The Intruder 2 Episode 3 Recap

I’m back again with another Intruder 2 recap. Let’s start this shall we?

TOM gets out of the elevator, and steps through the section cautiously. SARA tells him she senses that the life form is the original Intruder that attacked before, but it has a different DNA sequence than last time. TOM then finally sees the Intruder itself. It now has a form where it can stand and talk. Not only that, it has a bunch of parts that look a lot like TOM 1. The Intruder says he wants SARA, but TOM ain’t having it, and shoots it. But it doesn’t affect it, and the monster laughs it off.

We finally got to see the Intruder, and next week, the fight looks like it really gets going. See ya next week for Intruder 2 during the Parasyte marathon.


Intruder 2 can be seen during the ad breaks of DBZ Kai at 12 AM Saturday on Toonami


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