Parasyte The Maxim 6

Internet hates me but hello guys meowth900 here recapping the latest episode of Parasyte the Maxim. Last week Shinichi died so that sucked. Thankfully our little pal Migi knew what to do. It went inside Shinichi’s chest and his heart and began healing it trying to make it work. It also ran to the sink to get water  to help him get hydrated.

Migi’s a good cup.

Later on Shinichi wakes up and sees his wound is sealed up, and he doesn’t need his spectacles-I mean glasses anymore. Congrats Shinichi you have joined the 20:20 vision master race. 

Yeah I know that’s a shocking thing to wake up to buddy. On the brighter side you’re alive again. 


Wow look at them nipples. 

The phone rings and it is the sakurazaki hospital. They’ve been calling for a while because Dad was admitted to the hospital. Shinichi travels to the hospital and gets interrupted by somebody.

Oh hey stalker girl what’s up? You didn’t hear anything going on inside right?  No? Good. Apparently the girls at high school were worried about him or something. Teenage 80s comedy happened. Good stuff. Shinichi tells Murano that he’s going of be gone for a while but will be back. He doesn’t explain why he’s leaving which is odd. But I think it’s a guy thing to not tell anyone about personal problems. 

When. Shinichi sees Dad at the hospital he’s been brainwashed by investigators and thinks Mom’s murder was a hallucination. 

 Poor guy. Makes you want to cry doesn’t it? Shinichi feels sad but realizes he cannot cry. Literally he cannot cry not like the whole “I am a man and therefore I cannot cry or show emotion because it makes me look not manly” thing. 

Shinichi gets a room at the Namiki Inn run by the Hayase family and meets a girl named Makiko.

I think she wants to have sex with Shinichi. 

Anyways that night Migi informs Shinichi of how it save both of them. Migi had to heal Shinichi’s stab wound and seal up his chest, and as a result of doing something so life threatening he now needs to sleep the average amount of hours a human does. But the only more horrifying thing is even if there is an opponent parasite monster nearby Migi will not wake up until it got all of it’s required sleep hours. Even if Migi can sense it.

Isn’t Migi adorable?

The next day Migi senses another parasite near the coast and Shinichi asks Makiko for directions to the coast. Makiko fucks up and gives Shinichi the wrong direction. Shinichi runs to the wall and bypasses it by doing a crazy super Mario jump.

And the episode ends with Shinichi facing his opponent. Too many cliffhangers! Aaaaahhhhh! 

Parasyte The Maxim is licensed by Sentai Filmworks and airs at 1am on Toonami on adult swim. Watch out for that intruder though.

You can also watch Parasyte The Maxim on Hulu and Crunchyrolll however it will be in Japanese with English subtitles.


Make sure to not eat too much turkey or this might happen to you later.


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