Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter Recap, Episode 5: “Not Earth China”

Hey, everyone. RobBarracuda here, and it’s time to talk about the finale of Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter, “Not Earth China”. Neon Joe comes face-to-face with the Cybots and settles things once and for all.

The episode opens with Neon Joe and Sheriff Dalton in a lab studying the golden book under a microscope (the opening “previously on” segment calls it the Cybot Book of Knowledge). Joe decides it’s time to take on the Cybots, and the sheriff asks him to spare Matt’s life due to his current relationship with Susan. Joe obliges and presents him with a sample of an experimenting de-wolfing serum to use on Matt.

In the Cybot’s ship, the doctor is strapping Joe’s father into a machine to harness the power of his howls, with Matt strapped into the same setup as well. Sunny urges the Mayor to just harness their power and leave Neon Joe alone, but she refuses since she needs his artificial moonlight to control the werewolves (and she also just wants Joe dead at this point for his constant annoyance). She presents Sunny with a picture of him and his family and urges him to go along with the plan so he can see them again.

Joe, the sheriff, and Cleve meet up near the old oak tree where Joe hands Cleve the book of knowledge, the Cybot jello, and a gun. He’s told to go to the government if Joe’s mission backfires, and he bids farewell to Cleve before Joe and the sheriff shrink themselves down and enter the ship. While sneaking through the halls, their presence is detected by a couple of Cybots, but our heroes quickly dispose of them.Episode 5 - Not Earth China However, Sunny manages to knock them unconscious and capture the two of them. They’re tied up in the surveillance room of the ship, and the Mayor lays out some more details of the Cybots’ backstory, using the doctor as a projector. The Cybots crash-landed on Earth around 20,000 years ago, with their intent being to spread their species’ vision of the concept of B&B’s all across the universe.Episode 5 - Cybot backstory After discussing their story and asking about the artificial moonlight, Joe refuses to give it to them, but the mayor decides to have Sunny shoot Joe and acquire it by force. Meanwhile, Cleve is eating a sandwich and wondering what kind dessert he should have to go with it. When nighttime comes around, he finally decides that jello is a good choice. Remembering the cubes he was given, Cleve decides to shrink down and join in on the fight against the Cybots.

Sunny is hesitant about shooting Joe and the sheriff, but Joe continuously taunts him and ultimately asks to get in a final farewell. He then begins to sing a sappy song about him and Sunny being best friends, and this causes Sunny to put down his gun and grab some kind of musical device. He begins to sing an equally sappy song of his own that he wrote when Joe first came to town (with lyrics that are oddly specific to the plot of the mini-series), and it ends up affecting Joe emotionally. Sunny frees the two of them and leads them to the engine power room where Matt and Joe’s father are being held captive. The sheriff injects Matt with four vials of the de-wolfing serum and frees him from capture. Joe asks to be left alone with his father, and everyone leaves the room. Episode 5 - Joe and his FatherJoe savors the moment, taunting and intimidating his father before finally pulling a gun on him, but the moment is interrupted by the mayor showing up in a sexy outfit and uncharacteristically flirting with him. Obviously this is a trap, and she manages to nab both Joe’s guns and his artificial moonlight beam. Before she can get a bullet in his head, Cleve interrupts the moment by firing his gun wildly at the room. However, Joe secretly and intentionally gave him a gun filled with nothing but blanks. During this conflict, the full moon rises, transforming Joe’s father into a werewolf, and he bites the mayor in order to buy Joe some time. He and Cleve manage to escape as the mayor uses the artificial moonlight to boost the power of Joe’s father’s werewolf howls. Everyone manages to escape the ship as its power reaches full capacity, and they witness the ship making its getaway. Episode 5 - To Daddy From JoeJoe, deciding to take advantage of the opportunity, takes the bullet from his ear, loads it into one of his guns, and fires it at the ship. It seems to work, as the fire from the engines and the ship’s lights seem to go out after a few moments and veers off to the side. The battle is over. The Cybots (and Joe’s father) have been eliminated.

The next morning, Joe heads to his room and finds an unexpected sight: Georgia is very much alive and has given birth to a small wolf pup. She leaves the room and gives a note to Joe, saying she’s abandoning her child because she thinks it’ll be safer that way, much like the excuse Joe’s father gave for abandoning him.

It's so cute!
It’s so cute!

Joe takes the wolf pup and holds it in his arms, giving it the de-wolfing serum and turning it into a normal human baby. Joe leaves the B&B and sees all his friends in town waiting for him. Joe hands the baby to Matt and tells him that Georgia faked her suicide and left town, but he assures him that she’ll come back eventually. Joe’s asked about what his plans are now, and he says that since he’s finally accomplished his lifelong dream of vengeance against his father, he might finally fulfill his dream of starting a Hawaiian-themed bar called Oahu Joe’s. The episode (and miniseries) ends with all the characters saying their final farewells to Joe as he leaves Garrity once and for all, offering some final narration wondering if he’ll ever hunt werewolves again.Episode 5 - Farewell to Joe

But wait, there’s more!

The final seconds cut to a grassy field revealing a last-minute surprise: the mayor is still alive, and she’s now a Cybot-werewolf hybrid. To be continued?Episode 5 - To be continued

My Thoughts

For the conclusion to a story as bonkers and insane as the one that’s played all week, this finale had a surprising amount of intensity and emotion laid throughout, especially the confrontation between Joe and his father on the ship. As goofy as the dialogue is in this scene, you can still feel the intensity and fire burning within Joe as he gets the opportunity he’s been desiring for nearly his entire life. It’s the highlight of the episode for me, but the rest of it is great as well. There’s much drama present as well with the betrayal of Joe by Sunny (they were supposed to be best friends!) as well as the final scenes when Joe finally realizes his mission is over and he’s not sure what to do with his life. There’s a charming sincerity to the townsfolk saying their farewells, as we can clearly see that Joe’s presence in town has touched their lives in ways they will certainly never forget, even if it’s for the most ridiculous reasons. My final thoughts on the series as a whole is that Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter is well worth watching and re-watching. A tightly constructed well-told story with a solid mystery, great characters and performances, surprisingly good effects and production design, and of course a metric ton of gloriously absurd humor laid throughout. Will we ever see more of our neon-clad lead ever again? I can’t say for sure, but if this is all we get, I’m satisfied with it. The story is about as complete and conclusive as you could possibly get within five episodes, and I look forward to whatever PFFR or Jon Glaser have up their sleeves next. This is RobBarracuda saying peace out, until next he-yump!Episode 5 - Book of Knowledge

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