Akame Ga Kill! Episode Recap: Kill the Nuisances

Original Airdate: September 28th, 2014

Adult Swim Airdate: November 14th, 2015

Episode 13

The episode starts off with a couple in a log cabin talking about how dangerous those new Danger Beasts are, when a large group of them break into the cabin and kill the husband. At the capital, we see Esdeath consulting the leaders about the current state of Night Raid and how her mission to bring them down is going. They also ask if she wants someone else to love, but she’s already decided that she’s going to get Tatsumi back no matter what. Esdeath then meets with the Minister in private, and he tells her to go out and catch some of those new Danger Beasts for the Minister’s research. Esdeath agrees to bring them back alive, and her quest to get some Danger Beasts, as well as Tatsumi’s love, begins. Meanwhile, there are a group of unsuspecting travelers that get attacked by the Danger Beasts, but Bols burns one of them down and scares the rest off. However, the travelers are frightened by his menacing appearance and see him as a threat until Seryu comes in and tells them that they’re soliders from the capital. Esdeath also freezes the ones that were scared off by Bols, which completes their mission for the day. Back at the Jaeger’s base, Bols prepares some tea for Wave and Kurome, and Wave tells him that he shouldn’t be judged by the way he looks. Bols replies to him by saying that he isn’t a nice person, due to the fact that he was ordered to burn down countless villages and kill way too many people. Wave tries conforting Bols, but his wife and daughter walks in to give him his lunch, and that makes him feel much better, making this the second time Wave has failed at comforting someone. Back at Night Raid, we see Tatsumi and Su training alongside each other, and they start to form the same brotherly bond that Tatsumi once shared with Bulat. After Su tells Tatsumi that he shouldn’t count him as a person, Tatsumi cheers Su up by proposing that he eventually helps him and Lubbock pick up chicks, and Su gladly agrees. Akame comes in to tell Tatsumi and Su that the Jaegers are near their base and that they have to be ready to relocate. They find their new hideout, which looks almost exactly like their old hideout. When Night Raid enters their new base, they have a meeting about the new Danger Beasts and how the pose a threat to Night Raid. They also talk about how the Jaegers are getting involved with the Danger Beasts, but they don’t see them as much as a threat, due to the fact that the Danger Beasts would also be a burden to them. So basically, they’ll be indirectly helping the Jaegers with their mission, despite the fact that they’re opposed to each other. Everyone agrees to this due to the fact that they have to do it to keep their base safe, but Chelsea disagrees and says that they should just leave it to the Jaegers. Tatsumi tells Chelsea that he gets where she’s coming from, but because the beasts are attacking more and more people, he says that they have to do it for the safety of other people. After he gives his speech, Su comments on the fact that Tatsumi had his fly open, which causes all the other members to make fun of him. While all that is happening, Chelsea has a talk with the general about how after looking through Shelle and Bulat’s records, she fears that Tatsumi’s kindness will end up killing him. Back at the Jaeger’s base, Esdeath is in the garden with Run talking about how these Danger Beasts came into existence. Run tells Esdeath that the new Danger Beasts might have been the work of Dr. Stylish because of how they started appearing after his death. He also tells Esdeath that when he started looking around the doctor’s lab, he found nothing of real interest and assumed that he had a secret lab just for experimenting on humans and turning them into those Danger Beasts. Esdeath then suggests that Run looks into the creation of the Danger Beasts a little more, due to their limited knowlege on the subject. We cut to Seryu destroying more of the Danger Beasts, while the mysterious man from the end of the last episode is watching her, and he seems to imply that he might be involved with the Danger Beast’s creation is some way. Back at the Night Raid base, we see Lubbock and Tatsumi hanging out, with Lubbock telling Tatsumi about his backstory. It pretty much just amounted to him wanting to join Night Raid because he thought the general was hot. Not really much tragedy there; just a spoiled rich kid wanting to satisfy his boner. After that’s all said and done, Tatsumi goes out for a little bit of a walk outside to find some Danger Beasts when Esdeath jumps out of the sky and sees him there. Tatsumi plans to use a group of Danger Beasts to distract Esdeath and get the hell out, but that doesn’t work out, as Esdeath takes care of them in a matter of seconds. So now, Tatsumi has to deal with Esdeath in the next episode.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 10.39.57 AM
The odds of that happening are less likely than Deadman Wonderland getting a second season.

With last episode being more of a downtime episode, this one is getting back into the action again by setting up the conflict with the Danger Beasts and the inevitable confrontation between Night Raid and the Jaegers. We seem to be getting some more information about where those Danger Beasts are coming from with the whole Dr. Stylish business, as well as that one mysterious man in the middle of the episode commenting about how he’s playing with the Jaegers by using the beasts. There’s also some pretty good character interactions between Tatsumi and Su, despite the fact that Bulat will always be the better bro. Also, I’m pretty interested to see how things with Tatsumi and Esdeath will go down in the next episode. While I personally feel like the fly joke went on for a bit too long, along with Lubbock’s backstory being pretty lame, I thought it was a pretty decent building-up episode, and I can’t wait to see what’ll happen in the next episode. I give this episode 7 Esdeaths falling from the sky out of 10.

Akame Ga Kill! can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM!


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