South Park Stick of Truth: Kris’ Game of the Month, December Prt. I

South Park Meets RPG

Hey, guys its your girl, KrisSimsters and since its the month of December, I thought it would be cool to do two Kris’ Games of the Month (holiday spirit and all that), so the first game I’m giving you is South Park Stick of Truth. Before we get too into this review, I am a huge South Park fan so I’m kinda excited to be doing this review. Another reason I’m doing this is because just like the Black Friday trilogy two years ago that announced Stick of Truth, I’m partial to believe that with this season of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone might give us more info on its sequel, The Fractured Butt Whole. Even if my theory is proven wrong within the final two episodes of the season, its still going to be cool doing this review so lets get started!!



Princess Kenny is Badass

South Park Stick of Truth was released on March 4, 2014 developed by Obsidian Entertainment in collaboration with South Park Digital and published under Ubisoft. It was originally going to be published THQ, but the company went into bankruptcy in 2013, causing a delay of the game. It wasn’t its first delay though, as the game was delayed twice in 2012 because Matt and Trey kept rewriting and trimming the script. All in all though, the game was worth its long wait. South Park Stick of Truth was released on PS3, XBOX 360, and PC and at the time of its release it got a 10/10 on Stream, 7/10 on GameSpot, 4/5 on Metacritic and 9/10 on IGN.

The game itself is open-world and the town of South Park is smaller than on the actual show and even though fast-travel is available and I did unlock all of my Timmy stops, but I didn’t use the fast-travel that much. Another thing about the game, which I particularly love, is that you can take your time doing main quests and side quests. Doing side quests such as clearing out the Mongolians from City Wok and finding all of Mr. Hanky’s kids in the sewer gains you summons that’ll help you fight, but they won’t help you fight bosses. Bosses are tough. All-in-all, this game plays and feels like a trilogy-episode of South Park where you expect the unexpected.



Don’t Betray the Wizard

In South Park Stick of Truth, you are the new kid and you have just moved to South Park, so what do you do? Automatically get involved in the LARP-ing war of Cartman (Grand Wizard of the Kingdom of Kupa Keep) and Kyle (Elf King to the Drow Elves of Larnion) as they fight over The Stick of Truth, a powerful item that controls in how the game is played. As the game continues, however, things get more chaotic and its not just about The Stick by the end of Day 2 (the game is 10-20 hours long depending on how long you play and takes place over the span of three days).

The Garden of Betrayal doesn’t exist in the game…that’s kinda sad

There also a lot of betrayal within this game; Clyde betrays Cartman and Kyle dissolving the Humans and Elves after he steals the Stick. Justified, it is because Cartman bans Clyde from time and space because he screwed up when it came to guarding the Stick in the beginning of the game, but its betrayal nonetheless. At the end of the Attack at the School chapter, the New Kid has to decides whether to betray Cartman or not by deciding to fight with Kyle. The biggest betrayal happens towards the end of the game when Kenny betrays everybody by siding with the enemy, Big Bad Government Guy, and even injecting herself with the Goo, turning her into a Nazi-Zombie version of herself and having Morgan Freeman explain why she did what she did.



Butters is Not Shy in this Game



1). Art Style:
1e0098f0c712b6835316b54c71a05223The art style of this game is pretty good. As I stated before, it looks and plays like an actual episode of South Park.

2). Easter Eggsrr5uy-8o71ul-840x0-vdef9kkm


I love the Easter Eggs in this game. I loved intruding into each one of the boys’ rooms (except for Stan’s room because Tom Cruise STILL will not come out of the closet) and I loved finding junk from the show, I loved going to the Photo Dojo and seeing this cluster of photos from the show. There are many more Easter Eggs and Continuity pieces to find within this game. Its a good way to have fun when your not battling elves or bullies.

3). Canada:


There comes a point in the game where you have to go to Canada for Wendy (by this point, you might be a little pissed off because you’ve done at lot by this point, especially if you had to dress up as a girl and do some disturbing things in an abortion clinic) but it pays off when you cross the border to Canada and enter an 16-bit throwback. Its clearly amazing and encountered DIRE wolves, DIRE bears, DIRE snakes and during the battle, they gave me DIRE AIDS…there’s a whole lot of DIRE going on in Canada.

Don’t Kill Sparky First when Battling Stan


1). Not Being Able to Heal You and Your Partner in one Go:

Listen to this loyal reader, you are in the middle of battle and your buddy is dying and you are low on health. A good option at this point would be to cure you and your partner, but you can’t cure yourselves in one setting. You literally having to heal yourself first, fight, and then heal your partner, and fight again. Granted there are some people who might not really consider this a con, but this bothers me a little, especially towards the end of the game.

2). Low Level Capability:

You can only get to Level 15 as your max. I can understand that since this only for 10-20 hours and they are little kids, but the game could have been a little bit longer. Not as long as Final Fantasy, but longer. Hopefully it’ll be longer in the sequel.

3). Having More than One Buddy On the Field:

It would have been nice if I could play with more than one of the playable characters, you only get the main five after all (six if you count Jimmy the bard in the end replacing Princess Kenny). Also, it would have been nice to play with other characters like Tweek and Token, they hardly got no love in this game and their in my personal top five South Park boys.  Again, I would love more variety in the future.

Kyle is Good in this Game…Do Not Deny the Golf Club


This game is good, better than I expected since I’ve played South Park games before and they were not the best of games. This could have been-as I’ve stated before-played out as an actual episode and it would have been a great, weird episode. Yes, there are some squeamish things (if you have a weak stomach) but as long as you don’t play it too much, then you won’t have nightmares. I even had friends who aren’t real South Park fans play this and they think its a good game.

But who am I to tell you whether to buy this or not, though I highly recommend it. I would rate this 8/10 because while its good, there are some flaws with it. I really want that ability to heal yourself and your partner at once in the sequel and I do hope The Fractured Butt Whole is a little longer. Its me for me to go, I’ll be back with my second Game of the Month. My name is KrisSimsters and I’ll see you soon!!

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