One Piece Episode 323 Recap

Original Airdate: 9/9/2007

Back again with another One Piece recap, as last week dealt with emotions and cyborg testicles, this one deals with emotions and being an captain of a crew of pirates, and the loyalty of friends. So sit back as I recap if Usopp joined back up with the Straw Hats in “Departing the City of Water. Usopp Mans Up and Brings Closure to the Duel.”

We start the episode with Garp and his group of Marines about to take on Luffy’s crew. Cobi thinks it’s awkward having to face them, for all the stuff they did, and since Garp gave him their word he won’t attack, but Marines you know. Also, Admiral Aokiji is on board, wanting a ride since he doesn’t want to bike out. He promises he won’t get in the way of their battle with the Straw Hats. Speaking of, they get the word of them coming, and are starting to leave. They are leaving without Usopp, and Luffy’s fine with it, as he tells Franky about how they discussed it at Galley-La. A flashback to that discussion shows that Luffy and others are happy when Sanji tells them Usopp is planning to return. But Zoro ain’t having that shit. He won’t allow them to accept Usopp back, until he apologizes for the duel, and bows his head. He has to accept what happened with it (as a flashback of the duel shows.) Luffy, as Zoro says, is an idiot, but he’s still the captain. He needs to act like one, everyone needs to respect their captain, and not walk all over him. Zoro even threatens to leave if they just accept Usopp back without so much as a sorry. If Usopp doesn’t say sorry, they will leave without him. Sanji, of all people, agrees with Zoro. If there’s no apology, then he’s not a crewmate. As they say, they aren’t pretending to be pirates out here like that Disney preschool show (me, obviously paraphrasing here.) They ARE pirates, and must act like ones. As it ends, Usopp is still not there. As they leave, Luffy says Usopp will still remain a pirate, and they will run into him out there again.

Usopp, meanwhile, is running through town to catch up to the new ship. He still want to join, and still making excuses and scenarios in his head about the ways he can come back/have the crew feel sorry for him. He does say farewell to Water 7 as well. The crew still want to wait for Usopp, but Garp and the Marines start to attack. Garp talks on megaphone, saying he will fight them all by himself and send Luffy and co. to a “watery grave.” He then starts literally throwing cannonballs at them, which explode with fury. He throws faster than the cannons actually shoot out, and the crew need to get out of there before the Thousand Sunny is destroyed by Garp’s Meteor Fist Shower attack. Luffy orders the crew to protect the ship. As the ship is being attacked, Chopper catches Usopp’s scent, and tells everyone he is around.

Usopp makes his way through the crowd to the Franky Family, and they wonder why he’s not with them. He see the ship sailing away, and can’t believe it. He thinks it was a mistake they left. As flashbacks are shown in-between that involve him with the others at Enies Lobby all fighting, he runs down the stairs, and jumps on the island, still saying he wants to join, and doesn’t want the crew to leave him. The others are still fighting off Garp’s cannonball attack, trying to protect their ship as best they can. Usopp still is making all the excuses and won’t apologize for his actions, saying he was kidding about the duel that went down, and are still friends with them. No one answers back, and he starts to not find it funny, while Luffy and Zoro pretend their best not to hear Usopp at all. As the flashback to the fight and him leaving the crew then shows, Usopp, seeing the ship leave in the distant, finally has one more tearful thing to say to them. “I’M SORRY!!!!!” he says as loud as he can, and drops on his knees and begs for forgiveness, saying he will do anything to join. The others are all happy he finally apologize, and Luffy stretches out his rubber arm to him, and tearfully himself accepts Usopp back to the crew, pulling him aboard the Thousand Sunny. The crew is all together, and are finally ready to sail for the New World!

Yes, the crying faces of Usopp and Luffy may have been a bit … excessive. But still, seeing how much these two care for each other, you can tell how much this crew loves each one, as a family. And Zoro, I have to give him props. He may not be the smartest, or the most directional, person ever, but when he steps up, he is Luffy’s right-hand man/co-captain, telling him what he needs to do. He knows what it means to be a real pirate, and telling Luffy this hard decision with Usopp, showed also how much he cares for the well-being of this crew.  The emotions, the loyalty, and the happiness, of the Straw Hats finally together. Another great One Piece episode which shows why, in my opinion, it’s the best show on Toonami right now. I give this episode 4.5 very tearful reunions/5.

One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM on Saturday on Toonami.


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