One Piece Episode 324 Recap

Original Airdate: 9/16/2007

Welcome back to another One Piece recap. We are at the end of the Water 7 arc, and are bout to depart for the New World soon. But before that, they still need to leave the island to get there. As they have old friends back and a new friend with them now, will they? And before I get to that, if you haven’t heard, One Piece will get it’s own marathon after Christmas to wrap up Toonami 2015. So if you missed ep. 320 through this one, and the next two after, you can watch it then. Now to get started on *reads title* … really Toei? This long of a damn episode title? There’s a reason I don’t put these in with the featured pic like the rest do. Anyway, here’s “Wanted Posters Make It Around The World! Celebrations In Their Hometowns As The Ship Moves Forward!”

As Usopp joins up again, Garp is still tossing cannonballs at the Straw Hats new ship. Coby and Helmeppo feel sorry their ship might get destroyed. The town is actually now rooting for the Straw Hats to get away from the Navy. The crew raise the sails up, and this is confusing most of the Marines, except for Garp, because he knows Luffy ain’t no quitter. Franky does have a plan for how to deal with this mess, even if he is a bit busy dancing with the happy Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper, which makes Zoro angry cause he’s doing all the work.

Nami: “Idiot Boys will be idiot boys.”

But before they can take off, they have to give the ship a name first. Luffy has some idea, but they are just god awful and stupid. A flashback to the Lion’s head being put on the ship (Galley-La thought it was a sunflower more than a lion) has the name come to. Iceberg, who he himself thinks it’s a sun, which pisses off Franky, came up with the name, “The Thousand Sunny.” The others, including Franky, think up of more names though, some good, some terrible, but they decide that that name is the best. They all take one last look at Water 7. Luffy calls out to his gramps, saying he’ll see him, Coby and “the other guy” again someday. Their going to get away from them now. (Coby thought the speech was cool.) Luffy thanks everyone, Galley-La, Iceberg, monster granny, all of Water 7 for the time they had. Zoro and others are telling Franky to get them out of them, since Garp now has a gigantic ball-and-chain ready to strike the Sunny. Franky made an emergency acceleration device for such things. As Garp throws it at the Sunny, and the others panic, Franky has it go, called “Coup de Burst” and the Sunny takes off and literally flies away. Everyone is impressed at it, including Garp, as he laughs it off. Usopp says it feels like the time they went flying with Merry to Sky Island, while Franky says that whatever the Merry did, the Sunny can to even better, but the spirit of Merry will live on in the Sunny.

Afterwards at Water 7, Galley-La is busy still repairing. The Giants are working there too, and wanted Usopp to join him, but will wait for his return. The Franky Family doesn’t know how to repair the house, but Iceberg offers them jobs to work with Galley-La, and they accept, and accept him as their new “big bro.” Meanwhile around in other parts of the world, Smoker and Tashigi (who confuses another Marine for Smoker cause she’s not wearing her glasses) see the Straw Hat’s new bounties. Smoker decides they need to be a higher rank now because pirates everywhere will see these bounties and look up to the Straw Hats now.

At the Baratie, the chefs are discussing the bounties the Straw Hats got. Then immediately make fun of Sanji and his wanted poster and put it up at the restaurant. In Luffy’s hometown, everyone is happy about Luffy’s high bounty and are proud, except for the Mayor, who says they all have no shame (They agree with this.) He says they are nothing but criminals now, and Garp should have taken better care of them. Even if the family has been crazy for 3 generations. In Usopp’s hometown, Kaya and the Usopp Pirates see Sniper King’s bounty and recognize the person as Usopp, because of the nose. They like the mask, and Kaya is happy he’s doing well.

At Zoro’s old dojo, his sensei is telling his students not to look to Zoro as a role model, but he is happy for Zoro anyway. In Nami’s old town, Genzo is mad about something and tells Nojiko about it. He’s mad about Nami’s bounty pic being so lewd. (It doesn’t stop him from making the pic big, and putting it on the wall.) Nojiko sees Nami’s smile, and knows she is happy with the crew. On the snowy island where Chopper lived, Dr. Kureha and Dalton (who is now the king there) get the bounties as well, and Dr. Kureha sees Chopper’s pic. She’s just happy to see his face again. In Alabasta, the king and his crew are worried that since Ms. Sunday, AKA Robin, is with the crew, and what to do if Vivi finds out. But Vivi already knew, and doesn’t worry about it. She knows that Luffy and crew are still good, and believes in him still. And somewhere in a desert, Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s dad, gets all the Straw Hat bounties. He says Luffy should follow his own beliefs and will meet up soon.

The crew, now away from the Navy, celebrate as they have Robin and Usopp back, and now have new crew member Franky. Everyone is happy and they all celebrate as they now sail towards the New World and Fishman Island.

This was a great episode, because we got to see alot of old faces, most that Toonami fans probably haven’t seen since the 4Shits days. It was fun to get to see them again, and if you haven’t seen the earlier One Piece episodes before Water 7, I highly recommended it. They are great. Also the crew are finally all together now, and the Thousand Sunny. Seeing it finally fly on Toonami was a blast. Well, see you again in two weeks as we meet up again with Luffy’s brother, Ace, and meet up with one of the biggest villains in One Piece. I give this episode 4 Coup de BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRST!!!!/5


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM on Saturday on Toonami



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