Parasyte The Maxim Recap 5

Hello guys meowth900 back from comic con bringing you guys a recap on Parasyte the maxim episode 5.

A parasite who was in the body of a female human had to take shelter in a male human host. The female died in a car crash accident. The pants were then soiled by urine and I laughed a lot.

Later on Shinichi is going home from school and sees his friend Nagai being bullied. Migi senses a new demeanor in Shinichi.

Another girl watching the scene defends Shinichi, and somehow she is less annoying than Murano but not by much.

This girl is names Kana and she suspects something is wrong with Shinichi, or to be more precise something else is inside Shinichi. The bullies attack Murano and Shinichi defends her, and other students attempt to stand up to the bullies. Murano feels all shook up by these events and walks Shinichi home.

Murano refuses to hangout with Shinichi and goes home. Migi suspects Kana thinking she has the ability to see its kind.

Oh we also get a goose of what’s happening on vacation with Mr. & Mrs Izumi.

Looks like vacation is going swimmingly-oh wait what the hell is that behind Mrs Izumi run away aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! This is the parasite that appeared earlier on in the episode.

Shinichi meanwhile laments about how he didn’t go on vacation with his parents. He gets a phone call from Dad. However Dad is not happy. In fact, he is far from it. Very far from it. He sounds really terrified on the phone like he just saw a monster. Dad spoke terrified hints about what happened to Mom. Shinichi doesn’t understand, or rather doesn’t want to understand what happened.

Later on Mom comes home but she is possessed by the parasite, who aims to kill Dad because he was a witness to the crime. Migi aims to attack Mom, but Shinichi holds him back out of love for his mom who is now dead. Shinichi insists that the parasite possessed body is his mom, and Migi keeps telling him it’s not.

See Migi Mom is home early

After arguing for what feels like a stressful five minutes the parasite does this.

And the end credits roll. Rest in peace Shinichi you were a great hero for us all.

Parasyte The Maxim is licensed by Sentai Filmworks. And thank you for these great screenshots.

You can watch Parasyte The Maxim on Saturday nights at 1am after Akame ga Kill.

You can also watch Parasyte on Crunchyroll and Hulu however it’s in Japanese with a English subtitles.


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