Game Review: Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Hey dudes, it’s PersonaSoda in the house and today, I’m bringing you a game review. The game I’ll be reviewing is none other than the critically acclaimed N64 game know as Conker’s Bad Fur Day. A game with that was released in 2001 from the great, or once great (thanks a lot Microsoft for burying them) development studio know as RareWare. The studio behind great games like GoldenEye 007, Donkey Kong Country, and Banjo-Kazooie. I was really wanting to review this game so let’s get the review started.


The Story

The game is about Conker The Squirrel, a greedy and alcoholic red squirrel who gets himself lost in a strange land after drinking a lot at The Cock and Plucker, which caused him to get hung over and take the wrong direction when trying to get back home. Meanwhile, the Panther King’s milk table is broken, which causes him to be unable to have a glass of milk. When he asks Professor Von Kriplespac to find the solution to solve his problem, he then finds out that the solution is a red squirrel. He then orders his minions to find a red squirrel, and considering that Conker is a red squirrel, he is in some danger. Conker would then go into a lot of crazy stuff like fighting a giant poo monster, teaming up with a raptor to fight a giant prehistoric guy, or going to a war with the Tediz. Conker would also get a key item know as cash when he either completes a task that someone asked him to do or finds cash in an area of the game. Cash is important to the game to enter access of chapters like Uga Buga and the night-time part of Windy for chapters like Spooky, It’s War, and Heist. The game would usually make a lot of references to movies. While I’m not a fan of movie references, the way Conker’s Bad Fur Day does this is phenomenal. They don’t try to force out the references to the extreme which is something that I think most games or movies tend to do do. An example of a reference in the game is in the beginning cutscene, where they reference A Clockwork Orange. There’s also context-sensitive pad where if Conker lads on the pad, the player must press the B button to do certain random actions that Conker could do like using a slingshot. The humor of the game is also hilarious. Toilet humor isn’t my thing, but the jokes are some of the best jokes I heard in any media. Some jokes that come from characters like Gregg or the Fire Imps are comedy gold. Overall, Conker’s Bad Fur Day has a well done story with well done movie references and great humor.

NINTENDO64--Conkers Bad Fur Day_Feb20 14_30_58

The Graphics and Sound

I’m not too huge on graphics or anything like that, but I gotta say, for an N64 game, Conker’s Bad Fur Day is a really colorful game. The Windy hub world and the character models look fantastic. The character models have a cartoonish style, which is something that I really like because it fits so well with the game. The sound of the game is also really good. One of the best tracks in the soundtrack of the game is The Great Might Poo’s song where he taunts Conker by signing a song of what he will do to him with his poo all over him. Also, when he enter some areas like Barn Boys or the River, the Windy theme song would change to fit the area, which is neat. The voice acting in the game is also great. Chris Seavor, the director of the game and the voice of pretty much every male character with the exception of The Great Might Poo, has done a great job with Conker’s voice. The voice fits the character so well to where I could give an award. By the way, the voice acting in the game isn’t just certain sounds like grunts, it’s FULL VOICE ACTING. Since the game was able to use a 64MB cartridge, it allowed the game to have full voice acting, which is very impressive.


The Characters

There’s a bunch of characters in this game. First, let’s start off with our main protagonist named Conker. No longer the squirrel who promised to never get drunk or be greedy from Diddy Kong Racing, he’s now a funny, greedy and alcohol loving squirrel who just wants nothing but to go back home, but unfortunately he’s stuck in situations that piss him off, which I can’t blame him for, especially where his girlfriend, (which I’ll get into and SPOILER ALERT!), dies in the near ending of the game. There’s the Panther King, who is the king of the land that Conker has landed into and he seems to be obsessed with milk. I’m guessing because he is a panther, which are part of the Feline family and cats are part of it, that could explain why he seems to love milk. The Panther King might seem like the main antagonist of the game, but he isn’t. The TRUE main antagonist is actually Professor von Kriplespac, a mad scientist weasel that is the Panther King’s servant and seems to have a hate towards him to the point where he killed him with an Alien, literally from the Alien movies, and he is the main reason why Conker is being pursued. He is also the creator of the Tediz army, the villains of the It’s War chapter. Then there is Berri, Conker’s girlfriend, though it seems their relationship might be going a little bit off. She is honestly my least favorite character in the game because she just isn’t interesting and a bit forgettable. Even her death didn’t made me feel that bad, but I did feel bad that Conker had to lose his girlfriend. Now into some of the minor characters like Birdy The Scarecrow. While he only appears in the beginning parts of the game, he’s actually an important character because he teaches Conker how to use the context sensitive pad. There’s Franky The Pitchfork, who at first tries to kick Conker’s ass because Reg and Ron, a paint pot and paintbrush, told him to. Conker gets back at them when they made fun of Franky, then he and Conker become friends and decide to take down the Haybot together. There’s Rodent, a member of the SHC who teams up with Conker to help defeat the Tediz during the It’s War chapter. Then there’s my favorite character of the bunch, Greg The Grim Reaper. He appears when you first die in the game and he’s actually pretty short. His lines about how he hates cats (which I don’t blame him fot because of his job) are hilarious enough to win a comedy gold award. He also appears in the beginning of the Spooky chapter where is trying to kill a group of catfish and gives Conker a shotgun to kill zombies because he hates the undead. Now, like I said before, there’s a BUNCH of characters in the game to where it take me FOREVER to finish this review, so I just talked about some of the most notable ones. The characters in Conker’s Bad Fur Day are some of the finest, most likable, and funny characters in video games.


Final Verdict

I think after doing the review, It makes me wish that Microsoft could let RareWare do a Conker sequel because Conker’s Bad Fur Day is a great game with a nice story, well done graphics, great voice acting, and some neat characters. Now Microsoft, can you PLEASE give us a sequel because I have been waiting for YEARS, and no, Conker’s Big Reunion doesn’t count and it sucked. I highly recommend playing this game if you a huge Rareware fan or a person who loves to play games with great humor.

Score: 9/10


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