My Top 10 Anime of 2015

Hey guys meowth900 here. It’s near the end of the year so time for a top 10 list. I haven’t played many video games cause college is kicking my ass both time wise and finance wise. But anyways here’s my top 10 anime of 2015 based on my enjoyment of the series overall. 

Honorable mentions: 

Food Wars: This anime is getting a season 2, and I’m reading it in weekly Shonen jump every Monday. Except this Monday cause holiday. Weekly Shonen Jump or “Jump” as some people call it is a cheap legal way to read popular favorite manga series in the best quality with professional translations. (Ex. One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, Blue Exorcist) and anyways yes this anime was awesome. The girls were kinda lame but that’s the problem with Shonen manga. I loved Soma and his cocky attitude, and his adorable bandana and red hair. His pals were also great, and the food was yummy looking. Also food gases and fan service aplenty. Give this anime a shot if you like Shonen, cooking shows, or funny protagonists that aren’t complete dummies. 

Assassination Classroom: Like Food Wars this anime is getting a season 2. Next year in fact. Holy crap it’s almost here aaaahhhh so excited! Anyways, this anime series is about students trying to kill their overpowered alien teacher so he won’t blow up the earth like he did with the moon. Fungi matin streams the anime and even gave it a broadcast dub if subs aren’t your fancy. They’ll also be broadcast dubbing season 2. If you prefer manga Viz Media is translating it but the super lame thing is that it isn’t in our jump. 

Noragami Arogoto: I liked this anime a lot but it’s really troupe filled at times. I think it’s cause I saw so much anime before watching this that the stuff in this anime feels really cliche. Hiyori being one of them. Anyways this is a Shonen series that’s the second season of Noragami which came out in 2014. It’s about gods in Japan, and. Yato is a god down on his luck and aiming to be the strongest god ever. I like the animation style and the monsters. I also think Yato the main character is a hilarious guy. It’s a good shonen series so if you like that genre of anime this is a perfect show for you. This gets an honorable mention because it’s got pleasing aesthetics in its animation, and it’s storytelling however it is nothing I haven’t saw in other anime series. I think it will get a season 3 because the end of season 2 was a real cliffhanger. Here’s hoping for fall 2016 Noragami season 3! 

Yona Of The Dawn: I know this is technically a fall 2014 anime but it ended this year. I really dug it because of its story intro. Yona a spoiled princess finds out Soo Won her love of her life killed her father. Now she must go on a journey with her childhood friend Hak to recruit the legendary dragons and stop Soo Won. If you like shojo storytelling you’ll definitely like Yona. You can find it on. Crunchyroll and Hulu. Also Viz Media will begin distributing the manga next year. 

Parasyte The Maxim: Same story as Yona of the Dawn but it ended at the start of this year so I’ll count it. This show is currently airing on Toonami and it’s very gory and psychologically thrilling. Shinichi and Migi’s character development is worth the watch and you can watch it every Saturday at 1am on Toonami on adult swim. If you want to catch up to where Toonami is at you can do so on Crunchyroll and Hulu. 

Rinne: From the mind of Inuyasha comes Rinne. It involves a girl who can see ghosts and isn’t scared of them, and a red haired super powered spirit boy having wacky adventures. The comedy can be hit and miss but I laughed a couple times and hey if you liked Inuyasha or any of her other works check out Rinne when you’re not busy. It’s also getting a season 2 next year how exciting! 


Gintama season 3: Ok yes I binged watched this show’s first two seasons and it is still going into the winter of next year but hey I liked this show a lot. It made me laugh until I cried, cried, and cheered. If the manga doesn’t end for a while like Bleach I can see it getting another season in the future. Gintama, the best comedy action anime that nobody will ever watch. But I still say you should watch it dammit! 

Seraph Of The End: Oh good lord, if you thought Naruto and Sasuke had the homoerotic tendencies you have not saw this show. It’s a dark edgy anime involving a virus that killed all human adults and left children alone. There’s also vampires, and the vampires are the human’s enemies. Yu and Mika were in a family but when they tried to escape their family got eaten by a vampire. You thought Mika was dead but Mika got turned into a vampire too. And holy crap the gay undertones are real, no offense to anyone who is gay it’s just the writing is just like “They’re gonna kiss at the end” or something. This show was split in two halves, the first half titled “Seraph of the End” premiering in the spring, and the second half titled “Seraph of the End. Vampire Reign” premiering in the fall. The lame thing is the anime is baed on a manga that comes out monthly like Attack on Titan was so we are in for a long wait for season 3. The good thing is that of you want to read the manga you can get a subscription to jump and you will get the latest chapters every month. I don’t blame you of you want to skip out but I had a fun time watching it every week so that’s why it’s here. 


Ok…I think I listed all the honorable mentions of things that came out in 2015, or ended in 2015. There’s also some stuff from 2015 that are going into 2016 so I can’t really include them here. Anyways onwards to the ten anime I enjoyed that came out this year! 

10: Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! 
Ohhhhh yes. Magical boys the anime right here. It’s a magical boy anime that pokes fun at troupes of magical girl anime while still being entertaining and fun. The Earth Defense Club at the Binan Highschool are bathing in a hot tub as usual are approached by a talking wombat. Or rather, the wombat charged at them and causes a real ruckus in the tub. After things calm down the Wombat says that the boys must protect the earth and gives them cute little bracelets called “loveracelets” transforming them into the “Battle Lovers” ! The main characters in this show are Yumoto Hakone, En Yufuin, Atsushi Kinugawa, Io Naruko, and Ryuu Zaou. Yumoto aka Battle Lover Scarlet loves food, cute animals, and is carefree. En aka Battle Lover Cerulean is a slow and leisurely guy who does things at his own pace. Atsushi aka Battle Lover Epinard is the guy who always takes things seriously who gets good grades in school. Io aka Battle Lover Sulfur is all about the money. Ryuu aka Battle Lover Vesta is a real ladies man. There’s also the talking wombat who is called Wombat, or Wom-san. Wombat communicates in disguise by being held by the boy’s home room teacher and the teacher always looks like he’s dead. Good news about this series is that it’s getting a season 2! I enjoyed this anime and felt like it was innovative in a way because there’s a shit ton of magical girl anime from Sailor Moon to Glitter Force but there has never been a magical boy anime up to this point. I hope THIS can pave the way for more anime gender crossing genres in the future. Also congrats on the season 2 boys you deserve it. 

9: Yowamushi Pedal Grand Road

The second season to the popular bike racing series Yowamushi Pedal it is Grand Road who made it into my list. Now it would be higher on this list if not for the really bad pacing issues. Now it is an anime about biking so I was expecting it to be a little bit slow but not that slow. It was 24 episodes long and I really think they could have gotten away with 20 episodes or something shorter however I did learn more about the characters than I have in season 1. There were many flashbacks during this race to pad out the time so it wouldn’t be spent on cycling to bore the viewers I guess. Anyways this show has a season 3 in production right now, and I’m thinking it will come out in spring or summer 2016 after Haikyuu season 2 wraps up. 

8. The Heroic Legend of Arslan

I know it’s animation is the main debate of this series with the whole cgi and whatnot but I liked this series despite that. I looked forward to what was going to happen in each episode despite already reading most if the important manga events on Crunchyroll. Also, I believe the person who wrote the books also wrote Legend of the Galactic Heroes which is pretty amazing series by the way. The art in the manga is done by Hiromu Arakawa or the creator of Fullmetal Alchemist. Anyways this show is a rare medieval era anime series about a young prince named Arslan going on an adventure to reclaim his fallen kingdom. He’s a cowardly prince who doesn’t have what it takes to be a king like his father, but with the help of his friends he may have what it takes. I thought it was fun watching the characters interact and some of the action scenes were pretty great too. There’s also a dub of this show so if you don’t want to read subtitles there you go. Also this show did get a confirmed season 2 but I’m not sure when it will come out. 

7. Blood Blockade Battlefront

Blood Blockade Battlefront is an interesting anime adaptation of a manga by Yasuhiro Nightow aka the creator of Trigun. Set in a bizarro New York area named Hellsalem’s Lot where humans and monsters get along and everything is all good one boy named Leonardo or Leo writes a letter to his sister. There’s a bit of story a to what events happened between him and her but that’s spoilers. There are other fun characters in this show like Zapp and Klaus. This series did not have a lot of emotional depth or reasons to care about the characters but it does have a lot of style and flair that I just fell in love with it. Oh also if you’re a Gintama fanatic like I am you may hear a familiar voice in this show. I’m not gonna say who, but I will give a tiny hint. Let’s just say he’s always recognized for his eyewear. Anyways if you’re an anime fan who liked either Cowboy Bebop or Space Dandy then Blood Blockade Battlefront is an anime you should check out. Oh hey! If you don’t like subs there’s a dub of it too.

6. Tribe Cool Crew

Not gonna lie I binged watched most of this show but followed it during its run  through during 2015. You may ask why is this above Blood Blockade Battlefront and I’ll answer because I liked the funky dance moves. But let’s be honest here, everyone know what the hell BBB is, but not many people know what Trive Cool Crew is. A couple of middle school kids do dancing in order to solve conflicts with others. The main character of the show named Haneru Tobitatsu really love to dance similar to how Ash loves Pokemon. The other main character on the right is named Kanon and she’s really shy and timid but also likes to dance. The series follows these two children or pre teenagers experiencing the joys of dancing together. The dance scenes are pretty great using 2d cgi models and flashing lights in the background along with some funky fresh beats. Tribe cool Crew is a fun show to not skip out on and you can find it on Crunchyroll or Hulu. 

5. Kuroko’s Basketball Season 3

One of my more anticipated anime of 2015 ever since I finished watching season 2 of this show all I kept asking was “Please tell me there’s going to be more episodes of this in the future” and I heard that 2015 was when season 3 was going to happen. Needless to say I was stoked. The only really annoying thing was that Daisuki another anim rights to air this after it came out in Japan and Crunchyroll was able to stream this show two or three weeks later. However this anime gets a high spot mostly from the animation department because the animation looked really fluid. Also after watching the Seiren high basketball team grow into the strong team and making it into the winter cup and finally seeing who Akashi really is it’s kind of an emotionally investing series. This is a show where you have to start from season 1 and work your way up to season 3. Plus there’s some sweet Granrodeo to enjoy too. I really enjoyed watching this show every week, and binging the first couple of seasons. Kuroko&’so Basketball is a show you should watch if you like either shonen anime or basketball.

4. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Battle In Egypt 


Ora Ora Ora! Muda Muda Muda! Yes this is a show that was also the most highly anticipated show for me after watching the first half of stardust crusaders every week. Mostly cause I was excited to see Dio Brando again. I mean sure we got to see some cool stands like Vanilla Ice and stuff but really the buildup for Dio in the first half got me pumped. Some of the funny bits between Polnareff and Iggy were also pretty great even if Iggy is a bratty dog. Joseph Joestar’s oh my gods were also great. Shame we won’t be able to hear those in English cause Warner Brothers pissed off the hardcore anime audience with their physical release. Anyways, the final battle with Dio was well worth the wait and some crazy stuff happened. I really enjoyed this anime, and it’s high on here because it was the show I looked forward to most during the early parts of this year because of all the action and Dio. Check this anime out on Crunchyroll.

3. One Punch Man  

 I know people aren’t that into one punch man but I pretty much am since the action and comedy are on point. I’m not sure if this will get a season 2 any time soon since the manga publishing gets a bit irregular sometimes. But on the brighter side there is an official manga available from Viz Media. You can also get the latest One Punch Man chapters from Japan if you subscribe to jump. Anyways, this is a series about a superhero named Saitama who can defeat anything with just one punch. How does he spend his life with this awesome power? Well he lives unemployed in an apartment but he’s also a hero for fun. There’s also a cyborg guy named Genos and he becomes the sidekick. I like this anime because I enjoyed it but I also liked it because the animators making this were really passionate about making it good. Originally this was a web comic created by ONE and I guess the artist of Eyeshield 21 offered to do the manga artwork and then it became a manga series too. A lot of people wanted it to be an anime and when it got announced a lot of people were hyped. Honestly if I can make a comparison I just think it’s the Dragonball Z I always wanted. No padded out fights and a lot more action and comedy without the whole evil animation company behind them. One Punch Man check it out today!

2. My Love Story

My Love Story is probably the fluffiest romance anime of the year. It’s so cute! Gentle giant Takeo Gouda has bad luck with girls because his best friend Sunakawa is the typical shojo anime pretty boy. The girls ask Suna out and he always says no. On the way to school Takeo saves a girl from a creepy groper guy and falls in love with the girl. The girl named Yamato also falls in love with Takeo. However. Takeo thinks she’s in love with Suna to set them up to make her happy. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “oh it’s another anime where they never confess their love until the end and the main boy and girl are total dummies about their emotions and the best friend is a pervert isn’t it?”and I will answer no it is not! They actually confess their love earlier than that. I won’t say where but it actually happens, and the rest of the show is so cute and adorable that it almost makes me vomit just thinking about it. If you like romance anime you’ll definitely love this show. 

1. Death Parade

 Death Parade is an anime based off the short anime film Death Billiards. When two people on earth die they are in a purgatory scenario facing judgement on where they go next except they’re in a bar. The bartender greets them and the two eat people sit down and have a drink before the game is introduced. These games vary from darts, to bowling except these games are death games. As the games are played the two people slowly gain back their memories from before they died. The bartenders are actually arbiters and they are judging whether which person is reincarnated and which person goes into the void. The main arbiter of Death Parade is named Decim and his life suddenly changes when he meets a mysterious black haired woman. I don’t want to spoil what happens in this show but I must say by the end I was quite teary eyed. There’s a dub of this show available too if you’re not into reading subtitles. 

So those were my favorite anime of 2015. Can 2016 also be a good year for anime? Maybe since we got season 2 of Attack On Titan coming. Plus the return of D Gray Man and Berserk. But knowing how the market has changed and catered towards teenage girls and boys it could be terrible. Who knows, but I’m hoping we don’t get a lot of duds, or things that start off awesome and end really badly.

Oh also if you want to learn about how anime is made in Japan watch this show. (It’s not dumb fan service I swear)

Also I like donuts.


One thought on “My Top 10 Anime of 2015

  1. Whoa, your list is almost totally different from every other list I have read. Awesome! I loved Owari no Seraph. Rinne . . . I have not watched it because it’s from the same mangaka as Inuyasha. That manga was way too long. 56 volumes, seriously? It was way too slow for my liking and the characters aren’t interesting either. The only thing I have liked from Takahashi Rumiko is Ranma 1/2.


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