Life is Strange: Kris’ Game of the Month, November

One Choice can Change Everything
One Choice can Change Everything

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and I’m back with another Game of the Month. This month’s game is DONTNOD Entertainment’s popular game of the year, Life is Strange. Debuting on January 29TH, 2015 under Square Enix, Life is Strange five-episodic game that quickly became popular, mostly because you would have wait to see what would happen next. Each episode (except for episode five) would leave you on a cliffhanger based on the choices you made. If you had to get only one game this year, I would recommend Life is Strange, especially if you get all five at once and wouldn’t have to wait every two months for the next chapter. BTW: This game will be filled with spoilers, so if you haven’t finished the game, then be prepared.


Life is Strange is an episodic game consisting of five chapters. The first episode was released on January 29TH (Chrysalis) and the last episode was released on October 20TH (Polarize). It was developed under DONTNOD Entertainment and published under Square Enix. It got a Metacritic Score of 4/5 and Stream rated it a 10/10. Its available on PS3, PS4, X-Box360, X-Box One and PC (via Stream). The art within the game is probably one of the best I’ve seen (yes, its even better than Until Dawn) and the gameplay is simplistic, fitting both mouse and controller.

Another reason why I love this so much is the story behind it. It starts out as something simple (protecting the town from this disastrous hurricane) and gets more complicated. Yes, the dialogue is cheesy, but in this game, its fits.


The story starts out as a girl, named Max Caulfield, discovers she has the power to rewind time. This soon leads her to having to save a girl from getting shot in the girl’s bathroom. That girl turns out to be Max’s old friend, Chloe Price. Chloe–who was arguing Nathan Prescott at the time–was searching for a girl by the name of Rachel Amber, who had been missing six months prior. While trying to bend their broken friendship, Max also has to deal with assortment of problems within her school, Blackwell Academy and the town of Arcadia Bay.

Along, she tries to control her new powers and discovers what they can do. She also learns of the butterfly effect and how it can be either good or bad. One of the examples of this is what happens with Kate. If Kate lives, Max is praised as a hero in episode three. But if Kate dies, everybody hate Max in episode three and spread rumors that he pushed her. Another example is (spoiler alert), whether you tell David the truth about Chloe being dead. If Max tells David the truth in the face, David will kill Mark Jefferson. But if Max hides the truth from David and uses the excuse of Chloe’s smoking, she will be giving David false hope.

When you get to the end of the game, there will be only one more major choice left, whether to save the town and let Chloe die in the original timeline or escape Arcadia Bay with Chloe and literally kill off the rest of the time. Honestly with the ending, I understood why it ended up that way, but I’m not a huge fan of it, especially if you sacrifice the town. If you sacrifice Acadia Bay, the hurricane hits and its unknown who lived and who died in the aftermath. If you choose to sacrifice Chloe, then the game will take you back to the beginning in the bathroom, where Max listens as Chloe gets shot by Nathan. The ending result of this is that Nathan and Jefferson will be arrest, which means Kate never gets drugged. All the pictures of Chloe and Max being together gets replace with the aftermath of her death; Max telling Joy and David about her powers, Joy giving Max a box of Chloe’s old belongings, Max sorting through them, and Max going to the lighthouse on the day of Chloe’s funeral, where we watch as Chloe’s being laid down to rest.



-The Art Style:

I love the art of this game, the way it was designed in this always sunset setting is just gorgeous. As somebody who loves sunsets like some weird girly-girl, the beauty of this game is perfect. Even the rain setting is fantastic.

-The Characters and their Development:

There are plenty of diverse characters in this game and they each go through their own development. (I’m not counting Rachel because she was dead prior nor Principal Wells because his development goes by the choices Max makes. Joyce, Victoria, and Kate won’t be included either for the same reason as Principal Wells). For Max, she goes from this shy, hipster girl who just wants to take pictures to somebody who can stand up for herself and who basically knows more because of her experience. And she also learns that just because she’s given new powers, doesn’t mean she’s always going to save the world and not all endings are happy.

For Chloe, she goes from being a hardass who blames everybody but herself for her actions, to somebody who knows the meaning of consequences and is willing to sacrifice herself to save the town. Whether Max does it or not relays on you. Even though Nathan is considered an antagonist, by the time episode four comes, he’s less of a man than what he used to be, showing remorse for what he’s done, unlike the main antagonist, Jefferson, who uses the idea of drugging women until their vulnerable and take pictures of them as a sport.


While I’m usually not a huge fan of choice-based games, I like them in this game because it makes the game feel more real. While I’m a fan of the choices, I’m not a huge fan of the rewind power. Speaking off…


-The Rewind Power:

Lets be honest, this got annoying. When I played it by myself, I only used the rewind power when I had to. YouTubers who played this used this a lot, but it was only because they wanted to show their viewers the option of each choice. I don’t mind it, but if you aren’t showing this to a audience, then don’t use it a lot. It can feel like cheating and this game is supposed to be about the consequences of your actions as Max.


Just because I said the art style of this game, didn’t mind I liked the graphics. The graphics aren’t the greatest, especially when it came to the Rachel Amber posters. I didn’t like those so much, the writing looked like it was made the crayon.

-The Everything Said in the Nightmare:

Just listen to it, especially when it comes to Jefferson…it gives me shivers

Especially this:

That’s just so sick and weird and it gave me shivers. I wonder how Jefferson’s VA felt about saying that line.


This is a good game, I mean that honestly. Yes, it has it flaws, but their so minor that you hardly notice it. What I’ll take from this game is the same one Max took from it, everything you do has concequences good or bad regardless of the choice you make. Yes, you can be an everyday hero, but you can’t save everybody. I would rate this game a 9/10.

I would like to thank my friend, NiZZULiVE for letting me use his videos for this review, please subscribe to his channel. Its a good channel and he’s a great gamer if your into non-commentary. Check out his Life is Strange gameplay here. My name is KrisSimsters and I’ll see you next time.

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