Michiko & Hatchin, Episode 21 Recap: “Last Waltz Blooming Out Of Season”

Toonami Airdate: December 5th, 2015

The penultimate episode. One more left after this, and then it’s all over.


The episode starts with an unusually happy scene: Michiko and Hatchin are waiting at a train station, happy to be in each other’s company. This is of course an obvious dream as Michiko wakes up underneath some newspapers, having finally arrived in the city of Goinia. She goes to a bar to get a drink, and she witnesses a news report on the television that fills us in on what happened between here and last episode: during the police chase, she managed to escape by crashing the stolen patrol car into the river. She leaves the bar and roams around the city, walking past two police officers who don’t seem to immediately recognize her, before running into an alley.

Dude, there's my car!
Dude, there’s my car!

Satoshi and Hatchin finally arrive in Goinia, and Satoshi tries to seek the help of a mob boss named Juninho to help the two of them find Hiroshi. Hatchin tries to leave since she has no reason to hang around with him anymore, but Satoshi refuses to let her go. Juninho shows up to meet the two, and Satoshi asks about Hiroshi, showing him a photo of Hiroshi and throwing him some money in exchange for the information. He agrees to share what he knows, and he and his associates lead the two of them to an apartment building where Hiroshi supposedly lived. Satoshi is taken to the roof where Juninho asks about his name, to which he lies and says “Satoru”. Juninho proceeds to inform him that he’s looking for Hiroshi as well, looking to collect on some debt that he owes.Standoff on the roof He attempts to intimidate Satoshi by taking his gun and holding it on him, but it doesn’t appear to work. On the way down from the roof, Satoshi kicks Juninho down the stairs, smashes his lover over the head with a bottle, and then stabs Juninho’s hand into the wall with a knife, scaring him into finding Hiroshi for him.

While this is going on, Michiko is seeking information on Hatchin’s whereabouts, coming across an old man who claims to have seen her running around with a man with a big afro. Suddenly the police officers come through, with one staying behind to ask the old man about Michiko and the other quickly pursuing her on foot. Later in the afternoon, the officer following her is told to look out for a woman in an army coat. Michiko finally notices the officer behind her, and she proceeds to run away. She escapes into a bazaar as multiple officers attempt to capture her, eventually finding her way into a carnival and hiding out inside.

Circus workersA radio at the apartment building informs Hatchin and the others about Michiko’s circumstances, with the police waiting outside to capture Michiko once the opportunity presents itself. She’s hiding in one of the tents, and her presence frightens the people inside: a woman, a man, and an elderly woman who presumably all work at the carnival. The head officer arrives on the scene and is informed by an officer named Miguel of the current situation. Michiko prepares for a potential shootout, but she puts her gown down since the elderly woman won’t stop screaming in fear. The police shut down the carnival’s power and use it as their chance to capture Michiko, but she manages to escape. Miguel breaks into the tent, witnesses the elderly woman lunging directly at him and, not realizing who it is, shoots her in the chest. Afterwards he gets the message of Michiko’s escape, and then he proceeds to stare in horror and comprehend what he just did.Miguel shoots elderly woman The remaining officers inspect the crime scene and find Michiko’s gun laying around, taking it as evidence and intending to use it to blame the death of the elderly woman on Michiko. They are then informed that a special officer is coming in to handle Michiko (since she’s wanted alive), and the head officer tries to calm down Miguel.

Back at the apartment, Hatchin overhears a news report on the radio that presents a false version of what happened at the carnival standoff, with Michiko shooting the elderly woman instead of Miguel. She tries to leave immediately, but Satoshi won’t let her go, infuriating Hatchin since the two of them are just waiting around alone and doing nothing. When she tries to walk out, he grabs her by the head and throws her into a chair. He tries to intimidate her by suggesting that Michiko’s dead and she’ll need to survive on her own, but Hatchin isn’t particularly afraid at the moment, and he responds by kicking her in the stomach.

Michiko continues her escape, eventually finding her way into the neighborhood where Satoshi and Hatchin are waiting. The police fire off a couple of gunshots, which gets Satoshi’s attention. He looks out the window to see what’s going on, and Hatchin uses this opportunity to escape. Michiko and Hatchin both run on their own paths through the alleys, and we also see Juninho and one of his underlings on the rooftops searching for Hiroshi (presumably). In the middle of her escape, Michiko eventually stops as she comes across her motorcycle, abandoned with no one using it. Meanwhile, Hatchin stops in her tracks when she comes across a man, one who undoubtedly fits the profile and description of Hiroshi Morenos.Hatchin finds Hiroshi She tries to chase after him and loses track, but Satoshi manages to find her. She tells him about Hiroshi, and she tries to intimidate him into complying with her demands. Satoshi’s impressed by this, but the two are interrupted by gunfire from afar. It appears Juninho was informed that “Satoru” was in fact THE Satoshi Bautista, and he doesn’t take too kindly to this. During the shootout, he manages to hit Satoshi twice in the chest, injuring him pretty brutally. Michiko manages to hotwire her motorcycle to get it working again, and she rides off across the rooftops, eventually finding Hatchin and Satoshi. Satoshi, almost on the edge of death, attempts to get a couple of shots at Michiko, but she manages to snatch Hatchin and avoid getting hit. As the two ride away, Satoshi drags himself into an alley where Juninho and his henchmen come across him. Satoshi begs for help, confesses his identity, and the gang just high-fives themselves and laughs at his suffering before shooting Satoshi dead. The episode ends with Michiko and Hatchin getting cut off by a multitude of police officers and patrol cars while Hiroshi gets on a train headed to the city of Centro.Satoshi shot dead


Last week we got the rather anti-climactic death of one of the series’ villains, Shinsuke, and this week we get the death of the other main series baddie, Satoshi. I feel like the death of Satoshi was handled a lot better than Shinsuke’s death. The series of events starting from the gunshots to the chest to eventually getting gunned down in an alley actually get more time to play out and doesn’t feel awkwardly abrupt, and the events suggest a fair deal of karma for Satoshi. He was a man who would shoot, assault, and intimidate basically anyone he could to get what he want, but he always showed signs of weakness and weariness throughout the events of the series. The second that Satoshi got hit in the chest by the bullets from Juninho’s rifle, he finally comes face-to-face with his own sense of mortality, and he reveals just how weak he truly is until meeting his end, getting shot in the alley like a sick, ailing dog. It gives a character as loathsome as him the only fate he really truly deserves. Meanwhile, the material with the police force’s accidental use of lethal force and attempts to cover up their tracks (topical!) sets a fairly interesting stage for the final episode, even if it does feel like it’s unnecessarily crowding up the overall narrative a little. Hatchin finally found Hiroshi once and for all, and the show is attempting to throw one last wrench into the works where I’m not sure one is needed, at least not in this episode. It would probably work better as a halfway twist in the series finale, whatever that would happen to entail. We have one more to go before the series ends for good and one more chance to see whether Michiko and Hatchin will finally find Hiroshi and achieve the salvation they’ve desperately wanted for so long.



Michiko & Hatchin airs every Saturday at 1:30 AM, only on Toonami.

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