In Defense of Marathons

What up people. It’s your old man (even though I’m nowhere near old age lol) PersonaSoda in the house and today we going to talk about if the marathons on Toonami are a good thing or a bad thing. You see, there seems to be a group of individuals on the internet that always rant on Jason Demarco and the Toonami crew by saying things like “Ugh….. Why a marathon? nobody is going to watch it, we want movies instead”. This all happened when marathons started to replace the movies that would air occasionally on the block. Well, I think I could say something about this to those people.

The Toonami Crew doesn’t get paid for their work on the block and can’t afford to pay a company for a movie for just one night. From what we heard from Demarco, he says that getting a movie is not cheap and paying for a movie just for a certain night isn’t worth it. Another reason is the movies usually never do well on the block. 2014’s Month of Movies didn’t do well at all in terms of ratings and not counting the last two Hellsing Ultimate episodes, only two movies were new to the block while the rest were reruns.

After the big bomb with the ratings, the block has went with marathons of shows that already air on the regular lineup. The marathons would usually air on holidays like Thanksgiving because most people are busy doing things with their family. Usually, the marathons do alright at best. Not great, but okay in terms of ratings, but it’s not possible for every showing during a marathon night to gain a million. Now there’s another question, should Toonami should go back to airing movies? To most people, it would definitely be a yes. To me, I think Toonami is better off with marathons because like I said before, paying just for ONE showing of a movie on one night when they could marathon a show for free is something that the Toonami crew would rather do and even some people would want them to do that. Well… That’s all I can say. See ya next time.


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