A Plaintive Wail: Mike Tyson Mysteries, 02×07

A Road-Trip to Boston

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and today is Monday, which means that its time for another Robot Chicken and Mike Tyson Mysteries recap except that there’s no Robot Chicken this week, so its just us and Mike Tyson Mysteries. Oh well, then lets get this recap started!! If you haven’t watched the episodes yet and you don’t want to be spoiled, then check your local VOD by searching for Adult Swim under Networks. For everybody else, lets get started!!



Today’s episode starts out with Pigeon screwing around with Mike’s Facebook because Mike forgot to log out. He discovers Mike’s long friend list and knows for a fake that Mike isn’t friends with all of them. One woman named Caroline Nuberry, wrote that her mother, Paula Jean Nuberry passed away in her sleep, peacefully and that even though the pain will subside, for the moment its unbearable. I mean, I feel bad that the woman’s mother died, but why post it on Facebook? And she got 83 likes of out it!!

Moving on, the mystery of the week!! This week’s mystery involves a woman in Boston who is the owner of a successful gourmet, sandwich shop. When she moved to her new location, however, business has stopped. She thinks her new location is cursed and is asking for the mystery team to help.

Mike suggests driving to Boston from Las Vegas, meaning that would take at least 40 hours give or take (I know Pigeon said 30 hours, but he was off by like ten hours). Mike says it would a great way to bond, but the great bonding adventure starts out as a boring car ride with the GPS being the only thing that talks. Marquess suggest playing the Alphabet Game, but that doesn’t go that well when Pigeon starts mocking him. Then when its Pigeon’s turn, he of course ruins the game and the gang continue to sit in silence.

Good thing this whole episode wasn’t about the journey to Boston like I thought it would. The Mystery team arrives in Boston, sleeping in front of the sandwich shop and after a quick trick to the bathroom, they all eat the delicious sandwiches and figure out how to save the shop. While Marquess, Yung, and Pigeon go to the Hall of Records, Mike wants to ask around to see if anybody else is suffering business-wise. Turns out the location use to be a whale oil factory where they cut the blubber from dead whales and cook it to extract the oil. This causes an oil fire, engulfing the building in flames.

When they see Mike again, they discover that he has brought new loafers because he’s Mike Tyson and people have paid him for pictures. Realizing that the place is really cursed, Marquess first suggest that they’d called Pigeon’s ex-wife, Sandra. This doesn’t go well for Pigeon, he says that if he’s calling Sandra for anything, its for her to turn him back into a man. Mike then suggest that Marquess does some kind of voodoo, which Marquess doesn’t do, having Mike question what Marquess really do?

Marquess then suggests that they do a seance, because he attended one once with the Duchess of Abernathy. During the seance, a whale bursts through the wall, revealing that he has eaten Tobar, Nadia the gypsy’s brother. The whale wants humans to stop hunting them, but Pigeon reveals that the only people who still does that is the Japanese. The whale then lifts the curse from the building, though it might not matter much because the building is completely destroyed. The only thing I can imagine now is the ride back. It’ll probably be filled with more awkwardness.

The after-credit scene features Mike still playing the Alphabet Game.



This was a good episode, it wasn’t really funny (it did have a few jokes, but nothing really that great) but I guess I kinda expected it since I wasn’t really expecting an episode this week since is Christmas. Anyways, Mike Tyson Mysteries returns in two weeks so I hopefully won’t be around until then. I still have one more thing to do, but that’s almost done and it should be out by tomorrow. My name is KrisSimsters and I’ll see you next time!!

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