Cake Pillow: Robot Chicken, 08×05 & Last Night on Charlie Rose: Mike Tyson Mysteries, 02×04 Recap

We’re on the Magic School Bus!!

What’s up guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and its Monday, which means two things. 1) Its three days till Thanksgiving (YAY!!) and 2) Robot Chicken and Mike Tyson Mysteries came on last night, which means its time for  a recap. As usual, if you haven’t seen these episodes prior to this recap and you don’t want to be spoiled, then go to your VOD and look for Adult Swim under the Networks section. If you have watched these episodes and is ready for this recap like me, then lets get this thing started!!



1). Ghostwriter After High School: Ghostwriter tells us how he really feels, which means that he’s horny . Too bad the kids didn’t get it.

2). Trevor’s Dad: Trevor might not have a crush on you, but his Dad probably does. Ew.

3). The Last Ride: Ms. Fizzle takes the kids on one last ride…off the Grand Canyon.

4). Transformers’ New Ally: The Transformers get a new ally, but will they help during battle?

5). Teletubbies After Dark: Let me tell you, you do not want to be around the Teletubbies after dark.

6). The End: The world has ended, but that doesn’t mean park rangers still don’t exist.

7). Ghostwriter Prt. II: These kids aren’t just getting it.

8). Wonder Pets: The Musical: The Wonder Pets try to save a baby cow (veal) by taking it inside the “Laughter” House. Turns it out that its a Slaughter House.

9). Awkward: The Game: Hey, you know that really cool TV show called Awkward? Well there’s a game based off of it now and its kinda interested. Not as good as Dream Phone though.

10). Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: This skit, this scene from the actual movie. This is a damn good skit.

11). Ghostwriter Prt. III: One more shot for Ghostwriter, huh?

12). Is Archie the One?: The Archie gang are on a dating reality show called Are You the One and everybody basically whores themselves out, especially Archie. So many questions are answered.



Pigeon’s Drinking Again…

The episode starts out with Marquess telling us that tomorrow’s his birthday and just like everybody, he’s wondering if he should make himself scarce just in case Mike and the gang are planning something for his birthday. Pigeon looks like he couldn’t care less as Mike comes in and says that their going to New York, but is it for Marquess’ birthday? Nah, its for a mystery. Today’s mystery? Julie from the Charlie Rose Show needs the mystery team to come to New York because last night’s guest, Gregg Popovich disappeared after last night’s show. Marquess still thinks this is about his birthday, but the others on the team have honestly forgot.

We soon arrive in New York where Pigeon, sadly, was stuck down in luggage with the other animals while Mike, Yung Hee, and Marquess were in first class. The idea finally dawns on Marquess that this is an actual mystery, leaving him a little disappointed that he won’t be about to see Kinky Boots. In all honesty though, if there’s ANY Broadway play you should see while your in New York, its Lion King. Moving forward, Julie-stressed out about her job-says that Gregg Popovich is still in the building because he never signed out. She says that after the interview, Gregg just vanished into thin air.

OK, so after going through the black screen, Mike and the gang (along with Charlie Rose and Gregg Popovich) are in the year 2183; the year where the human race no longer exist. So Charlie Rose’s plan was to win a war against artificial intelligence by interviewing a lot of people for a purpose. He soon finds Gregg Popovich. Charlie Rose is soon shot and wants Mike to carry on in his place and Mike does exactly that, by carrying on with the talk show instead of the 2183 war. He even got a new background, which is the most important thing.

The after-credit scene features the Real Mike talking about cab drivers and how they always want to talk.



I enjoyed both episodes, especially Mike Tyson it was a good one. We never did get to celebrate Marques’ birthday and I feel indifferent about that; I mean always want to celebrate a birthday, but Marquess isn’t my favorite character on the show. That title belongs to Pigeon. This-my friends-also means that since its Thanksgiving, I will not be recapping for two weeks as both Robot Chicken and Mike Tyson Mysteries will not be on next week. Am I sad about this? A little, but after stuffing my face on Thursday, I’ll probably need the break. That being said, my name is KrisSimsters and I’ll be back two weeks. Bye!!

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