Cheese Puff Mountain: Robot Chicken, 08×04 & She’s a Bayniac: Mike Tyson Mysteries, 02×03 (The Late Edition)

Robot Chicken, Cheese Puff Mountain
Robot Chicken: Ruining Childhoods since 2005

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and today’s Saturday, which means this recap’s really late. Long story short, life happened and I wasn’t able to get this recap out on Monday like I was supposed too. Yes, WiFi troubles had a lot to do with it, but getting this review out on time was my responsibility so I’m going to take some blame as well. I would usually put the spoiler warning down there, but hopefully you guys have watched these episodes ahead of a recap. Hopefully. Oh well, lets get started!!


1. Gargoyles in the Morning: Goliath plans on stopping Xanatos, but maybe Goliath should stop and consider who his real enemy is.

2. Show me Your D: Stacy wants Todd to return the favor after sending her a picture of her boobs.

3. I Married a Baby Eater!!: This is exactly what this woman thinks after finding out what her husband’s really like.

4. The Hat Switch: Taking the wrong item sometimes can be deadly.

5. Why is Godzilla Angry?: Damn shark attacks.

6: Dr. Manhattan’s Troubles: Dr. Manhattan’s night of troubles, turns into a night of partying, and when the morning comes, he ends up giving three women cancer. Also, nice continuity Easter Egg.

7: Total Grossout: When Arnold Schwarzennegar meets Kuato and gets really grossed out, though who could blame him?

8. When Sharks Attack: Sharks not only attack with their teeth. They also attack with knives.

9. TINY ARMS!!: Two Tyrannosaurus-rex learn why they can’t fight with short arms.

10. Stinker Bell: Stinker Bell always wins.

11. Yacko Teaches Us the Kamasutra: Yacko’s moving forward. No longer is he telling us about the presidents or state and their capitals, he’s now teaching us about Kamasutra. And he wants to try it on Dot? My childhood is ruined since that’s you know…incest. But it does explain a lot.



Mike Tyson Mysteries, She's a Bayniac
Should I be worried? I feel as though I should be worried.

The episode starts out with Pigeon catching Marquess behind the pigeon coot smoking. Marquess accidentally tells on himself after Pigeon’s failed and creepy attempt of a cover-up (torturing the neighbor’s cat). Mike and Yung Hee berate Marquess for smoking, but the ghost is trying to quit, but he’s had some stress lately.

Today’s Mystery? A man by the name of Douglas Baynes is afraid that his wife is having an affair and wants them to help. Where is the mystery located? Right in their home of Las Vegas, Nevada. When they arrive at Douglas Baynes’ house, Douglas tells them that his wife has been spending more time at work and takes a lot of secretive calls. Just last night she came home, smelling like cologne. Marquess leaves for the bathroom as Douglas’ wife is coming in the driveway. Douglas’ wife comes in and Mike uses an alias, but that fails. She soon again leaves, making everybody suspicious that she’s having an affair.

Marquess, meanwhile, is still smoking in the bathroom, but the fire alarm literally trips him up as he tries to cover up the smoke and turning the alarm off. After getting caught, the mystery team heads back to the house where Pigeon finds her on a sex club website. After Marquess suggest a sting to make sure its really her, Pigeon tries to send her a request, but she declined it. The new plan is to send Marquess in since he was the only one she didn’t see.

They later arrive at the Torture Chamber, where she’s found in the whipping room. Its soon revealed that Mrs. Baynes is a sex demon and its soon a fight between Mike and the sex demon. The sex demon soon escapes on a ship back to her home planet. Douglas tries to deny the fact that she wasn’t unfaithful but Mike says that she was very unfaithful. There’s no denying it though, she was a sex demon who was apart of what basically was a sex dungeon.

The end-credit scene features the Real Mike telling us that there are other planets and universes out there. Next week’s episode of Mike Tyson Mysteries features them all headed to New York .



I honestly thought both episodes were rather decent, but I enjoyed Robot Chicken a little more this week and I’m glad that this week’s Mike Tyson Mysteries was way better than last week’s. Anyway, tomorrow’s Sunday, which means that new episodes of both Robot Chicken and Mike Tyson’s Mysteries will be new and I’m excited as always!! Anyway, my name’s KrisSimsters and I have to go, but I can’t wait to see you again!!

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