Parasyte The Maxim Recap 8

Hello guys Meowth900 here recapping another episode of Parasyte The Maxim. This episode focuses on Shinichi’s new personality and how the people around him are reacting towards it. We begin with our old friend Ryoko Tamiya or now she’s Reiko Tamura telling another parasite to pose as a transfer student and keep an eye on Shinichi and Migi. 

In case you’re bad at names I mean this lady 

At school Kana is hanging out with Mitsuo, and then brushes him off to go stalk Shinichi. Mitsuo gets pissed off and corners Shinichi aiming to pick a fight. 

However Shinichi is not taking any of his nonsense.

Shinichi kicks Mitsuo’s ass with no emotion, and Murano tells Shinichi that he has changed. Murano get a clue. 
The next morning Shinichi finds his father drinking some alcohol. I think Dad is getting a drinking problem. Shinichi discusses this problem with Migi and how his personality has changed ever since that event. 

The next morning on his way to school he finds a puppy on the road and recuse it. The puppy later dies in his arms. Shinichi puts the dead puppy in the garbage bin. Murano gets really angry at him, ad. For once I do not blame her for getting angry. I’d get mad too if a guy I liked suddenly threw dead puppies into the garbage like they’re dead dog shaped meat.

 After that Shinichi give the dead puppy a proper burial in the dirt. 

At school Migi detects the parasite that’s keeping an eye on the both of them. They go look for it and eventually see it. Instead of fighting they sir down to eat lunch together. 

Is it me or does he have a Light Yagami hairstyle?

Supposedly this one named Shimada is living on a diet of human food. Shimada says that he and Tamura are looking for safe non cannibilazing ways to survive together. Kana and her stalking powers runs into Shimada thinking it was Shinichi. Shinichi tells Kana not to rely on her abilities for everything.  Also Yukon has a crush on Shimada. 

The episode ends with Shimada killing a teenage girl and eating it. Apparently Shimada is a liar who lie to Shinichi and Migi. Well that sucks. 

Parasyte The Maxim is licensed by Sentai Filmworks and it airs on Toonami on adult swim every Saturday at 1am.

You can also find Parasyte The Maxim on Hulu and Crunchyroll however they are in Japanese with English subtitles. 


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