The Intruder 2 Episode 7 Recap

So here we are. The last episode of Intruder 2. So much has happened. SARA’s gone. The Intruder absorbed TOM 1 and wants to mess up TOM 5’s life. And then the Absolution blew up in amazing glory, with the Intruder on board. So what happened after it? Let’s find out. Here’s the final recap of Intruder 2.

After he blows the Absolution up, TOM gets up in the escape pod, and is searching for a nearby place. He finds a close planet named “Shogo 162”, and from there, he enters the planet and crash lands there. As he gets out from the pod, there’s a station nearby. He goes and checks it out, and finds a control panel. He opens some hangers and then takes out a file. It downloads some stuff from the Absolution, and guess what happens?

Intruder 2 8

That’s right, SARA is back! TOM downloaded the Absolution’s mainframe before he destroyed the ship, and he brings her back because of it. She doesn’t have most of her memory and process yet, but she is still good to go.When she ask if the Intruder is still alive, TOM tells her he defeated it. All he needs is a new arm, and a new ship to boot as well. SARA actually has an arm ready to go for TOM. It’s not perfect, but he accepts it for now. But it’s not the only thing they have to do. They still got to broadcast Toonami. And as they get set in the new place, TOM declares it best: “I STILL love this job!”

Intruder 2 9
The new Toonami broadcast hub. For now

I have to say. This has been an exciting and fun experience. It was great watching TOM fight. The Intruder was a fun villain. And even though the Absolution was lost, we got SARA back. And for now, a new place to call Toonami home. Have to give all the thanks to Jason Demarco and all the Toonami crew for making this wonderful event. And big, big shoutouts to Steve Blum, Dana Swanson, and Sonny Strait for voicing everyone on here, and doing great jobs. And for not spoiling anything that happened in the event as well. As for now, I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Toonami in 2016. Whatever happens, it’s gonna be awesome.








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