My Opinions On Akame Ga Kill IS NOT Toonami’s New Sword Art Online

Hey guys meowth900 here. A few months ago I saw an article with opinions on why Akame ga Kill is Toonami’s new Sword Art Online. I’m not aiming to start drama but I just wanted to give my two cents on why I think it isn’t. Now the obvious ones are Sword Art is based on a light novel and Akame ga kill is based on a manga, and their authors are different, and there’s a high amount of violence and death as oppose to sword art online’s romantic drama and rapist villains. Also the drama with Akame Ga Kill on twitter isn’t as violent as some of they drama with Sword Art Online. I haven’t been told to get my balls cut off with Akame ga kill so that’s an accomplishment in itself. 

Now that dark humored joke aside I’d like to compare characters a little bit. 

Tatsumi the main character of Akame ga Kill is a fool, and he’s not the nicest guy around. He walks around in a sweater vest and has brown hair. He had two friends in his past. Unfortunately they got killed. He meets Night Raid and gets forced to work with them. He learns how to fight from Bulat. So he’s not completely overpowered at the first introduction. A big idiot yes, but crazy strong and making a harem for himself nope. The girls do throw themselves at Tatsumi for even more bizarre reasons than the sword art online girls do at Kirito though. 

Now here’s Kirito, and from what I learned in the light novels he’s a loner and was a beta tester for the game long before it came out. So that would explain the over powered complaints that many people have about him in the show. In the novels he’s a bit more personified, but the anime oh boy did he have nothing to show besides a couple of jokes that could come off as mean and random personality changes. He’s usually in black garb, and his avatar changes with every new arc. He had no friends outside of his incest sister cousin, but he never really conversed with her either. His whole life was videogames, and he learned to make friends in the sword art online game. He’s apparently the only guy who’s either nice to girls or converses with them like they’re people, and that’s all it takes to get them to want to have sex with him. Despite how aside from Asuna (and Sinon with future events I suppose) there were nice guys in their lives outside of gaming. Now I haven’t read all the novels that are out (because I’m not a pirate) but so far that’s how I’ve been seeing Kirito. 

The girls in Akame Ga Kill and Sword Art Online are also pretty different. The girls in AGK are all assassins who kill people, all with different back stories explaining why they chose to be assassins. Also they die after a flashback. We don’t learn much outside of their personalities. Which are pretty amusing. The sword art online girls play different roles in the stories before they meet Kirito and become nothing but harem mates. Asuna was a fencer who didn’t care whether she lived or died in SAO, Lisbeth was a blacksmith in SAO, Silica was some king of adventurer in SAO, Yui was a computer program, Leafa was a strong elf warrior in ALO trying to hide her incest love for her in real life brother cousin, and Sinon was a cold blooded sniper in GGO trying to get rid of her gun phobia by playing a game with guns. The Akame Ga Kill girls are just different colored boobs and asses, and the sword art online girls started off like they were gonna be cool but ended with becoming another Kirito branded girlfriend. 

The boys in Akame Ga Kill and Sword Art Online have something in common with being more entertaining than the main character. We barely see Klein, and even see less of Agil. Heck, it’s almost like they don’t even exist. Bulat dies too fast, and Lubbock is the jealous pervert. This new guy named Susanoo is strong and can cook but other that we barely know a thing. So it’s really the worst of both worlds with this one. 

My final comparison is going to be the stories in both anime series. Now I saw all of Akame Ga Kill on crunchyroll so I already saw what will happen later. Be warned as this will contain spoilers for the Akame ga Kill anime. So don’t whine at me if you read this and saw some spoilers.

Now Sword Art Online covered all the events in the books even though they rushed the heck out of it by making the stories 12-13 episodes long. While I think the books are better it is at least interesting knowing that all the stuff in the anime is canon. Yes…even the creepy rapist guy from the second half of SAO 1.  While the canon stuff is lame to me after the first half of SAO 1  it beats what Akame Ga Kill did. 


Ok, now Akame Ga Kill’s second half is like an anime only ending. Which is alright, but they did some stuff that was very disappointing for me. Literally  almost everybody that we saw in the series dies. Even Tatsumi!! Akame and Esdeath have a final fight and. Esdeath died, and Akame keeps on living along with Najende from Night Raid and the show just ends there. What the heck!? Why!? 

So yeah we can complain about these two shows until the Miltanks come home. But I think the complaints are for different reasons. They both have weird writing styles and pacing problems but no series is perfect. Plus Bleach isn’t here, and  Naruto Shippuden is on at 2 in the morning so we can’t complain about that either. 


I like Akame Ga Kill more than SAO because the fights are gory as hell, but I like SAO as a book series and not as an anime series. Now I know some people are gonna hate me for posting this but I really wanted to say something on it that didn’t come off as being an ass. Thank you for taking the time to read this. 



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