King of the Hill Series Overview

King of the Hill (01)

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and today we’re going to be talking about one of the best adult-animated series (after Simpsons and South Park) that has ever been around. This adult-animated started its career on FOX running from 1997 to 2010 and now its episodes run on Adult Swim. The adult-animated show I’m talking about is King of the Hill, which revolves around mild-mannered Hank Hill, his wife Peggy, their son Bobby, and Peggy’s niece Luanne. It also stars Hank’s best friends; Dale Gribble, William “Bill” Dautrieve, and Boomhauer.

There are a lot more characters within this long-running series and they all connect to Hank one way or another, such as Hank’s devoted-loyalty to his boss, Mr. Strickland or his continued willingness to prove himself to his father, Cotton, who killed fifty men during WWII. This down-to-Earth series was nominated throughout its run and even won some, including a Primetime Emmy for And They Call it Bobby Love. The series is still running on Adult Swim, but only episodes from seasons 3-13, but its also available on iTunes and on the Adult Swim site.



Richardson, Texas: The Real Arlen

King of the Hill was first created in 1995 by creator Mike Judge (who previously worked on Beavis and Butthead) and Greg Daniels (who previously worked on The Simpsons). On January 12, 1997, King of the Hill premiered on FOX, running for 13 seasons after its pilot episode. The series originally ended on September 13, 2009 with four unaired episodes, but the four unaired episodes aired in May 2010, meaning that the series ended in 2010. Though Mike Judge stated in at the 2011 Comic-Con that he had no current plans on reviving the series at that moment, its not completely ruled out.



King of the Hill (02)
Meet my family

King of the Hill revolves around a mild-mannered man named Hank Hill who lives in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas. He’s married to Peggy, nee Platter, who wants to be known for more than what she is (she starts out as a substitute Spanish teacher in the beginning of the series and by the end of the series, she’s a real estate agent) and the two have one son, Bobby.

Bobby’s different from the normal, “Texan” son, meaning that he cares more about cooking and comedy more than fixing cars and joining a sports team. In Hank’s eyes, this makes Bobby “not right,” and Hank fears for Bobby’s future.

Also living with them is Luanne Kleinschmidt nee Platter, who had been living with them prior to the series because Peggy wanted her away from her mother. Also in Hank’s immediate family is his military-style father, Cotton Hill, who’s proud of the fact that he’s killed fifty men during his time in the service, but at the cost of his shins. He divorced Hank’s mother, Tilly prior to the series and marries Didi, a younger woman who Hank knew in kindergarten.

They give birth to a boy, G.H. aka “Good Hank” at the end of season three/first episode in season four, and get its implied that their going through a divorce in season eight with Didi and G.H. going to her parents’ house. After Cotton’s death in season 12, Didi reveals that she’s now married to a new man when she gives Hank Cotton’s belongings.

When Hank isn’t too wrapped up in family life, he spends with his friends; consparicy-driven, Dale Gribble; military barber, Bill Dautrieve who’s been down on his luck since the divorce between him and his former wife, Lenore; and fast-talking ladies’ man, Boomhauer by drinking beer out in the back-ally and going to work as a salesman for propane and propane accessories at Strickland Propane, where he idolizes his boss, Buck Strickland, who doesn’t notice Hank and is driven by his addictions.

Throughout the series, you’ll meet more people, such as John Redcorn, who spent the beginning of the series having an affair with Dale’s wife, Nancy Hicks-Gribble. This resulted in John Redcorn being the father of Nancy and Dale’s son, Joseph, who Dale thinks he’s Joseph’s real father. There’s also Khan Souphanousinphone and his wife, Minh who think they are better than the Hills throughout the series, but are nothing compared to Ted Wassonasong, who Khan worships as much as Hank worships Buck Strickland.


That Boy Finally Got it Right


1). And They Call it Bobby Love; 03×02: Bobby learns that loving an older woman (Marie is 14) can be a good thing and a bad thing.

2). Propane Boom/Death of a Propane Salesman; 02×23 & 03×01: After Megalo-Mart starts selling propane at cheaper prices, Mr. Strickland lay off his employees and Hank is forced to work at Megalo-Mart. After one of the employees mishandles the propane, causing a major explosion with Megalo-Mart (with Luanne’s ex-boyfriend Buckley dying), Hank has to get used being around propane again and Luanne has to learn how to deal with lost, not only with Buckley but also her hair.

3). Father of the Bribe; 06×05: Bobby and Connie pretends to call it quit to get money from Khan, but after being pushed back together, they decide to call it quits for real.

4). Death Picks Cotton; 12×05: After an incident at a Japanese restaurant lands Cotton in the hospital; Hank spends the rest of the episode at the hospital after learning that Cotton is dying. After a ruthless talking too from Peggy (Cotton faked his death the first time) he dies in front of her.

5). To Sirloin with Love 13×20: Hank learns that Bobby’s has a special gift from identifying different cuts of beef (a trait he picked up from Hank) and signs him up for Heimlich County Community College Meat Inspection team. After making a minor mistake during the semi-finals (the team is still able to make it to finals) and Bobby improving himself at finals (nobody else on their team showed up due to a rival team sabotaging them) Bobby wins the competition for his team and the last scene is one that’ll make you cry and smile every time with everybody in the neighborhood coming to the Hills’ house at the smell of barbecue that Hank and Bobby are cooking on their respective grills.



This is a good series, it teaches life lessons and its funny. Its a classic for a reason, but I won’t make you watch it. That’s all for today, my name’s KrisSimsters and I’ll see you next time.


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