NEWS: Off The Air “HOLES” Premieres Tonight at 4am

Just one month ago, the episode “Conflict” was premiered, and this week we’re coming back to it. The surreal 4am anthology show Off The Air, created by Dave Hughes, is about to drop the 3rd episode of this season TONIGHT! Of course, every episode of the show is a collage of audiovisual pieces centered around a common theme, and this time it’s all about HOLES.

Imperfections in the surface, symbolic emptiness, vast voids in the universe, deep and unknown darkness, inconsistencies in a storyline, the goal in a golf course. Some of these things may or may not be explored in this 11-minute trip. And of course, this experience is made by a different collective of audiovisual artists, animators, videomakers and musicians, such as Alan Resnick, Don Hertzfeldt, Liars, Panda Bear, Drew Tyndell, Isaiah Saxon and more, who agreed to let their art be cut, compressed and heavily edited.

This brand new episode of Off The Air will premiere on Adult Swim this Monday night (or Tuesday morning, whatever) November 23rd, and it will continue airing all this week (11/23 – 11/27) at 4am ET/PT. It will also be available to watch online this Tuesday morning.

Monday, Nov 23:
4:00 – Off The Air “HOLES”
4:15 – Off The Air “ANIMALS”

Tuesday, Nov 24:
4:00 – Off The Air “HOLES”
4:15 – Off The Air “TRANSPORTATION”

Wednesday, Nov 25:
4:00 – Off The Air “HOLES”
4:15 – Off The Air “NATURE”

Thursday, Nov 26:
4:00 – Off The Air “HOLES”
4:15 – Off The Air “SPORTS”

Friday, Nov 27:
4:00 – Off The Air “HOLES”
4:15 – Off The Air “LIGHT”

You can also watch every single episode of this great weird series on the Adult Swim YouTube channel, or stumbling clueless upon the 24/7 Off The Air Stream.

This is the 3rd out of four OTA episodes prepared for this year. Expect another new one coming in December.


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