One Piece Episode 326 Recap

Original Airdate: 10/14/2007

Welcome back to another One Piece recap. We just finished the Water 7/Enies Lobby arcs, and are bound for the Thriller Bark arc. But before we get to that, we have to get by for a couple months with some filler episodes, starting with this little arc. It’s gonna be a bit hard for some of you, but hey, you’ll survive. And besides, One Piece filler is usually fun and enjoyable. Unlike the shitty filler from Shippuden and Bleach, both of which makes/made me want to tear my hair out. And before I get to the recap, a reminder that you can catch up with the last few episodes of One Piece the day after Christmas with the marathon they are doing on Toonami. Anyway, on to “The Mysterious Band of Pirates! Sunny and the Dangerous Trap!”

We start the episode with a flashback to a guy about to die for his crew as one of them remembers him. A kid named Jiro is watching out for him. We then cut to a big guy with his family. He’s staring at his collection (we don’t really see what it is) and says his birthday is tomorrow. We then go to the Straw Hats. Nami is taking a bath (…. oh yeah…) and Chopper is happy because he has his own office now. Luffy and Usopp are happy because they caught a shark, and put it in the aquarium, who then eats all the other fish in there, and Luffy wants to make the shark food for that. He also tells Franky that the ship is still awesome. Franky knows it, and tells them there is still more to the ship, including the “Soldier Dock System”, a system that has 5 docks, numbered 0-4, and he says he will showcase what’s among them later on. As Nami is done with her bath, she notices the temperature is dropping, and thinks they are approaching a winter island. It then starts to snow, and Luffy and the others are happy for it. (Zoro doesn’t like it, and he doesn’t like that Luffy and co. are calling him an idiot.)

I be mad too if I was caught and beat by Luffy and Usopp

Zoro, on lookout, then sees a ship up ahead, but it’s strange, because it doesn’t have a sail or a flag. Franky thinks it could have been lost in a Davy Back fight (the Straw Hats know all too well of those fights), but they see someone fishing on-board. Luffy wants to meet them, and will beat them up if they are enemies. As the Straw Hat’s ship gets close, the crew on-board freak out cause they are pirates, and immediately surrender, even though Luffy and crew have done nothing. They tell them they are fisherman, and they were attacked 3 days ago, and have nothing left. Because of this, Luffy then invites them to eat on board. Chopper also wants them to come on the ship to check them out in his new office. (Of course, the other crew freak out cause they see a talking reindeer.) As the crew gets checked out for injuries, one of them uses a transponder snail to talk with a mysterious figure. He tells them that he thinks the pirates they met are a bunch of rookies who don’t know much. But when he tells the guy about the pirates, the mysterious guy sees it’s the Straw Hats and knows they have a collective bounty of 600 million berries. He tells them they can’t have the Straw Hats escape.

As the crew is enjoying the food (and staring at Robin and Nami), Jiro gets checked out and tells Chopper he would like to have him come on his ship to examine another patient. Chopper agrees to this, and follows him. The other crew learns that the Straw Hats are going to the New World, and tells them it’s Hell, from what they heard from others. Stansen, the guy from earlier, and the acting captain of the ship, gives them some booze for the help they gave them, but the other mates seem on edge. Meanwhile, after a long trek, Chopper finally meets the injured guy, and seeing how he’s wounded, he does an immediate operation. He fixes him, but he’s still not out of the woods. He tells Jiro he needs to be patient and let his wounds heal.

The others say they are lucky to run into Luffy and co., and needs their help to move their ship. Luffy agrees, and ties a rope to connect the ships together. Even as this is happening, and they are drinking away, some of the Straw Hats are very uneasy about this collaboration. We then see the Straw Hats knocked out cold, with a bottle of poison showcased. the other crew feel bad about what they did, and don’t want to continue on their mission cause Luffy and crew helped them. But Sanji, Robin, and Franky were on to their fake story they made up, with the poison they fed to the others, and are not happy about it. As the episode nears an end, we see the fat guy and his family at the birthday celebration. The mysterious guy says “the trophy’s are being cornered” and the Straw Hats are within their grasp.

Overall, not a bad way to start off a small filler. We met some interesting characters, at least for filler, and for now, we still don’t know who this mysterious crew of so-called fisherman are, other than they work for the group after the Straw Hats. And again, this is still better filler than the crap being shown at 2 AM. We will continue this arc in 3 weeks. For now, enjoy 2 weeks of marathons and Christmas/New Year’s. I give this episode 4 beat up sharks/5. 


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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