Akame Ga Kill! Episode Recap: Kill the New Recruits

Original Airdate: September 21st, 2014

Adult Swim Air Date: November 7th, 2015

Episode 12

After the attack from Dr. Stylish and his men has been thwarted, the Night Raid team sets up their hideout in an area inhabited by Danger Beasts, so that nobody could be able to find them. We then get to hear about the new Night Raid member, Chelsea and Susanoo (or just Su for short). Chelsea ends up getting on both Mine’s bad side and Akame’s good side rather quickly using candy. If that doesn’t scream OTP, then I don’t know what will. Su, being the neat freak that he is, builds the Night Raid base up and does all the chores within a short amount of time, due to him also being programmed for housework. Not really useful in battle, but it’s still nice to have around. Meanwhile, at the Jaeger’s base, Esdeath learns of Dr. Stylish’s demise, and after hearing about it from Esdeath, Seryu does not take that news well, as Dr. Stylish was her teacher of sorts. She gets upset over everyone she loves dying, with Esdeath coming to comfort her. Wave and Kurome were going to do something to cheer her up, but Esdeath already beat them to that. Back at the Night Raid base, the team decides to train up to get stronger and to finally face on the capital. The next day, Su and Akame are out fishing, and they catch a really big fish that Su cooks up and prepares for dinner. During dinner, Chelsea shows off her shape-shifting powers and uses them to disguise herself as a cat and steal Mine’s food. Afterwards, they start fighting off Danger Beasts in order to level up, and we see that Tatsumi is able to unleash the same power that Bulat once had. After a session of leveling up, Chelsea tells the rest of Night Raid that it takes more than mere strength to become a good assassin, and that Shelle and Bulat’s incompetence is what caused them to get killed in the first place (and the best girl points earned for giving Mine hell just dropped). Later in the night, Mine, Tatsume, and Lubbock plan for their revenge against Chelsea, and Lubbock comes up with the idea for Tatsumi using his Imperial Arm to become invisible and sneaking up on Chelsea while she’s in the hot springs. He encounters Su instead, and he tells Tatsumi that he can still sense his presence even when he’s invisible. After saying this, it turns out that it wasn’t Su in the hot springs, but it was just Chelsea disguised as Su (I guess you’d call that a Reverse Sexy Jutsu) so that she could mess up Tatsumi’s suprise “attack” on her. They have a little talk about how Chelsea said what she said because she just didn’t want anyone from the team to get hurt. She then ends the conversation by telling Tatsumi that if he ever tries to walk in on her while she’s in the hot springs, she’ll chop his man-pride off (if you catch my drift). Meanwhile, Esdeath continues her quest to get laid with Tatsumi, and the episode ends with a bunch of guys getting eaten by mysterious danger beasts that seem to be controlled by a mysterious man.

Tatsumi is having the appropriate reaction to possibly getting his dick cut off.

This is another one of those down-time episodes, and considering all the action-packed goodness we got from the last episode, I think we really need some rest before we get into the next action-packed episode. We get to know the new recruits some more, and they seem to be alright. Chelsea getting on Mine’s bad side was very entertaining for me. Su also seems like a pretty cool guy, so I’m good with his addition as well. As for the whole thing with Seryu and Dr. Stylish, I feel like that could’ve used a little more development. We barely saw the two characters interact with each other prior to this, so I can’t really feel strongly about their friendship one way or the other. With Bulat and Tatsumi, they spent time developing their relationship before Bulat (sadly) gets killed off. On the other hand, the Shelle and Mine incident felt very underdeveloped as well, so I feel like this show really needs to work on developing it’s character relationships so that we can care more about what happens when that bond is torn apart by death. I’m pretty interested to see what’s going on with that mysterious guy at the end of the episode and we also seem to be getting some Esdeath action next episode, so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next. I give this episode 6 chopped-off dicks out of 10

Akame Ga Kill! can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM.


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