One Piece Episode 322 Recap

Original Airdate: 9/2/2007

Cedric_alpha back again with another One Piece recap. We had a bunch of emotion happen in this episode, and almost had a cyborg man’s manhood nearly get destroyed.  So without further ado, here’s “Goodbye My Dear Underlings. Franky Departs.”

We start this episode with a shot of DAT FRANKY ASS!!! and the townsfolks still mad/disgusted that he’s naked and perverted. Luffy will still give him his trunks, back if he joins his crew, but Franky won’t have that. He then does his signature SUUUUUUUUUPERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! pose, while giving a rousing speech about not needing the underwear, and Luffy says he’s “a true man” for this. (Nami still thinks he’s just a pervert.) Robin wants to lend a hand, and Luffy allows her. Robin uses her powers and makes hands come out of Franky’s …. area. And when she says “Grab” …. well, this happens.

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So Luffy, what are your thoughts on seeing this all happen?

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Yeah, just like every guy who was watching this knows the pain. Unless they’re into some really kinky stuff. Anyway, Franky’s in major pain and Kiwi and Mozu aren’t helping by saying how they will pop off like oranges (Franky wants them to be tangerines. Don’t ask.) The others can’t stand looking at this happening, while Luffy wants him “to be a man” when he joins. As for the person doing this.

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Robin seems to be enjoying this a bit too much. Back to the action. Franky doesn’t want to leave the island. He says it be great to sail the seas, but he got stuff he needs to do still on Water 7. This ship, “The Ship of Dreams”, is the last ship he will make. But Iceberg says it’s not. A flashback from an earlier episode has Franky saying how, in order to be the shipwright for the ship, it has to reach the ends of the Earth. Franky’s dreams are different now. He still in Water 7 because of guilt. He blames himself for Tom being taken away by the Government, even though Tom showed him a new path. Another flashbacks has Tom telling about how ships are not good or evil, and that the maker of it should love his ships, and be proud of them, no matter what. Iceberg tells of how Franky got the Franky Family to help the city from bad guys, even though the townsfolks didn’t see it that way. He knows Franky loves ship building, and that he and Tom already forgives him. It’s now time for Franky to forgive himself and live his dream.

A bag is thrown at Franky, sending him flying. The Franky Family threw it. It’s for his trip with the Straw Hats. The Franky Family are sorry for it and say it’s the only way. Franky just wants to live his life the way he wants too. But the Franky Family are only worried about him, and just want him to be happy. Franky is still in pain from Robin’s ongoing attack, and crying from it (while the sisters keep making comparisons to fruit popping off a tree.) Luffy urges Robin to stop, but she already did. She only did it the first time. Franky is totally faking it, and is acting out like that to hide the fact he’s letting out his real emotions.

As the Marines enter the city, we get another flashback, but his time one we haven’t seen. This one involves Franky meeting his crew the first time. It shows his right hand man, and some others, challenging him, and failing miserably at it, to the sisters being drunk on the street, and Franky picking them up, and treating them to some cola instead, to Franky helping some others not die from starvation in the backstreets. There, he has them all join him and form The Franky Family. Everyone is crying from the happy times, with Franky crying the loudest. The Franky Family promises they will not let the town forget his name, and he will be their boss/big bro no matter how far he is away from them. Sanji and Zoro then come running through the crowd, saying how Luffy’s grandpa is coming with a bunch of Marines, and they need to leave immediately. Luffy gives Franky his underwear back, and tells him to get on the ship, captain’s orders. Franky says he can’t leave his “masterpiece” ship in the hands of Luffy cause he would wreck it in a short time, and so with that, he finally agrees to become’s the Straw Hat’s shipwright and join the crew. The others are happy with this, while his friends cry. More flashbacks show the good times Franky had, and he knows Iceberg, the Franky Family, Granny Kokoro and the others, along with the town, will do well, even without him. He says goodbye to the town, his friends, and how he loves them and will miss them. And with one final pose, he finally is a part of a new family. As long as he put some pants on.

This episode of One Piece was why I love this show so much. It had all the comedy with Robin and Franky. The emotion of Franky wanting to stay behind cause of guilt, but knowing in his heart, he wants to join Luffy’s crew. And all the feelings from his beloved Franky Family wanting him to be happy and live his life. This had some great character development from Franky and his crew. One of the most beautifully done episodes of this series. I give this episode 5 naked emotional cyborgs/5

One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM on Saturday on Toonami


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