Parasyte The Maxim Recap 7

Hello guys meowth900 here recapping the latest episode of the non polarizing anime named Parasyte The Maxim. Next week there won’t be a new episode of the show but there will be a Parasyte marathon instead, so if you missed any episodes or want to rewatch it again now is your chance to do it. 

The episode begins With Shinichi meeting a Pikachu cheeked guy while looking for his opponent.

Migi tells Shinichi that he is what it was scanning. It is revealed that this guy named Mamoru Uda (Muda Muda Muda Muda yay Dio Brando attack reference) has a parasite monster inside his jaw, and is in a similar situation as Shinichi. 

The parasite attempted to possess Uda by burrowing into his neck, but Uda was struggling a lot to resist the parasite and kill it but he fell down a cliff. The parasite monster was forced to go to maturity inside Uda’s jaw and save Uda’s life.

I know man why a tragic story.

The two of them form an alliance and agree to kill the parasite that infected Shinichi’s mom. Later on that night Migi explains Shinichi’s new physical attributes. Migi split 30% of its body into fragments and circulated Shinichi’s blood stream to help his heart wound heal. 

Migi also gave Shinichi water to help his body retain water inside his blood streams.

“Shinichi did you see this week’s episode of Intruder 2?”

The next day Uda’s jaw parasite senses Shinichi’s mom in the area. Shinichi begins running to find the enemy.

Run Shinichu run!

I know man running is hard when you’re chubby.

Migi gets tired and fall asleep, but luckily it transforms into a blade before sleeping, so Shinichi can live another day.

Reminds me of Edward Elric’s metal arm. 

Hi mom what’s up. 

Uda’s Parasyte tries to fight the parasite but it doesn’t looks like he’ll get very far.

In fact he doesn’t. 

And he gets thrown off the battle arena. 

Shinichi gets the upper hand and aims to deliver the finishing blow in a spectacular fashion.

Unfortunately Shinichi hesitates because the opponent shows him mom’s burnt hand. 


It looks like Shinichi isn’t going to make it but wait! Just coming out from behind its Uda!!!! 

Thanks to Uda’s brave act the parasite inside Shinichi’s mom is no more. 

After that battle Shinichi goes to see his father one last time before going back home. Dad reminisces of the good times he had with Mom and almost breaks down in tears.


Later that next day before Shinichi leaves that island girl expresses how she wants to see him again. Probably cause she wants to sleep with him. Yay 80s plot device girls! After that farewell Shinichi goes back home. 

Lady goners activate!

Murano stalks Shinichi saying hi to him. Shinichi turns around and says hello back. And the episode ends with him looking like a pretty boy.


Parasyte The Maxim is licensed by Sentai Filmworks and airs at 1am on Toonami on adult swim. 

You can also watch Parasyte The Maxim on Crunchyroll and Hulu in Japanese with English subtitles.


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