Parasyte The Maxim 9

Now before I do this a moment of silence for Tom’s spaceship.

Ok we’re all good now. And also it was announced last night that Samurai Champloo is coming to the toonami block replacing Michiko and Hatchin at 1:30am. I’m fine with it honestly. I do like me some samurai anime. Also I don’t know if I mentioned it last week but you know that anime I reviewed named Food Wars? It’s getting a season 2 so I’m absolutely estastic. 

Anyways now for the recap of this week’s Parasyte.

Kana’s back at stalking Shinichi and Mitsuo gets pissed off again. Shinichi overpowers Mitsuo again and Mitsuo leaves. Later on in the show Akiho (the girl with the glasses) is stalking Shimada and suspects that Shimada has a fake face. 


At home Shinichi’s father is talking to men dressed up in black uniforms and he is emotionally upset because he can’t tell the public about these horrible monsters. There’s a lot of political reasons as to why he can’t any anything about it. After the men leave Dad tells Shinichi the real reason behind Mom’s death. 

Another conversation happens somewhere else between Hirokawa and Ryoko. They’re discussing the destructive nature of human kind. 

The next day Yukiho spots a parasite monster from a detailed drawing belonging to her brother. Her brother happens to be a police sketch artist. 

The day after that during school hours Shimada gets hit by a baseball, and a chunk of his head is missing. Shimada covers it with his head and it heals up by the time the baseball players show up and ask if he’s okay. Yukiho watches this whole scene happen and wants to know why this happened. 

Shinichi tries to talk to that thirsty bitch Murano but Migi interrupts him. Migi informs Shinichi that outside the school Shimada is having a murderous intent. Shinichi decides to go stop it and leaves big bag in the hallway. 

Meanwhile outside the building…

Mitsuo’s back and is harassing Shimada. Shimada accepts the challenge and they go to a fighting grounds area. Shimada intends to kill them all so he asks all of Mitsuo’s gang to attack. Shinichi comes in just at the nick of time and chases Mitsuo’s gang off with his brute strength. 

After Shinichi scares them off Murano comes back to give Shinichi his bag back. She complains about his different personality again. Shinichi tells her to shut up and Murano leaves. Finally Shinichi says what we’re all thinking. Anyways Migi tells Shinichi it’s for the best because the change in personality is an exchange for a saved life and enhanced strength. 

Yukiho using the same stalking powers as Kana follows. Shimada around after school. She sees him changing his face and decides to set a trap for him in school. 

The episode ends with Shimada revealing his true self, and deciding to kill Yukiho. 


Parasyte The Maxim is licensed by Sentai Filmworks and airs every Saturday at 1am right after Akame ga Kill and followed by Samurai Champloo. However there will be a marathon of Dragonball Z Kai and One Piece during the last couple Saturdays of December so there will be no new episodes of Parasyte The Maxim on those weeks.

You can also watch Parasyte The Maxim on Crunchyroll and Hulu, however they are in Japanese with English subtitles. 


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