Akame Ga Kill! Episode 16 Recap: “Kill the Dolls”

Continuing from where the first episode left off, Akame charges straight for Kurome, and she brings in one of her old opponents which she killed and brought back to life. Kurome uses her Danger beast to launch a huge beam to take out Night Raid, but they somehow dodge it and change the landscape. While in a tree, Lubbock monologues about how he’s going to confess his love to Najenda after they make it out alive (which should be a huge red flag for eventual death). Night Raid continues to fight against Kurome, with Tatsumi’s opponent being a humanoid ape. I swear I’m not making this up. A spooky ghost person comes in and does a surprise attack on Tatsumi, but he survives using his armor. Akame is fighting against Bols, but when she goes to deliver the final blow, one of Kurome’s dead soldiers shows up to take the attack, and since her sword doesn’t work on dead opponents for some reason, she’s pretty much screwed. Leone charges in to assist Akame, but another one of Kurome’s henchmen whips her back, which makes her really angry. Kurome then does some exposition about her undead army, and she reveals that she has one last puppet up her sleeve, but she has to wait to reveal it. In other words, “THIS ISN’T EVEN MY FINAL FORM!!!” Tatsumi overhears what Kurome says and comments on that while Leone is still fighting that one whip guy. Najenda comes in to blow him back, and Kurome uses the opportunity to cut Leone’s arm off while she’s talking with Najenda. Luckilly, Leone stops the bleeding with her healing powers and gets even more angry this time, with Kurome commenting about how Leone would be a “perfect addition to her collection”. On Esdeath’s side of the story, she comes across a group of Fist of the North Star rejects that block her way, and she wants Seryu to kill all except 3 of them. While Akame is fighting Bols, he asks Akame about why she decided to join Night Raid instead of the Capital, and she said that she thought it was the right thing to do. While Bols is getting ready to incinerate Akame, Leone jumps in and decides to make this a 2v2 match against Bols and the other zombie. Najenda decapitates the zombie she’s fighting, but it still manages to live. Then they somehow start flying while they fight. Su is fighting the large Danger Beast, which he reveals is because of its lack of symmetry. Tatsumi is still fighting the tribe zombie, with Chelsea disguising herself as one of the missing tribe members to get in a surprise attack on the zombie. Tatsumi finishes the zombie up with one final blow, and she darts off to leave the ape people to Tatsumi. While she’s running off, she starts to wonder if she’s starting to become more sentimental because of Tatsumi, which goes back to the whole love triangle thing. Tatsumi then defeats Ape Man and Kurome notices that almost all her zombies have been taken out. Also, Wave is paralyzed from that hit he took from Su. While Mine is fighting the gun zombie, she gets captured by a giant frog that Kurome has tamed and then gets swallowed, and Tatsumi comes in to fight Kurome head-on. Su also activates his power-up and uses that to beat the Danger Beast. Back at Mine’s side, she (unfortunately) manages to shoot herself out of the frog and accuses Tatsumi of looking at her like the tsundere that she is, then Su and Najenda then come in to help Tatsumi and Mine out. Akame and Leone manage to take out the body-guard by distracting Bols, and the episode ends with him using his last resort weapon to take them out. Tune in January to see how this turns out!

Honestly, this was a better episode than last week’s because we’re finally getting somewhere with this final battle. The episode manages to deliver the deliciously over-the-top action that was desperately missing from the last episode. Plus, as much as I dislike Mine, I actually got a laugh out of her “I’m about to kill a bitch” line for some reason. Speaking of, WHY DIDN’T SHE DIE???? How dare you try to cocktease us into thinking she was going to die, but then have her shoot her way out. Guess we’ll have to wait a while to see her finally croak (frog pun intended). One thing that did bother me was that they’re still continuing Chelsea’s stupid love-triangle thing with Tatsumi, which I already ranted about in the last recap. Plus, l would’ve loved to have seen more Esdeath action in this episode, but we should get some more in the next episode, which we won’t see until the beginning of next year because marathons. I give the episode 7 Giant Frogs out of 10

Akame Ga Kill! can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM


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