One Piece Episode 325 Recap

Original Airdate: 9/23/2007

Welcome back to another One Piece recap. This recap is officially the end of the Water 7/Enies Lobby arc. And next week, we begin a 9 episode filler arc, with a Chopper-Man episode to go with it, before we get to the next arc of One Piece, the Thriller Bark arc. But before that, we have this episode that has the return of Luffy’s brother, Ace, and the big guy and his odd crew in Blackbeard. This one was a big episode. Let’s begin “The Most Heinous Power! Blackbeard’s Darkness Attacks Ace!”

It’s 3 days before the Straw Hats bounties have been revealed to the world, and news of the Straw Hats taking on the World Government in Enies Lobby is making its way through the papers. On Banaro Island, we meet up with Blackbeard and his crew again, who might be even weirder than Luffy’s. (Note: Luffy and co. actually met Blackbeard before going to Skypiea, and he gave them some wise words, before wanting to kill them.) They will learn the bounties soon of the Straw Hats, and will says they will meet them again, and are about to take off. But someone interrupts them from going. It’s Ace, and he wants to talk to them. Blackbeard recognizes him as “Commander Ace”, but Ace doesn’t want him to call him that ever. Ace can see that Blackbeard, or as he calls him by his actual name, Marshall D. Teach, is the captain of this weird bunch, and he knows Blackbeard is crafty. Blackbeard actually wants Ace to join his crew, and leave Whitebeard’s crew, since “his era is near an end.” He thinks with Ace on his staff, he can rule the world, and become the King of the Pirates. He also tells Ace he is gonna go and kill Luffy, but Ace ain’t having all this shit. Especially the killing Luffy part, as Ace tells Blackbeard that Luffy is his brother. Ace is then shot at, but since he’s a Logia-type, it doesn’t affect him. Then the fight begins, with the Luchador fellow literally throwing a hotel at Ace.


It gets destroyed by Ace, then he launches a big Fire Fist attack which gets all of Blackbeard’s crew, with Blackbeard on fire, and him stop,drop, and rolling all around. (He says he’s fine to his crew, even when he’s still on fire.) After this, we learn of Ace’s and Blackbeard’s history with each other. They were part of Whitebeard’s crew (Ace still is) but Blackbeard murdered one of the crew on there, 4th Commander Thatch. Why he do it? Because Thatch had a Devil Fruit that Blackbeard wanted for himself, and been searching years for it. But, because of a rule that is basically “Finders-keepers, loser-weepers” among the Whitebeard crew, it was Thatch’s, so Blackbeard “murdered his friend” for it. He says the Devil Fruit ability chose him, and it’s one of the strongest Devil Fruits in the world, and stronger than most Logia-type users. His body then lets out a dark energy, with shadows encompassing the town. The people living there want to run from these shadows, and the fight between the two.

Confirmed: Blackbeard is the Smoke Monster from Lost.

He has the most dangerous Logia-type Devil Fruit, the Dark-Dark Fruit, and he is now “a Darkness man.” The townsfolks run outta there with the darkness expending more from his body and engulfing the town. Blackbeard says his power is gravity, and its power is infinite. He not aiming at Ace though. He swallows up the town, sucking it in like it went through a black hole. The townsfolks can’t believe their little town is gone. As it gets taken away, Blackbeard then shows what happened to the town with his Liberation attack, and has it all come from the darkness in shambles. Ace attacks him yet again after his move, with Blackbeard on fire once more. Ace is confused because, as Blackbeard said, his power is that of a Logia-type but his attacks are hitting him. But Blackbeard’s is different. He can’t turn into an element, and feels more pain than most with the attacks. But with that, he can actually absorbed the attacks with his darkness. He uses his Black Vortex attack, which pulls Ace in with its gravity. It can pull Devil Fruit users in. He then touches Ace, which surprises the hell outta him, and punches him in the gut. The secret to Blackbeard’s ability: It can absorb any Devil Fruit user’s power, making them nothing but a human if they are touched. Ace surmises all he needs to do is avoid Blackbeard and that’s it, but his gravity attack keeps pulling him in. They start to fight more once again.

It’s a very intense fight (so intense that even Blackbeard gets a fire piercing through his nipples!) and the fight might even destroy the island. Blackbeard’s crew thinks destiny brought both here, and that “this is the Crossroads of Fate.” Blackbeard still wants Ace to join, but he still won’t. He says he can’t call himself a man if he did that. They get ready for their final big attacks, and Ace proclaims “I will make Whitebeard King! … or die trying.” Then the attacks hit with full force. Afterwards, all we see is Ace’s hat. It’s the beginning of bigger things to come.

It’s so destructively beautiful 

This episode, as said before, does really have consequences later on way down the road. It gives way to one of One Piece‘s biggest fights. But that, my friends, is still gonna take a LONG TIME to get there. For now, this closes out the arc for Water 7/Enies Lobby finally. And we can now make our way to the next arc. In 3 months time though. Also, if you didn’t know, this is the last time we will be hearing the “Crazy Rainbow” OP. So enjoy it for the last time. Overall, I give this episode 4.5 powerful Devil Fruit users/5


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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