One Piece Episode 327 Recap

Original Airdate: 10/21/2007

Welcome back to another One Piece recap. It’s been 3 weeks since we seen a new episode, but only a week since we seen One Piece because of the marathon last week. So it’s good to see it still going strong as the ratings suggest. “But Cedric, you saw the ratings didn’t you? One Piece didn’t do so-” CAN IT!! It did better than Akame ga Kill! did in the 18-49 range. So I don’t want none of this. Anyway, we are still in filler mode. But at least it’s not Naruto Shippuden filler hell. (Which, btw, if you’re reading this, you DO NOT want to hear the damn frogs sing on tonight’s Shippuden episode. Trust me.) Well, on to the next episode of this arc, “Sunny in a Pinch! Roar, Secret Superspeed Mecha!”

As we left off where we were last time, Robin, Franky, and Sanji are all ready to fight the other crew for poisoning them. The other crew is still trying to convince them they are nothing but lowly fishermen, but they ain’t buying it one bit. Sanji and co. want the full story of why they’re doing this. But before they can answer, the crew decide to attack the 3 Straw Hats, and take the Sunny by force, so “they can be a crew again.” Others don’t want them to attack, because of how the Straw Hats helped them (or at least not attack Robin and all her beauty), but they don’t listen and start charging. But before they can hand any blows, Stansen, the acting leader, stops them all and still tries to convince them with the same crap, with no one believing him. Zoro is mad at the 3 because they still haven’t taken care of them, and Nami’s mad cause of that, and because Luffy and Usopp both fell for the poison trap. Nami wants them to talk, but the other crew retreats into the sea. The Straw Hats then realize they don’t know where Chopper is, and Robin thinks the crew could have kidnapped (or umm, “reindeer”-napped?) him. Nami can feel the wind change with a storm coming, and she angrily wakes up Luffy and Usopp from their nap.

As the plan failed, the ‘hunter” on the other lines tells Stansen and his men to stand down for now, as they launch “Trap Seagull”. The Straw Hats wants to know where Chopper is and believe he’s on their ship, but Stansen gets ready to chop the rope connecting the two ships off. Luffy launches a Gum-Gum Pistol at him, but the wind makes him miss. Fortunately, Robin stops Stansen from cutting the ropes.

Trap Seagull kicks off, and music starts to play all around, which everyone hears. Then a Navy Ship appears. The others freak out and have the Sunny avoid it, but there are traps nearby, and bombs go off, having the Straw Hats think they are being fired upon. After more “Lights Up.” there are more Navy ships that appear. Like, ALOT of them

That’s a whole bunch of ships

As Usopp annoyingly begs Nami to do something, Sanji sees an opening, and she tells them to go through there. However, as they move, the wind affects the ship, so Franky takes over. He opens Channel 0 on the Soldier Dock System, the Cola Powered Paddle System Sunny, and as the ship gets some paddles near the bottom, it takes off fast through the escape route, with Chopper and Jiro on the other ship holding the injured guy down. Luffy and co. go on-board the other ship to find out if Chopper is there. He hears them and goes to meet up. As Stansen begs for forgiveness for attacking Luffy (Which Luffy doesn’t give a shit about), Chopper appears to them. Jiro though doesn’t want Chopper to leave, and will fight to the death if need be, to help his injured comrade. Chopper tells Luffy he wants to stay to continue treatment, and Luffy allows it.

As Chopper is treating the man still, Jiro tells him that they are, in fact, pirates. The injured man is actually their captain. He is Captain Puzzle, leader of the Phoenix Pirates, a man who always rises back up no matter what. Jiro and the crew all believed Puzzle would become King of the Pirates, until they faced the harsh New World. Still, Jiro believes Puzzle will lead them and be resurrected like a phoenix in no time. The other crewmates are done with Stansen’s bullcrap, and hate that they’re working with the people who stole everything from them. As Stansen lost his way, serving the hunters, they believe their recovering captain will bring them back, and decide to fight in his honor, and their other dead crewmate, Vigoro. They want to show what the Phoenix Pirates are all made of.

As the ships sail on, with what looks like penguins underneath them, they make it to a bunch of icebergs that are all around. The icebergs crash into each other, blocking off their route, and Nami thinks they have a will of their own. Back with the hunters, we see the one guy on the phone talking to his wife, who is surrounded by her brothers (one including a hockey player) little sister, and their big ass Papa. They are the Accino Family. They almost got the Straw Hats, and give a toast to their accomplishments, as we look at all the Jolly Rodgers in the room as well.


So what happens next time? Well you got to stick around to see this family in action. Overall, this was a pretty average episode, mostly setting us up for what’s to come. And yes, I know this is filler and all, but hey it could be worst. How much worse can it be? “CAN YOU HEAR THE FROGGY SONG?” That’s all I’ll say. I give this episode 3 Lit Up Navy Ships/5


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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