Akame Ga Kill! Episode 15 Recap: “Kill the Religion”

Original Airdate: October 12th, 2014

Toonami Airdate: December 5th, 2015

The episode begins with the some evil ruler guy talking about how his people are livestock like he’s in Attack on Titan or something, and Chelsea, disguised as a maid, quickly kills him with a pin. Wave and Kurome rush in only to see the ruler dead, with Chelsea disguising herself as one of his cats to avoid getting caught. Back at the Night Raid base, the usual whiplash comedy routine ensues, and the team decides to eat before discussing their strategy against the Jaegers. Meanwhile, Seryu has captured a few thieves and had Coro eat them, despite the fact that their crime is pretty minor. The girl in the group says that she was forced to help them and that she should get a fair trial, but Seryu, being the psychotic murderer that she is, kills her anyway for helping the thieves. After Wave finds out about what she did, he tries to tell her that she can’t go around killing everyone she wants, but she justifies it by saying they were criminals and continues her quest to “purge all evil”. At that moment, Wave realises how screwed up the Capital is, but he decides to continue fighting because that’s his duty. Back at the Night Raid base, Najenda brings up the Path to Peace, a religion that revolves around doing good things to increase the quality of your life and get closer to God (so pretty much what every modern religion does). In the area where that religion is being practiced, the people are getting fed up with the government and want to start a religious rebellion, and Night Raid wants to use this to their advantage to get to the Jaegers. Tatsumi objects to this because he doesn’t want to see anyone get killed, but Najenda tells Tatsumi to listen to her plan and to stop complaining. What she plans to do is cross-attack the Jaegers while this uprising is happening. Najenda also brings up that a man named Bullock was sent in as a spy to make sure nobody tries to interfere with anything, and that he’s been making people into his slaves by drugging their food and getting them addicted. Najenda tells Night Raid that she wants them to kill him and to not go easy on him, and Lubbock and Su vow to take Bullock down, but that’s only because Lubbock’s jealous of all the women he gets and Su dislikes the treatment of the food. After that piece of misplaced enthusiasm, Najenda then tells Night Raid that they have to take out the Jaegers, specifically Kurome and Bolls. While this discussion is going on, Chelsea starts thinking about her love for Tatsumi, thus making her Tatsumi’s, like, THIRD love interest after Bulat and Esdeath. I swear, this guy’s starting to become a bigger harem master than Kirito. Back at the Jaeger base, Esdeath gets news that Akame and Mine are out for them, and she decides to get the Jaegers ready for battle, which initiates this really bizarre and cheesy narrator exposition setup for the final battle. Eh, I found it unintentionally funny, so whatever. Anyway, two guys send out a messenger bird out for Night Raid, hoping that they slay the capital. At the beach, Akame and Mine are supposed to attract attention to the Jaegers while they’re in their bathing suits, and the whole thing has pretty much turned into a beach episode with Chelsea and Leone. Meanwhile, the Jaegers have figured out Night Raid’s plan to trap them, but they decide to go for it anyway in order to destroy them and the trap. Wave, Kurome, and Bolls are sent out to look for Akame, and they encounter a large scarecrow that raises a lot of suspicion. Mine tries to shoot down Kurome, but she somehow dodges the attack, and then Su comes out of the scarecrow to attack. After than happens, all of Night Raid comes in to face off against Kurome and Bolls, with Kurome wanting to face Akame herself. Kurome then shows off her power to control the corpses of Danger Beasts, and then they start doing the Thriller dance (alright, I might’ve made that last part up, but you get the idea). The episode ends with Night Raid getting ready to face off against Kurome and her Danger Beast corpse.

Honestly, this episode was kind of a drag to get through. Even in the show’s downtime episodes, the show is usually able to at least stay mildly entertaining with its character interactions or at least something of interest going on, but there was really nothing noteworthy about this episode at all until the end, save for the hilariously bad narrator exposition. It was just Night Raid and the Jaegers going over their strategy to take down the Jaegers and more bad whiplash comedy. Is there really any point with trying to start a love triangle with Tatsumi, Chelsea, and Esdeath since this show was never really focused on that stuff save for Esdeath’s conflict? Unless you find a way to bring Bulat back to life and get him together with Tatsumi, please avoid the whole romance thing. Overall, this was a rather meh episode, and I really hope things get more interesting in the next episode. I give it 5 Bad Narrator Expositions out of 10.

Akame Ga Kill! can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM.


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