The Intruder 2 Episode 5 Recap

Last week on Intruder 2, SARA back-ups got fried, and her core unplugged, causing her to go offline and, ultimately, die. So what happened this week? Let’s find out.

As TOM is still grieving for his dead AI partner, the Intruder is basically mocking him, saying he tastes “sweet victory.” The Intruder has been looking for TOM for awhile now, and tells him he can’t kill him, and that he will destroy everything he loves and finish TOM off last, proclaiming how he wants his body. TOM promises he will finish the beast off, so it won’t harm anyone else. The entity then tells of how it tracked TOM’s “other self” (Note: I, and a bunch of others, are assuming it’s TOM 4 from near the end of Toonami’s Cartoon Network run) and how he killed him. He also absorbed thousands of other life forms, but TOM has always been the most trouble for him.

The Intruder is waiting for TOM to come to the bridge to face off. He tells TOM he can’t use an escape pod, since he damaged them all, and he can’t blow up the Absolution, because he disabled all self-destruct mechanisms. He also knows TOM is on Level 22, because of the auto-locator feature in TOM’s left arm. TOM rips off his arm because of it, so to not track him, and he opens the latch, and rockets off to space to sneak up on this monster.

This episode certainly showed how obsessed the Intruder is with TOM. It confirmed SARA is dead, so no people, she’s not coming back. It also may have confirmed that TOM 4 may have died at the hands of the Intruder as well. Or maybe one of the other TOM’s that hasn’t died that is out there. Anyway you look, one of them is dead. So what happens next? Watch and find out next week on Intruder 2.


Intruder 2 can be seen during the ad break of DBZ Kai at 12 AM Saturday on Toonami



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