Joel Hunwitz: Robot Chicken, 08×08 & Tent Revival: Mike Tyson Mysteries, 02×08 Recap

Welcome Back!!

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and after a two week break, its nice to say welcome back and Happy New Year!! Both Robot Chicken and Mike Tyson Mysteries had new episodes last night and this would have been out sooner, but real life got in the way. But that’s another story for another time. As usual, if you haven’t seen the latest Robot Chicken or Mike Tyson Mysteries, then its available either on the Adult Swim site or on your VOD under Adult Swim. For everybody else, lets just jump into it shall we?



1). Jumping Soldiers: Two soldiers are ready to jump out of the plane, but one of them isn’t quite sure if they should be jumping this way.

2). Bone Bus: It looks like Skipper got in the wrong bus.

3). Swapping Pollen: It’s only gay if their stamens touch.

4). The Adoption: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends has a new imaginary friend by the name of Tyler Durden.

5). Upstream: The salmon are swimming upstream, but its not to spawn.

6). Battle of the Exes II: Battle of the Exes have two new exes; Wolverine and Jean Grey. And let me tell you, “This changes everything.”

7). The Purge: Its a new year of purging but some people are following the roles.

8). Pinocchio’s First Day: Its Pinocchio’s first day of school as a real boy. It doesn’t go well.

9). Alien vs. Bachelor: This is insanely one of the best skits of the season thus far. This comes after the Bitch Pudding and 50 Shades of Money Bags.



The episode starts out with Mike discovering that he has a termite on the roof and asks Marquess to see if its actually alive by flying up to the ceiling. Only problem is, Marquess can’t really float for a ghost. So what can he do? After Marquess’ failed attempt at floating, its then suggested that Pigeon flies to the top. But Pigeon isn’t an ordinary pigeon because he was formerly a man who was turned into a pigeon by his ex-wife. Basically, Pigeon thinks he’s disabled because he has no thumbs, but we’ve seen him opening things with his wings so…moving on.

Mike has no choice but to call an exterminator who finds termites in the attic and has to tent the house, forcing the Mystery team out of their home for 2-3 days. After Mike has the exterminator repeat his statement again two more times (I can’t really tell if he was playing around or if he actually wasn’t paying attention), Mike and the Mystery team make a stop at a U-Haul where we learn Marquess was doing some “things” with the poet Oscar Wilde while he was at Cambridge University in 1864 but that interesting side story will come later.

Also, a typical extermination costs $40-$45 depending on the house and with Mike’s house being at last two floors high with an attic, his extermination would cost at least $120. Mike is paying $3,000 for his extermination, especially since its just the attic, it would be probably $40 plus tax. Yes, he’s paying way too much money…way too much. Back to the storyline.

Mike wants everybody to stripe and change, and while Yung disagrees…Marquess goes along with it and has a good ghost body. I don’t know how to feel about this, lets just move on to the nitty-gritty. When they finally get to their hotel/casino, Yung realizes that she forgot her phone goes back to the house, hoping that its not tented. Well, not only is the house tented, there’s a weird ritual going on and as usual, Mike doesn’t get the point until Yung is kidnapped.

Yung’s trying to explain her virginity to the satanists (she’s a virgin by choice) when Mike finally arrives and beats up the devil and tells the satanists to get out the house. The episode ends with Pigeon being a perv as usual and the after-credit scene features the Real Mike Tyson playing with a remote controller car.



While both episodes were good, Mike Tyson Mysteries took home the prize this week. Next week’s episode of Mike Tyson Mysteries features an episode about Pigeon getting kidnapped. Also, I would like to say something…this current episode was not the episode we were supposed to get this week. We were supposed to get an episode about the Mystery Team going to an underwater city. I don’t know what happened to that one, I think its supposed to be the season finale, so while I have no problems with Tent Revival, it wasn’t the one we were supposed to get this week.

Don’t let my wonderment get to you though, just know that its great to be back, I missed you all. This review, however is done for the week. My name is KrisSimsters and I’ll see you next time.

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