Michiko & Hatchin, Episode 18 Recap: “The Fool’s Ballistic Samba”

Toonami Airdate: November 7thth, 2015

I didn’t know Diamandra had its own version of the Rio Carnival.


Looks like the Palmetto on a Wednesday.
Looks like the Palmetto on a Wednesday.


At the border checkpoint to get into São Paraíso, the traffic to get in is extremely backed up. Our two leads are next in line to get their passports checked by security. An inconsistency in the information is spotted which forces Michiko and Hatchin to run away and book it into the city before the officers can get their hands on them. This illegal entry backs up traffic even more, preventing people from getting into the city for the annual Milenario de Samba celebrations. Given that this involves Michiko and Hatchin, Atsuko isn’t too far behind, down by the border checkpoint with Ricardo as well. The two are stuck hiding out in the alleys of the city, quietly observing the festivities. The next morning, they’re out looking for leads on Hiroshi when a strange man suddenly gets their attention, looking at Michiko and then immediately looking away like he saw nothing. She immediately assaults the guy and asks him what his deal is, and he mentions that Hatchin happens to look like someone he knew: Rock Morena.Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-22-40 This gives them the lead that the two desperately needed, as the man (who’s named Julio) takes them to the apartment that Hiroshi stayed in. He gives them some insight into their history together: the two would steal metal from gates and pothole covers and pawn them off to junk dealers, but Hiroshi bailed and took Julio’s earnings with him. Michiko then asks if Hiroshi ever brought up anything about a beautiful woman in his life, but Julio says he never mentioned it, instead telling stories about Hiroshi wanting to take over Monstro, his growing of tomatoes, and even a story about getting invited to guest star on a popular television show (the one we’ve glimpsed in various episodes in the past) but refusing. The two of them argue for a bit but Julio manages to get away as Atsuko drives by the apartment building, catching a glimpse of Michiko and Hatchin running down the stairs. Later that evening, the two are still running through the alleys as Michiko becomes apathetic and starts to believe Hiroshi really was just running away from her. Later that night, Hatchin wakes up from a nap in an alley and walks back to the apartment from earlier, noticing Michiko just lying in bed motionless. Hatchin goes out to get some supplies, and on the way back she notices an interview playing on a wall of televisions. The interview is with Feliciano, the star of the popular drama series that comes up frequently within the story. Hatchin comes to the realization that everything said about Hiroshi was actually true, and she immediately devises a plan to cheer up Michiko, heading down to the Museum of Modern Art where the television drama’s finale is set to be filmed.


On top of the museum, Feliciano is having an argument with the director, with Feliciano wanting to improvise his own scene since the script sucks (come on, dude. It can’t be worse than, say, Dexter’s finale). He goes on to give some overly dramatic monologue about how the thinks the scene and episode should be done, but the director is dismissive of this and calls his idea shit, only for Feliciano to immediately rip up the script in anger.

How dare the director deny this man's brilliance?
How dare the director deny this man’s brilliance?

He storms out of the shoot in his car, but the security guards (and Hatchin) immediately chase after him on foot. Feliciano loses track of the guards, but Hatchin manages to catch up to him, forcing him to immediately speed off. Meanwhile, Atsuko’s seen standing right outside of the apartment door that Michiko’s staying in, but she gets a call saying that Hatchin was spotted nearly getting run over by a car.

This looks like the cover of the hottest mixtape of 2015.
This looks like the cover of the hottest mixtape of 2015.

She immediately pursues this lead, eventually finding Hatchin in and alley and immediately cutting her off from escape. Atsuko claims she’s not planning on arresting her even protecting her in hiding from the immediate presence of police officers. Once the coast is clear, Astuko asks about what Hatchin’s up to, and she explains her pursuit of Feliciano as well as her reasoning for doing so. She just wants Michiko to smile again, even if it means having someone lie to her about Hiroshi in order to do so. Atsuko drives her to where Feliciano is staying at and lets her go off, with Hatchin leaving behind a box (of cigarettes, I’m guessing) for her before taking off. Feliciano is just golfing up in his room when Hatchin breaks in through the window and immediately starts going off on him.

You know, I think Ed Wuncler III and Gin Rummy from The Boondocks had better thought-out plans than this.
You know, I think Ed Wuncler III and Gin Rummy from The Boondocks had better thought-out plans than this.

She demands that he call the apartment and read a note, and she explains everything about Hiroshi and what she heard about him and Feliciano, but he’s extremely confused by what’s going on. Once he finally gets an understanding of the situation at hand, he explains that he never offered a role to Hiroshi (or ANYONE) for the show, with Hiroshi’s story likely applying to one of a significant number of copycat shows. He then gives a passionate speech about how his acting and ability to engross an audience is ultimately what makes his show the best, and Hatchin breaks down in tears and apologizes for what she did. Feliciano, taking pity on Hatchin, calls Michiko and tells her the fake story about meeting Hiroshi and offering him the role, having turned it down because he was in pursuit of a beautiful woman that he loved. When the call is done, Hatchin thanks him and proceeds to pick up the broken glass off the floor, but he tells her not worry about it and suggest a bit of samba to lighten up the mood and go along with the festivities. Julio is shown receiving an envelope from Rock Morena (possibly filled with the money he owes), Atsuko calls Ricardo to say that she’s going off on her own path without him, and the episode ends with Feliciano and Hatchin samba dancing as the night goes along.


Feliciano Hatchin Samba


The series seems to be getting closer and closer to some kind of major reality check with Michiko, as she spends most of the episode depressed and having to deal with the possible truth that Hiroshi may in fact possibly be avoiding her. Since we have about 4 episodes left to go, that could very well be the case. I do enjoy seeing Hatchin go all the way to try and bring Michiko out of her depression, and it’s nice to see an episode with the two’s relationship as a major plot point that doesn’t just involve the two of them yelling at each other half the time. I also have to mention Feliciano as the most entertaining part of the episode, as he makes for the most fun one-off character since Daniela Carneiro Jr. He’s just such a corny over-the-top stereotypical actor type, and it’s really fun to watch. I also kind of liked how his character was performed: smooth and suave when giving interviews and acting, but has a Squidbillies-type of voice when speaking normally. It feels like the inverse of a common trend when it comes to popular television shows. You know how some shows like iZombie and The Walking Dead have lead actors who speak with conventionally American accents in character but have English accents when out-of-character and giving interviews and stuff? Feliciano seems to play off of that, intentionally or not, and it’s quite humorous. This was a fun episode for the week with some solid character work across the board, and I look forward to seeing where the last four episodes take us.

Michiko & Hatchin airs every Saturday at 1:30 AM, only on Toonami.


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