Akame Ga Kill! Episode 17 Recap: “Kill the Curse”

Original Airdate: October 26th, 2014

Adult Swim Airdate: January 2nd, 2016

Continuing from where the last episode left off, the explosion Bols set off ends up causing Leone to become unconscious. After the fact, Bols escapes from the scene and flashes back to when he was cooking dinner for the Jaegers one night. Esdeath asked Bols why he never eats during dinner, and he replied by saying that the food wouldn’t taste good if he ate it. Esdeath assumed that this is because Bols didn’t want to show his face, and she unmasks him and reveals what’s been hiding under that mask like he’s a Scooby-Doo villain. They welcome him in for dinner and we cut back to present day, where Bols strives to try to make it out alive so he can eat with everyone agian. He hears a young girl crying behind a tree, and when he goes over to check on her, she starts acting comically terrified by Bol’s presence, and he bandages up her wound out of the kindness of his heart. However, the little girl is actually Chelsea in disguise, and when Bols is comforting her, she swiftly stabs him in the neck with one of her pins, quickly making her the second worst girl in the series behind Mine. After Bols dies, Lubbock comes in to check up on Chelsea and see how she’s doing. Chelsea tells Lubbock that she’ll be going after Kurome next before Night Raid can get to Esdeath and the rest, as to make things easier in the long run. Lubbock tries to talk her out of doing something that dangerous, but Chelsea convinces him that she can handle it and that it’d prevent any further complications in battle. Lubbock leaves, and Chelsea disguises herself as Bols and leaves to kill Kurome. While Kurome is eating her cookies somewhere, there is a flashback to when Akame and Kurome were children and were training to become soldiers for the government, in which they were sent out into the forest and had to make it out alive in order to pass the test. They pass the test, but because the people don’t want two siblings working on the same team, Kurome is sent to the capital while Akame is sent elsewhere. While at the capital, Kurome was being treated with drugs that would make her a more powerful fighter, and that is where the flashback ends.

Back at Night Raid’s base, Leone is recovering from the injuries she sustained in battle and is waiting for Lubbock to return with her arm and sew it back on. This is apparently supposed to be possible because of some special ability they share, but because this show is basically Anime: The Anime, I’m not even going to bother questioning it. Lubbock returns to the Night Raid base and tells everyone about how Chelsea is trying to kill Kurome, and speaking of, we cut back to Kurome sitting in the middle of nowhere when Chelsea (disguised as Bols) approaches her. Chelsea tries contemplating how she’ll go about killing Kurome, given the drugs she’s on. She decides to wait a little while and suprise her with an attack when she least expects it. When Night Raid hears about Chelsea’s endeavor to kill Kurome, Mine brings up that there might be more going on with Kurome than just the drugs she was on, something that not even Akame knows about and might cause things to go terribly wrong with Chelsea (spoilers, it does), so Najenda sends Tatsumi and Akame out to make sure nothing goes wrong with Chelsea. While Kurome is falling down due to not having all of her snacks, Chelsea quickly does her in, and we get another flashback to Chelsea’s past (seriously, I’m beginning to think that this show has more flashbacks than Naruto). When Chelsea was younger, she worked for a rich family in order to marry into a richer family and become rich herself. One day while she was riding on her horse, she saw a man who was openly slaughtering other people for no real reason, which leads Chelsea to try to change that. While she was digging around in the basement, she found a sword that she later used to kill that guy and save the day. Just when Chelsea thought she was was finished with Kurome, she then comes back to life because of the effects of the drugs she was taking. Chelsea starts running away, but Kurome uses two of her puppets to catch up to her. When Chelsea reaches a feild of flowers, her arm is chopped off and she gets shot in the chest shortly afterwards. During her final moments, she starts thinking about how Tatsumi thinks about her and if he’d be proud of her, once again bringing up the romantic subplot that ended up being totally pointless. While Tatsumi and Akame are on the lookout for Chelsea, Tatsumi comes across a crowd of people looking at something in horror. That thing turns out to be Chelsea’s severed head on a stick, ending the episode on that disturbing note.

Don’t get a-HEAD of yourself, Chelsea! btw, I REGRET NOTHING!!!!!!!!

This episode of Akame Ga Kill was…. interesting, to say the least. I might as well tackle the elephant in the room first and talk about Chelsea’s death. Responses to how it was handled ranged from “OH MY FEELZ!!!!1!!! ;-:” to “Ugh, this show is trying way to hard to be edgy!”. Personally, I don’t feel strongly about her death one way or the other. Yeah, I’ll admit that the head on the stick was a tiny bit excessive, but given the series at hand, I expect this level of gore anyway, so I can’t really be mad at it. Plus, I’ve seen a lot of shows that handled this kind of thing way worse. Where my problems do come in, however, is that I never really given a reason to care about Chelsea prior to her death. I never found her to be a particularly awful character, but I felt like she was just there until they decided to give her a backstory and kill her off at the last-minute. This was the same exact issue I had when Shelle died, because we only got to know her for about 2 episodes before she was killed off. Chelsea was on the show for about 5 episodes and we didn’t get to fully understand who she was or where she came from until the very last second. So far, the only death in this show I’ve felt strongly about was Bulat, because they actually took some time to establish his character before they decided to kill him, which is something I thought was missing from Shelle and Chelsea’s characters. I felt more sympathetic towards Bols’s death over Chelsea’s, and he’s supposed to be an antagonist! A misunderstood antagonist, but still an antagonist nontheless. Yeah, I didn’t care about Chelsea’s death all that much, fight me. Also, what was even the point for Chelsea having feelings for Tatsumi when that subplot went absolutely nowhere? Is it because Tatsumi’s just a pussy magnet for some reason, or was it something deeper than that?

That aside, the episode had the issue of having way too many flashback scenes. I can understand having one flashback, but having three flashbacks in the same episode is just excessive and super distracting from the main storyline. It also makes the episode look unfocused and causes it to move at a pretty awkward pace, and it doesn’t help that the ADHD comedy is as prevalent as ever. Aside from all that, I thought Bol’s death was handled pretty well since we actually did get to see some bit of development from him throughout the series. I kinda like the idea of a seemingly cold-blooded killer who actually has a soft side and is trying to do what’s best for his family and friends, since it adds some depth to his character. I’m not saying he’s the most complex character ever, but I feel like he’s decent enough for me to somewhat care about. Overall, I didn’t really like this episode all that much. I failed to really care about Chelsea’s death and the flashbacks were grating, but it somewhat redeemed itself by handling Bols’s death fairly well, which rounds it out to a slightly-below-average 4 Chelsea heads on a stick out of 10.

Akame Ga Kill! can be seen on Toonami every Saturday night at 12:30 AM!


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