The Intruder 2 Episode 4 Recap

Welcome back to another Intruder 2 recap. Last time, we met the Intruder itself, and it has a new form. And he’s looking for a fight. How it turn out? Let’s run this down.

The Intruder attacks TOM with a blob-like attack, with TOM shooting them down, and some of it gets his left arm. The Inturder is still after SARA’s core. TOM shakes off the blob stuff, and shoots the monster, but it still doesn’t affect it. TOM ask why it’s doing this, and The Intruder responds that “It wants to see TOM suffer.” TOM runs away from it. It’s at SARA’s core now, and SARA is fading. TOM wants her to run a back-up system, but it’s no use. The Intruder pulls the plug on SARA, causing her to go offline. She is no more. TOM grieves for her.

This one had a lot of action, and so many feels with SARA’s death. How will TOM fight off the Intruder? Find out next time on Intruder 2.


Intruder 2 can be seen during the ad breaks of DBZ Kai at 12 AM Saturday on Toonami.


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