Why People Shouldn’t Dismiss Long Running Anime 

Hey guys meowth900 here. No Parasyte the Maxim recap this week due to marathons. I know so sad isn’t it? Anyways this is a piece about long running anime and why anime fans shouldn’t be so dismissive of them. Heck, we all probably started off a kids with long running anime. Here are some examples


I watched Pokemon and yugioh for the longest time. I still watch Pokemon today while many other people have given up. Now don’t get me wrong I wish that it could get a little bit darker at times, but the show is still entertaining. I wanted to rage quit during the diamond and pearl anime but I kept watching anyways because it was still entertaining. Now Yugoh I gave up after seeing Zexal, and now the only company that dubbed Yugioh for us Americans is dead so maybe I made a good decision there. I watched Dragonball Z but didn’t watch Sailor Moon or Yuyu.

These are the mainstream long running anime as of right now. All of these have dubs which helped expose them to many audiences whether it would be through streaming services, TVs, or physical media.  I think the reason these shows or at least two of them are still ongoing is because they are really popular in Japan similarly to how Simpsons and Family Guy are still going over here in America. 

Often called the big three, a lot of people may have started watching anime outside of Pokemon and Yugioh with one of these series. While Bleach’s popularity may have declined in the recent years it sure was a popular thing back in the 2000s. Bleach is 366 episodes long and all of them are dubbed. Today it’s mainly One Piece and Naruto fans fighting each other over which one is the best. Personally. I thought Naruto was pretty good or at least the original series was good, but then I watched One Piece and that opinion has changed. One Piece has over 700 episodes in Japanese and over 400 in English dub form. A lot of people dismiss that fact saying it’s too long, but the reason why it’s so long is because it’s popular in Japan. How popular in Japan you may ask? Just picture Star Wars in America, and that’s One Piece in Japan. Naruto is also very popular over there, it’s anime series has been ongoing (in filler) and a spinoff manga series about his son Bolt or Boruto was announced at the jump fiesta event that happened over the DBZ Kai marathon weekend. Naruto the original series has 220 episodes and it’s series where Naruto is older named Naruto Shippuden is over 400 episodes. All of the original series is dubbed, and a fair amount of Shippuden is dubbed.  But when you take out all the not canon stuff it’s significantly smaller. Our weekly shonen jump will also be bringing the Boruto series over here. So Naruto and One Piece are fairly popular and have good stories, despite the constant fan wars. If you watched Dragonball Z back in the day give one of these two a chance, ignore the large episode count. Also you know what else is awesome? You don’t have to watch it all at once, you can take a break in between arcs and come back later. Most of the time these anime series are bound to fill you in on what has happened too. Plus these series are on demand both on Crunchyroll and Hulu and won’t go away anytime soon because they’re popular.

Now here are some of the new coming long running anime. They’re definitely smaller in episode count than those 3 are, but are still in the same type of anime genre.


This is Fairy Tail, an anime that is shonen at its simplest form. If you like shonen troupes with big boobed girls and muscle dudes you’ll probably like Fairy Tail. Its episode count is less daunting than that of One Piece with it being fairly over 200 episodes. There’s also talking cats. Adorable talking cats. This show was cancelled in Japan because either they caught up to the manga too much or they weren’t getting enough ratings or something like that. Eventually the show was announced to come back and it did come back. It has been ongoing ever since. I like this show, and while it’s not the best long running anime out there it’s certainly a fun watch. It’s about a girl named Lucy Heartfelia joining a wizard guild named Fairy Tail. She becomes friends with a loud mouthed fiery pink haired boy named Natsu Dragneel and his fish loving cat friend name Happy. They meet many friends in the guild including Gray Fullbuster, and Erza Scarlet. Many adventures, but nobody dies so feel free to love everyone. This show is doing weapon because a lot of people either watch it on tv, buy the show on disc, and/or buy lewd figurines of the heroines. This show is dubbed by Funimation entertainment and if you have a subscription to the stream service you can watch all of the dubbed episodes. The manga is available on Crunchyroll and if you have a subscription to that service you can read all of it, and new chapters that come out from Japan.

This show has a misleading cover. Anyways, this is Hunter x Hunter the new series that came out in 2011 and ended in 2014 because they caught up to the manga. A manga that in fact, hasn’t updated at all this whole year. This show is 148 episodes long and compared to everything else on this list it is the shortest, and as of now it is licensed by Viz Media and it is confirmed that it is getting a dub. But if you want to watch it right now it is on Crunchyroll. I’m not sure if this series did well in Japan considering it had to air on TV late at night. I really like this show, and it’s characters. If you’re a big fan of shonen style storytelling and more specifically Yuyu Hakusho you’ll probably like this one. Just remember if you want to read the manga it probably won’t update for a long long time.

Ah yes, Jojo. A lot of people have mentioned this one at some point, from wanting it on toonami to watching this show on crunchyroll. If you want a fist of the North Star show that doesn’t look really old this is your best bet. Now personally I really urge you to start from phantom blood or part one of this fantastic series. I say this because I myself did and I fell in love with it. You can skip to battle tendency or part 2 or stardust crusaders if you really want to. However you will be missing out on one of my favorite over the top anime villains Dio Brando.

 Part 1 is 9 episodes long and features a tale of good versus evil and is a good introduction to what this show will be about. Part 2 which is 17 episodes long has a bit more comic relief, has friendship, and tragedy. Part 3 introduces stands! Now fair warning it can get very violent at times, and if you love animals I must warn you there is some animal abuse. Warner Brothers dubbed part 1 and part 2. There’s no word on whether part 3 or stardust crusaders will be getting a dub though. Part 4 Diamond Is Unbreakable will be coming out in 2016. It features stands and has a protagonist similar in personality to the one in part 2. Not counting part 4 this series is about 75 episodes long. It’s probably going to be over a hundred or about a hundred when part 4 comes out though. This show has been doing well in Japan thanks to part 3’s protagonist Jotaro Kujo being Japanese. This is not the exact reason but it does make the most sense in my honest opinion. You can watch it all on Crunchyroll, but if you want a dubbed version you can buy the DVD from your local retail shop or Amazon/Rightstuf. 

So these are the newer shows that have (or may/may not have) English dubs to make it easier for those who don’t want to read subs all day. Now if you’re a person who isn’t a big fan of dubs or don’t like any of these shows due to the hype surrounding them here are some underrated ones. 

Ok so before I go over this one I must remind you once again that this show is no longer going to be dubbed by Funimation Entertainment. However, the local anime streaming site Crunchyroll has been streaming new episodes an hour after they come out in Japan. Now this show is perhaps the longest running shonen around. Yes. Even longer than One Piece. But this is a good series for those who like a good mystery show. Shinichu Kudo a detective teenager goes on a date with his friend/love interest Ran Mori and finds a group of bad guys. The bad guys find him out and try to kill him by drugging him. However the drug instead turns Shinichi into a little boy. Shinichi decides to call himself Conan Edogawa as an alias for Ran and her father and that is how the story begins. I must warn you that this show beats around the main story a lot because it got really popular in Japan and is still popular today. It takes a special type of murder mystery fans to like this show, and a person with a lot of patience to tolerate its one off mystery stories. If you like shows like Law and Order you may like Case Closed. I won’t get mad at you if you pass on it…much. (Also even if you like this show at least tell Crunchyroll to get the backlog of it so I can watch older episodes legally? Please?)

Now this is another show that won’t be dubbed by funimation entertainment either, but it is really good nonetheless. This is D Gray Man, and I wasn’t going to put it on this list until a surprise announcement at jump fiesta in Japan informed me that there will be a continuation anime series next year. That’s right, not only are we getting Attack On Titan season 2, more Berserk, a Phoenix Wright anime, and a conclusion of Samurai Jack we are getting a new D Gray Man anime continuation. Anyways this series is not a show to pass up on. Allen Walker is an exorcist and he kills evil demons named Akuma. He uses a special power called Innocence in his anti Akuma weapon that is inside his arm and his goal is to defeat the Millennium Earl who creates these Akumas. Because he wants to destroy the world. Allen makes friends along the way in Lavi, Lenalee, and Kanda. This series is pretty awesome, especially if you’re into dark supernatural shonen shows. The only lame thing is Funimation only has half of these episodes streaming legally, so if you want to keep going you’re gonna have to decide on your own how to watch the rest of it. But who knows? Maybe Funi will grab the new series like they’ve been getting with nearly every other show that comes out now. That wasn’t a burn on their dubbing or anything. I just see they get a lot more shows now.

Ah yes this one it’s probably the most under the rug anime to western anime fans but it is one of the better ones. This one doesn’t have a dub and it is very Japanese but thankfully a lot of the jokes get explained in the subtitles. I’ve been told to check it out for a while because I watch a lot of action anime and this show makes fun of them, or even parodies them. Think of this show as a Japanese anime version of whatever adult cartoon comes to your mind. Add in some One Piece level quality of characters and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure level of arc quality and that’s pretty much Gintama in a nutshell. The setting is the Edo period of Japan that was taken over by aliens. (This is not made up this is explained in the first episode.) The main focus of the series is wandering samura Gintoki Sakata spends his time doing freelance work with his pals Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura so they can pay the monthly rent. Wow this almost sounds like Seinfeld now that I think about it. I know that story summary sounds really boring but if you start watching the show you may have a  good time. Especially if you watched any shonen anime or any of the mobile suit gundam series because there are quite a few references to those series. 

Ok now here’s one of my recent favorites. I watch two episodes of it every week on a twitter group watch and I’m really enjoying where it’s going. It’s really like an anime version of Star Wars. Except no light saber battles and puppets.

Legend Of The Galactic Heroes, an interesting space opera anime about war between two opposing sides. The monarch side called “the Galactic Empire” and the democratic side called “the Free Planets Alliance” are in a never ending war. The story of Yang Wen Li (left) and Reinhard Von Müsel (right) and their rise to power in their respective side starts here. The anime series is a 110 episode long OVA, and there are also other series and movies but the OVA is the main story. Now this OVA series was recently picked up by Sentai Filmworks, so in due time you can get this legally. Viz Media also announced on the same day that they are officially releasing the manga series. The manga series will begin distribution next year and I already have volume 1 pre ordered. I recommend this series highly, but you will have to get use to reading subtitles. 

So these are some examples of awesome long series that I think you should check out. In my honest opinion you shouldn’t check the episode number and be turned off. Instead you should be curious of what makes this show go on for this long. Especially considering a lot of anime these days are only lucky enough to get 25 episodes. 

Anyways hope you guys all had a good Christmas and here’s to a fantastic Toonami and Adult Swim year in 2016. 



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