crime free world. The showdown happens and it’s pretty much the same thing as the anime. However so,embody loses controls of their gun and sets off a bad chain of events, causing the building to go on fire. All the cops and Near escape the building leaving Light inside. Light sees the death note burning and crawls over to go save it. He eventually burns alive as he grabs the death note. This scene made me get really teary eyed and sniffly. After this tragic event it goes into the future several months later with Near and Watari in a cemetery standing at L’s grave and reflecting on past events. Another video featuring the late L is played and the series ends. 

This drama started off very shaky but as it got going I really began to like it. It even made Near, the other most hated character besides Misa to actually be really interesting. Ryuk was great despite looking cheaply animated. Misa was less annoying than she was in the anime so that’s a plus. A real lame thing was L not eating candy or pastries in his scenes. Heck I got more perplexed by this than Light already being a college student and liking idols. I guess they didn’t want kids to eat unhealthy or something. It looked light L was eating some squeeze tube applesauce, and I like that stuff but it’s not the same as candy or pastries. 

See? It is not the same.

Also no Light eating potato chips like a badass. I still enjoyed watching this though. It made me get the teary eyeballs at the end come on that does not happen a lot. I give Death Note Drama 4 death note notebooks out of 5. Good stuff. You can watch it on Crunchyroll. 


Them shower tiles.

Ok review is done.



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