The Robot Chicken Christmas Special: X-Mas United: Robot Chicken, 08×07 & Jason B. Sucks: Mike Tyson Mysteries, 02×06

Santa is Coming

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters, today is Monday which means that its time for a recap!! This week, Robot Chicken is having its yearly Christmas special and Mike Tyson Mysteries is having their next to last episode of the year (or season) so lets jump into some holiday fun, shall we? As usual, if you haven’t seen these episodes yet and you don’t want to be spoiled, then always check your VOD by going under Networks then Adult Swim. For everybody else, lets get started!!



The Nerd is ready to Cause Trouble

The episode starts out The Nerd discovering that he has pubes, but their not just any pubes…their white. He is then told that his real father is Santa Claus after his mother had one magical night with him. He left her with not only The Nerd, but also crabs, but that’s another story. Anyway, he also left her a golden ticket for the Polar Express, so he goes running after it…still in his pajamas. Along the way, he meets Del Griffith who’s on his way to  the North Pole to sell shower curtain rings. Then Chris Evans comes, declaring the revolution and tells The Nerd to eat a baby after he already ate a part of the baby. Soon, the train explodes killing Tom Hanks (though Tom Hanks really can’t die because he’s Tom Hanks), meaning that the Nerd and Del Griffith are hoofing it the rest of the way. I bet The Nerd is regretting being in those pajamas now.

It isn’t too long though before Del Griffith dies, leaving an “unexpected” situation where The Nerd is cold and Del Griffith, who is much large in size dies. You know what I’m talking about. So, because the Nerd doesn’t have a special weapon that he could easily use to open up Del Griffith, he uses a key, but it doesn’t have the same effect that the special weapon would have done. By morning, The Nerd, who should have been covered in blood and intestines, discovers that he has arrived at the North Pole and uses Del Griffith’s dead body as a sled.

The Nerd then barges into Santa’s Workshop where the elves are gearing up for Christmas Eve. The Nerd makes a mess out of everything, like he normally would do, but he does meet Hermey, who offers to fix up his overbite, but The Nerd declines. The Nerd finally meets Santa, who has to spray him down because he’s an outsider. The Nerd is finally dressed in an Elf costume, Santa apologizing because elves have  different way of reacting to germs. Too bad The Nerd touched a lot of stuff before Santa found him. This causes a major outbreak of the elves, which results in Rudolph being eaten alive!!

Santa and the Nerd then team up to kill the elves by using A.K.s and Santa even uses a Table Saw. The Nerd then remembers that Del Griffith had some sad qualities about him, such as him never having a home nor a butthole, but all is forgotten when Santa gives him a new loaded gun and blows up Fred Claus with a rocket launcher. Santa and The Nerd were having fun, riding around the train and shooting guns when the Nuclear Bomb button gets automatically pressed, releasing the Nuclear Bomb into Santa’s sleigh.

Realizing that the sleigh is auto-piloted to the White House, Santa and the Nerd go into action trying to stop it. The Nerd manages to get the sleigh to turn around, but he’s attacked by a Zombie elf. Because Santa didn’t exactly kill the elf right there (he just rip his eye sockets out, but he does kill him) the Zombie elf releases the Nuclear Bomb, heading straight for the North Pole with The Nerd on it. The Nerd disables the bomb, but before he plummets to his death, he sees Bumble and lands on him, thinking he’ll bounce, but he doesn’t and The Nerd kills Bumble.

The Nerd finally reveals that Santa’s his father, even showing him a picture of his mother, Portia. Santa soon remembers a debate he had in college against Krampus, which turns into a threesome with Santa, Krampus, and Portia. Long story short, The Nerd’s real father is Krampus and not Santa. As The Nerd returns home and reconnects with his stepfather, Krampus is seen outside, looking very sad at the thought of never meeting his son, mainly because The Nerd refuses to believe Krampus is his real father.



Never Leave a Bad Review, Mm’kay?

The episode starts out with Marquess and Yung trying to find a place to eat by searching through online reviews. Mike soon comes over and asks if the Mystery Team is on there. They are and they have one review from Jason B, who says that the Mike Tyson Mystery Team sucks because the Mystery team never answered his mystery. Mike, Marquess, and Yung set out to find the pigeon with the note, only to find that its been so long that the pigeon died. Mike says it wasn’t their fault, it was the pigeon’s fault because he was too fat to fit through the pigeon door. I wonder if it was the same pigeon who was fed the orange chicken last week.

Mike wants to find out who Jason B. is and where he lives, discovering that he’s reviewed two other places; a dry cleaner’s and a Frozen Yogurt shop. While Yung and Pigeon check out Frozen Yogurt shop, where they have a conversation about dating and shitting; Mike and Marquess check out the dry cleaner’s, where Mike gives them his tracksuit. Marquess wants the Frozen Yogurt and later that night, he regrets making that decision. Again, Marquess is a ghost, he doesn’t care about drinking and smoking so why should he care about how much he eats. He’s already dead. Especially after Mike goes back into the kitchen later that night to discover Marquess eating a whole pizza!! I’m not going to get that much further in this, so lets move on.

Mike decides to call every Jason B. in the phone book, but he struck gold on the first call, but Jason B hangs up, prompting the Mystery Team to go to his house. Apparently, because of the Mystery Team not getting there on time, Jason B’s wife died. She was an architect who hired by a Eastern European man to design a castle. Jason B suspected that he could possibly be a vampire. When his wife, Sarah didn’t believe him, Jason B. said that he needed proof, hence why he went to the Mike Tyson Mystery Team and since they didn’t respond, his wife is now part of the undead.

Mike then proceeds to invade Jason B’s home, still worrying about that negative review. When Jason B catches them on his property, Pigeon shoots him, killing him on site. Pigeon then tries to figure out a way to get rid of the body, meaning that he’s been through this before. Just then, Jason B’s dead body vanishes and its revealed that he’s a vampire. The negative review never got taken down.

The after-credit scene features the real Mike Tyson talking (or rapping) about being a vampire and living for eternity. Next week’s episode features the Mystery Team DRIVING TO BOSTON for a mystery.



As usual, I loved both episodes of Robot Chicken and Mike Tyson Mysteries and while Robot Chicken loves me and wants me to start my holiday, Mike Tyson wants me to do one more review so I guess I’ll be back here again for you people next week to give that review. At least its one show, that’s always good. Well, I got one more thing to finish up so there’s that. Anyway, my name is KrisSimsters and I’ll see you next time. Bye!!

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