Intruder 2 Episode 2 Recap

Welcome back to the Intruder 2 recap. Let’s get this started right away, shall we?

As they recover from the EMP attack, SARA says the damage isn’t permanent, but the mysterious ship is about to ram them, and SARA says there’s a life form on the ship. TOM ask if the elevators work, and as he goes to them, he asks SARA to seal off the doors, if trouble happens. TOM packs some heat to fight whatever it is, as the ship rams into the Absolution. The thing wants inside, and SARA tells TOM that the Section the thing is in, it wants her AI core. TOM is not letting it have SARA without a fight.

Will we finally see what this mysterious life form is? Who knows. See you next week for another episode of Intruder 2.

Intruder 2 can be see during the ad breaks of DBZ Kai at 12 AM on Toonami. 


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