The Intruder 2 Episode 6 Recap

Welcome back to the recap of Intruder 2. As we are at the penultimate episode, we know big things were coming, after all the other big things that happened. So what went down in this one? Read on to find out.

The Intruder is still coming after TOM, and still wants him, but TOM is rocketing off to the Intruder’s own spaceship that he damaged earlier. As TOM makes his way through the mangled ship, he finds his way to the control room. He checks out the stuff to see if anything still works. The thrusters and cannons are dead, but there is still an escape pod that’s active. The beast knows TOM is on his ship now, and prepares the Absolution’s cannons to fire on it, with 30 seconds for it to happen, and still taunting TOM throughout.

TOM formulates his plan, and says to the Intruder he has some last words. As the cannons are bout to be fired, the Intruder ask what he has to say, and TOM says: “This is for what you did to SARA!” He launches the Intruder’s own ship run into the Absolution, and in a fiery explosion, he gets the Intruder, destroying the Absolution in the process.

So not only did TOM lose SARA, he lost his ship, the Absolution, in the fight with the Intruder. We know he used those escape pods to get out in time. But what will happen next? Does TOM have an idea on what to do? Does TOM have a ship to replace the Absolution? And the biggest question remains: Is the Intruder dead for good, or somehow still alive? We will find out next week in the final episode of Intruder 2.


Intruder 2 can be seen during the ad breaks of DBZ Kai at 12 AM Saturday on Toonami.


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