Parasyte The Maxim 10

Hey guys it’s meowth900 again back with recaps for the awesome anime Parasyte The Maxim on Toonami. Starting the year 2016 with episode 10!

We begin this long awaited episode with Shinichi sitting at his classroom desk looking rather tense. Migi senses Shimada’s murderous intent and alerts Shinichi of the current situation. Shimada is attacking Yuko in another classroom. Yuko retaliates by splashing some toxic chemicals on Shimada and fleeing the scene. 

Shimada unable to turn back to his normal human disguise due to the dangerous chemicals  gets really angry and begins a rampage. Every student including Shinichi evacuate the school, however Ms “You are Shinichi Izumi aren’t you?” Murano is missing along with some of her classmates. Guess she was in the girls bathroom taking out her sexual frustrations with Shinichi by masturbating right? Wrong! Murano is found shivering at the scenes of her classmates getting killed by Shimada, but Shinichi being the knight in shining armor saves Murano in an action movie hero type way. 


After that rescue Shinichi takes on the rampaging Shimada in a fight. Shinichi wins by throwing a rock into Shimada’s heart. He got away with this by going outside the range Shimada’s parasitic sensing abilities. Once again the day is saved! Thanks to…Shinichi Izumi and Migi! Later on in the show there is a big government meeting and the big wigs discover the differences between regular human beings and parasites. When a hair is plucked from a parasite’s head the human body goes through a period of spasms. Afterwards Shinchi brings up the hair pulling thing as if it’s a new form of handshaking, and then the episode ends! Well at least it’s not bad a cliffhanger this week.

You can watch Parasyte the Maxim on Toonami every Saturday at 1am on Adult Swim, followed by Samurai Champloo!  Yes that is on the block now so if you got bored of Michiko and Hatchin during its second half or just want to hear Steve Blum’s manly voice again here’s your chance!

You can also find Parasyte The Maxim on Crunchyroll and Hulu but they are in Japanese with English subtitles.


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